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Drake Wins $25M at Roulette with French Montana in Online Casino

1723 views July 27, 2022

Drake Wins $25M at Roulette with French Montana in Online Casino

Drake and French Montana have made a lot of magic together on songs like “No Stylist,” “Pop That,” “No Shopping,” and Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin.” The two friends are taking their winning streak to the roulette table.

On Monday, July 11, Champagne Papi hosted his second Twitch live stream event with his online casino partner, okbet. He won almost $25M while betting with the same number, but his bank account was in bad shape by the night’s end.

If you didn’t watch, Drizzy, also known as “Deep Pockets,” was there with a friend who works with him often. They watched as the 6ix watched. God won $12.96 million and $11.95 million on two different bets.

Drake’s balance reached $27.2M, but he only had $1,879 remaining.

“You know what it should get? Ah, haaan! “Montana’s famous adlib was used as a shout of joy by the father of one. “And I’ve got my special guest here,” he said next. “Please sit down! I’m here with Montega, my brother, twin, and looks just like me.”

HipHopDX says that by the night’s end, Drake’s account balance was only $1,879, but he still gave $25K prizes and personal video calls to fans in Brazil, England, Canada, and other countries around the world.

Drake won an enormous $17.9 million on a single roulette bet during his last live stream event with Stake in May. Lil Baby turned out to be a better good luck charm.

“Do you know what caused that?” Drizzy said this while he was happy about his huge win. “Why? Because Baby came in! So this is why.”

Drake also said he worked with the Atlanta rapper at his studio in Toronto. Before, they worked together on the songs “Wants and Needs,” “Girls Want Girls,” “Yes Indeed,” and “Never Recover,” which all made it into the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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