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EGT’s New Slot Machine VIP in The Philippines

2007 views August 7, 2022

EGT’s New Slot Machine VIP in The Philippines

Euro Games Technology (EGT) said on Monday that its newest slot machine model, the G 50-50 C VIP. Has made its presentation in Northern Cyprus. The Concorde Tower Nicosia and Concorde Bafra gambling clubs are the first in the area to install the cabinets. Which are “the most highly-potential slot models of the latest General Series of EGT.”

The okbet games that come with the cabinets are from the Green General HD multigame mix. Which has 50 games from the portfolio of a Bulgarian manufacturer.

G 50-50 VIP New Slot Machine

Efe Onur Sidal, who is the Casino Coordinator at the Concorde Casino, said, “These cabinets are really impressive. They caught our guests’ attention right away because of how nice they looked. They had two curved 50-inch monitors and a multimedia chair with built-in controls that let players enjoy hours of exciting gameplay.

“We know how good EGT’s products are because almost half of the floors of both the Concorde Nicosia and the Concorde Bafra casinos filled with equipment from the Bulgarian company. So weren’t surprised that the new machines and games were so well received,” Sidal said.

Biserka Draganova, who is in charge of sales for EGT in the Balkans, also talked about the establishment and the organization with the gambling clubs. She said, “I’m very happy with this successful partnership with Concorde Casino and Bafra Casino. The performance of Green General HD games and G 50-50 C VIP cabinets is more than excellent.”

Draganova says that these products will put in place again “very soon” in both gaming facilities.

Last week, the organization said that it had installed G 50-50 C VIP at 12 gaming locations in Bulgaria under the names Color Bet and Circle Gaming Club in the cities of Shumen, Sliven, and Varna.

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