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CT Gaming’s Newest Slot Machine in Okbet Online Casino App

1837 views July 21, 2022

CT Gaming’s Newest Slot Machine in Okbet Online Casino App

CT Gaming founded in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then, it has been one of the best providers of slot machines for brick-and-mortar casinos in Europe and further afield. There aren’t many big live casinos that haven’t had a company’s slot machines at one time or another, and since times are changing, it was high time for them to move into the online casino world as well.

Today, CT Gaming has an extensive library of HTML5 online casino slot games. CT Gaming’s online platform and remote game server make it possible for online casinos to offer all of the company’s games to players on all mobile devices and keep track of everything that’s going on while players play their games in a single lobby.

Casinos using CT Gaming

Even though they might not have the most popular online okbet casino games, CT Interactive has been the most regarded organization in the gambling industry for a long time, and they have already moved into the online ring. As a result, CT Gaming already provides games to some of the best okbet online casinos worldwide, and soon there will be many more.

CT Gaming Newest Slot Machine 

CT Gaming has said that its newest okbet slot machine, NEXT, is already available to play in Bulgaria. It made the principal establishments at Palms Merkur Royale and in the gaming rooms of Palms Merkur in Sofia.

“The machine was a big hit in the casinos and game rooms where we put it. “With its cutting-edge design and the company’s latest multigame, Diamond King 2, Next is already one of our customers’ favorites.”

Next is the newest slot machine from CT Gaming. It combines new technology with fantastic software. It has two 27-inch UHD monitors and a 27-inch video topper that you can choose to buy. The slot machine is a reliable product with a convenient play deck. A large CMS panel, a button panel, a built-in i-deck, and a USB port for charging phones. 

It is to give operators great results and customers a great time. The fun multigame Diamond King 2 is already one of the most-wanted items in the stores.

There are 50 games in Diamond King 2. Ten are linked to the innovative 3-level progressive jackpot Diamond Tree, which can win on every bet. The client can win more than one award at once and on more than one level, or they can win the same jackpot level more than once.

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