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Esports Online Leaks Call Of Duty 2024 Multiplayer Maps

1531 views July 31, 2022

Esports Online Leaks Call Of Duty 2024 Multiplayer Maps

OKBET Esports Online’s new Call of Duty leaks to provide gamers their first look at multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare II. Modern Warfare 2 is the new Call of Duty game in October. It seems likely that there won’t be a mainline Call of Duty 2023 game. Making Call of Duty 2024 the next main entry in the FPS game series. Possibly the first information on two multiplayer maps for the potential upcoming Black Ops game is now available.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps

The Call of Duty: Warzone mobile app in OKBET, which has been developing for a long time, reportedly had an alpha test in July in some areas. 

  1. Players data mining the game’s files have found images. And references to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps and Treyarch’s COD 2024.
  2. The leaker @RealityUK posted the images, which seem to be loading screens for two maps called “Stealth” and “Pillage” in Call of Duty 2024.
  3. Stealth looks like a US military base with a stealth fighter, and Pillage looks like the inside of an old European building.

Several names with new images show that Modern Warfare 2 will have new maps below:

  • Grand Prix
  • Oilfield
  • Museum
  • Farm 18
  • SABA


  • Hydro
  • Fishtown
  • Sira

All are additional Ground War map it needs to be included on the Warzone 2 map which you can play online and win OKBET bonuses. Since MW2 comes out in October, we hope all of this will be clarified sooner rather than later.

RealiityUK can tell the difference because at the beginning of each data mined file is a codename that tells what Call of Duty game it is for. Modern Warfare 2 is “IW9,” which stands for “Infinity Ward 9,” and COD 2024 is “T10,” which stands for “Treyarch 10.” Also, there are a few files for this game DMZ, which is thought to be a spin-off mode like Escape from Tarkov. Hopefully, RealiityUK will get to these before Activision does.

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