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Fibonacci: Is it Effective in Gambling?

863 views March 29, 2023
by TJ

While looking for strategies to win at casinos and sports betting, you stumbled upon an “effective” method: the Fibonacci System. However, is it really effective?

But first, what is Fibonacci? According to Gambling Sites, it is a system that uses a negative progression in the betting system. Simply put, this method converts your losing wager to a “winnable” one by increasing the stakes.

The belief is that losing helps you win money by putting higher stakes on winning bets than the losing wagers.

Invented by Italian Leonardo Pisano, it is a sequence that starts with zero and then a one. The succeeding numbers are the sum of the previous two numbers.

Pros of Using Fibonacci

The system invented by Pisano is very popular among gamblers because of its simplicity. Moreso, those chasing losses apply this method to recover money while on a losing streak.

Other than that, it is believed to protect profits “effectively” once the bettor’s bankroll is ahead.

Cons of Fibonacci

Because it implies that to regain what is lost, one must wager a higher amount, the strategy is perceived as risky. Gambling Sites even argued that the system “does nothing to improve” a player’s winning percentage.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that no system is perfect. It has pros and cons that are needed to be considered.

To see if this method works, familiarize yourself with the system and its sequence, commonly known as the Fibonacci sequence, a popular group of numbers with many uses.

Using it as a Strategy

For this method to work, one must adhere to the following rules:

Starting with a Small Amount

It is critical for a player that will use the Fibonacci System to start at the smallest base amount before working their way up. It is because the wager can be larger than your principal money, and sometimes, it might exceed your bankroll.

Carefully Adjust

Although the rules are simple, you must follow the Fibonacci sequence that goes with your base amount. You may calculate it yourself or even use a software for better accuracy.

That being said, those who spend their time computing the chart can get much better success at the system than those who rush at it.

Adjustments are also critical in this method because they can affect your bankroll, which is not how responsible gamblers behave. While following the sequence depending on the bet results is crucial, note that there is nothing wrong with returning to your initial wager amount. Why? Because it is the best and most logical way to maintain profits.

The Sequence

Again, the Fibonacci Sequence is a set of numbers that are added to themselves. To get to the following number, add the last two numbers.

We have mentioned earlier that the sequence depends on the amount of your base bet. So, for example, your starting bet is P10, so the sequence will be:


Notice how your bet increases exponentially? Because in each loss, you have to bet more. That is why in using this method, you must be careful due to the consequence of five or more losses.

Is it Effective?

Some say it is an effective method, while others say it is not. But to test the method’s effectiveness, try it on sportsbooks like OKBET. Only you can attest if the Fibonacci works for you…or not.

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