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Curry Shoulder Injury: Will Warriors be Fine?

1071 views December 19, 2022
by TJ

The Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry suffered a shoulder injury following the loss against the Indiana Pacers last December 15, making it a two-game losing streak.

With the score 80-93, Curry met an accident in the third quarter after an attempt to pick-pocket Jalen Smith. After that, he was seen holding his left shoulder while trying to go back to the bench.

Upon an MRI examination, the two-time MVP had a shoulder subluxation—a partial dislocation. The injury may heal independently but can also be returned to its proper position through medical assistance.

Because of his shoulder injury, Curry is believed to be out for “two weeks,” though the Warriors’ management has yet to release an official statement.

OKBET Stephen Curry shoulder injury

The absence of the all-time three-pointer affected his team’s offense, losing to the Pacers 125-119.

Although he did not play for the remainder of the fourth quarter, Curry still finished with 38 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists.

Will the Warriors be Fine with Curry?

Curry has been an important factor in the Warrior offense. But as of late, their performance could be better than their 2021-22 NBA championship run.

GSW is currently seated at the tenth spot of the Western Conference standings, 14-15. In their last ten games, the Warriors have won only twice and lost eight times.

Curry this season is averaging 30 points per game, followed by Andrew Wiggins’ 19.1. Klay Thompson averages 18.7, and Jordan Poole with 17.9.

None of the remaining scoring options were as close to the output of the only unanimous NBA Finals MVP.

Moreover, the Warriors will be on the road three more times before 2022 ends. They already met the Philadelphia 76ers last Friday, in which they lost 118-106. They then faced the Toronto Raptors today, December 19.

Their final games on the road will be back-to-back, going up against the New York Knicks (December 20) and the Brooklyn Nets (December 21).

Their matchups are tough, especially with Curry out with a shoulder injury. More importantly, the odds at OKBET will change, and it is most likely not in favor of the ‘21-’22 NBA champs.

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