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Debunking: Is Online Blackjack Manipulated?

689 views April 14, 2023
by TJ

One of the most popular online casino games, blackjack, is under scrutiny for being manipulated by its respective operator. However, there is no evidence pointing to such an accusation. To clear some air, OKBET will explain why it is basically impossible for the game to be rigged.

First and foremost, the idea of an online casino game being unfair to players is a stereotype created by players who were “unwise” at picking the site to play. The only instance it can happen is when there is no regulating body.

For instance, in the Philippines, there are only 17 licensed online casino operators. Yet, if you search Google, there are hundreds of gambling sites.

We are not pointing fingers, but the number one problem why many believe casino games are rigged is because they play at illegal sites. There is a reason why these gambling venues are unregulated: they do not abide by any gambling laws.

One of the requisites in acquiring a license to operate a gambling site is that games should not be manipulated in any way. True, there is a possibility that games like online slots can be rigged. 

However, authorized operators are under the monitoring of the government. Any attempt to disadvantage their players will result in criminal charges and the stoppage of their operation.  

To prevent being duped by illegal casino operators, STOP supporting them. If you want to experience fair and just gambling, play at legal and authorized sites.

So is Online Blackjack Manipulated?

OkBet Is Blackjack Manipulated?

While others may say online blackjack can be manipulated, we strongly disagree. Since 2006, a shuffling software was already implemented into all online blackjack games.

The advancement of the shuffling software has come a long way. Nowadays, state-of-the-art software is being used by licensed casino operators to prevent any manipulation in the game of online poker, blackjack, etc.

According to TFE Times, a random number generator (RNG) is used to produce a random set of numbers. Commonly, it is used in online slots and other casino games.

To further promote fairness in playing online, an Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) is installed by every operator. Through this piece of equipment, players are given information regarding the cards dealt.

There is even a pop-up warning in case players make a bad move. Obviously, the importance of fair play is applied. At some point, it sort of “spoon-feeds” players by giving them all the information they need. 

Rather than the legal online casino to cheat, there is a huge chance that players will install a shuffle tracking application to help them use the counting cards strategy.

Pick the Right Casino

Picking a trustworthy casino is a responsibility every gambler should uphold. Again, licensed online gambling operators will do anything to keep their licenses from getting revoked. This includes ensuring that games like online blackjack and other games are not manipulated. 

Choosing a rogue casino site is on the player because it only raises the likelihood that winning will be 100x harder.

Here’s a checklist for you to do in checking the legitimacy of the online casino you will play:

  • Online casino is licensed
  • Great player reviews and forums
  • Site’s security
  • Customer support is impeccable
  • Payout is almost always on time

If the requirements mentioned above are met, rest assured that the casino you will play online blackjack with is not manipulated in any way. Be critical as well when it comes to spotting fake legal online casinos. Only play at reputable online gambling sites like OKBET.

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