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Females in Gambling: A Breakdown

843 views May 12, 2023
by TJ

Gambling is a male-dominated industry, but over the past years, more and more females have become gamblers, which proves that the world of games of chance is constantly evolving.

At least 26% of the total world population gamble, and although the percentage is mainly made up of men, some women are into gambling.

In the United Kingdom alone, at least 43% of their gamblers are females

But why do women gamble? Do they have the same reasons and are at risk as men? These are the questions OkBet is set out to find, especially with the increase in the number of females involved in gambling lately.

Reason Why Women Gamble

OkBet Females in Gambling

According to Old School Gamers, most women go to casinos to socialize. However, compared to men, females have a different outlook when gambling.

Studies have also indicated that women prefer to go to a casino in groups. Unlike men who want to play solo, female gamblers will be with their peers.

They are also fans of slot machines, as well as special games like lottery, keno, and bingo because for these reasons:

  • Large payouts
  • Do not like strategy games as it takes off the shared gambling experience
  • Slots entertain them, particularly because of the stunning visuals
  • Shorter sessions in gaming

Furthermore, female gamblers play out of loneliness and boredom, and their distraction is by visiting a brick-and-mortar casino or an online platform.


Women initially loved playing games of chance. But this is the period of an ever-changing possibility.

A study back in 2018 revealed that the preference of women for gambling has changed. Instead of slot machines, female gamers with a range of 18 to 34 choose horse race betting because of its supposedly “lower form of risk.”

By January 2023, women’s choice of sports has shifted. From 17%, females who prefer football betting have increased to 30%.

Additionally, more and more women are taking an interest in sports betting. In a survey by YouGov Sport, 48% said that betting makes watching sports more attractive, while 44% would watch a sport they placed a stake in.

They also think that playing slots is boring. New women gamblers tend to like skill-based than chance.

For online casinos and sports betting websites like OkBet, 35% of women are interested in user-friendly gambling apps. At least 23% prefer those that have the best odds, while 20% would play in an online platform if it has exciting promotions. Only 17% of females interested in gambling play for fun, with 13% and 12% are habitual gamblers and have a personal choice of website.


Like men, females are also at risk of developing problem gambling. So it is no surprise that many are already problem gamblers.

According to GambleAware, two in five women have a gambling addiction and would not seek treatment because of shame. Same with men, female problem gamblers are also susceptible to mental health issues like anxiety and stress.

Although not as many as men, no gender is safe once they are addicted to gambling. Thus, it is best to practice responsible gaming at the very start of the gambling journey.


In conclusion, the world of gambling is evolving, as evidenced by the increasing number of females entering the traditionally male-dominated industry. While men still make up the majority of gamblers, women have been actively participating and challenging the stereotype.

Though the gambling industry is slowly seeing an increase in female players, it also shows that they are not an exception in developing problems in the future. 

Practicing responsible gaming is crucial for a healthy gambling experience. Being aware of the risks and taking preventive measures is essential for the well-being of all gamblers, regardless of gender.

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