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Cristiano Ronaldo: Fernando’s Benching Was ‘Tactical’

1100 views December 9, 2022
by TJ

Cristiano Ronaldo: Fernando’s Benching Was ‘Tactical’

Portugal will approach their upcoming game against Morocco with complete confidence after smashing through Switzerland’s defense 6-1. The more impressive fact is that they achieved this with Cristiano Ronaldo out of the starting XI.

The most ardent Ronaldo fans and OKBET bettors would complain about how the legendary striker played the Switzerland game on the bench. However, Portugal coach Fernando Santos cleared that his decision to bench Ronaldo was more of a tactical one.

The decision to move Ronaldo to the bench during such a crucial tie for the Seleção das Quinas is the latest obstacle in an otherwise legendary career for the 37-year-old. Some fans assumed that Ronaldo was benched from the game due to his flare-up during his substitution against South Korea. Still, Santos clarified that it was far from the case.

OKBET Cristiano Ronaldo

“I said that it was closed, and it was closed,” Santos said. “Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world playing professionally and as a captain … so we have to just think about this team collectively.”

Ronaldo could have a better World Cup, averaging a dismal 6.29 in his four appearances. While he’s scored a goal, he’s yet to make any meaningful impact on his team’s campaign.

An Uncertain Future for Ronaldo

His current form at the World Cup will immensely impact his remaining years as a professional footballer. He’s currently clubless after mutually agreeing to end his second stint with Manchester United. 

His form during his final season with the Red Devils was as bad as his current struggles with Portugal. He scored only four goals in his ten Premier League appearances this season. His controversial interview with Piers Morgan also burned any love the club might still have for the forward.

Reports say he’s headed to the Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr as they are willing to meet his high wage demands. But besides playing outside of Europe, he will have to accept that he’s no longer the superstar that once shook the world with every step he made.

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