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Chinese Gambling Beliefs that are Weird, Fascinating

1398 views January 18, 2023
by TJ

Chinese people are superstitious, and when gambling, they have beliefs that are fascinating and weird at the same time. But for this coming Chinese New Year, OKBET will present the superstitions you need to follow for a series of good luck on your next visit to the casino.

Since China has the largest gambling capital in the world, Macau, many of its citizens bring their beliefs with them while betting. They trust that luck will always be by their side by doing or avoiding these practices, especially when playing money games like poker, roulette, and other casino games.

Here are the most famous gambling beliefs that Chinese gamblers believe:

Avoiding Books

Well, Chinese people do not like words that sound unlucky. The word “book” resonates with “lose” in Chinese. Hearing the word is already considered unlucky, let alone bringing one or looking at one before or while playing in a casino.

OKBET Chinese gambling beliefs

Ahhh… I See the Door!

As avid believers of feng shui, Chinese gamblers would often sit on the west side of a room or in a place where a door is visible. Sitting at the right spot is believed to attract the quality of energy that is “most nourishing” or “most suitable” for your aura. It will also most likely bring you good fortune in your game.

They believed in this superstition so much that the MGM Grand had to change its entrance. Initially, customers have to pass through a lion’s mouth to enter the establishment. However, because it is considered bad luck, the casino had to relocate and change how clients entered the building.

An explanation, according to Biz Journal, is that seeing all of the room’s doors gives you visual control over your proximity. This would give you a “much greater degree of true control.”

OKBET Chinese gambling beliefs

Navel’s Position = Fortune or Misfortune

It is probably weird that an inward or outward navel determines whether a person will have a prosperous or tragic life. However, the Chinese believe in it.

Those who have a concave navel will have good luck with them, while the rest, unfortunately, would have to deal with bad luck.

Lucky Numbers

Have you ever wondered why most hotels in Las Vegas do not have floor numbers that start with the number four? It is because the number sounds like “death” in Chinese.

However, eight is the opposite. According to Chinese gambling beliefs, the number in Mandarin Chinese is similar to the Chinese word “prosperity.”

Such belief also applies to gambling. Most gamblers would avoid placing their bets on numbers that begin with four. On the other hand, those that begin in eight attract bettors to place their stakes.

Moreover, another Chinese gambling belief is that bettors would choose rooms that sound lucky when pronounced in Chinese. If you noticed, gamblers would prefer staying in room 84 because it sounds like “prosperous ‘til death,” 168, which translates to “prosper all the way,” or room 996, which sounds like “prosper for a long time.”

OKBET Chinese gambling beliefs

Pat a Player on the Shoulder, and You’re Dead

You see your Chinese friend gambling at a poker table. You approached him and tapped his shoulder. Your friend springs up and gets mad at you for no reason. Wondered why? Because in Chinese gambling belief, it is a major no-no for someone to touch a gambler’s shoulders while playing because it brings bad luck. To add, it is also rude.

All I See is Red!

The color red represents joy and good fortune, according to Chinese superstitions. This explains why you always see the color during the Chinese New Year or other holidays but never during funerals.

This superstition explains why most Chinese gamblers wear anything red — from shirts to pants, shoes, and even underwear.

Pregnant Woman, I Concede!

Chinese gamblers believe that going up against a pregnant woman is unlucky. However, having one beside them would bring good luck.

Unnatural to bring an expecting woman into a casino but apparently, Chinese bettors have the idea that these women are “carrying their good fortune inside their belly.” If it’s not eccentric enough, the unborn child is said to be the “extra set of eyes” that observes everything.

No Washy-Wash for You

Another popular Chinese gambling belief is that washing one’s hands while playing would change their luck. A good old-fashioned hand-washing will turn the wheels of fate if a player is on a losing streak. But if they were winning and decided to clean their hands by washing, expect their good luck to be cleansed!

So the next time you are inside a casino and in a good run, never wash your hands, capiche?

Before Gambling, No Freak-Freaky!

Aw! Chinese male gamblers have a superstition that sexual intercourse before gambling would bring them bad luck. It’s hard to explain, but yes, no sexy time, or you will be unlucky with your next casino game unless you read this OKBET blog.


Before going into a casino, you spot a monk or a nun. Instead of going back and postponing your gambling night, you proceeded anyways. You lost your money and wondered why you had such bad luck.

The answer to your question is that monks, nuns, and priests are considered to be harbingers of bad luck to gamblers. The main reason, probably, is that they despise gambling.

So the next time you spot a nun or a monk on the way to the casino, retreat and save yourself from the misfortune that lies ahead.


While there is no scientific explanation for why Chinese gamblers believe in the above superstitions, it has been part of their culture. No matter how weird they are, there is nothing wrong with putting a little faith in these practices. They have already been etched in China’s tradition and for other non-Chinese gamblers, respecting their beliefs and practices is one way to promote casino etiquette.

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