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Casino Myths Worth Busting

738 views June 23, 2023
by TJ

Since time immemorial, some casino myths have been far from the truth. From a pair of dice found lying around in an Egyptian tomb to an ancient Chinese card game, there is no doubt that reality will be mixed with a bit of fiction.

Although gambling has come a long way, thanks to the advent of online casinos and modern technology, whimsical theories still exist even up to this day. Most of these casino myths revolve around the allegation that gambling establishments will always be rigged.

However, such accusations are only hitting the air and are made “true” by overly imaginative gamblers.

It is part of that “whimsical theory” because games now have a random number generator or RNG. This software is heavily regulated to keep the spirit of fairness and debunks the claim that gamblers will never prosper in casinos.

Such belief is part of the many superstitions that surround casinos. This article will debunk some of them.

Are Casino Games Rigged? Not Entirely True

We have mentioned earlier that most of the myths that involve casinos are the claim that operators rig the games. This is partly true.

However, people have let their imagination run amok. Gambling establishments are not charitable institutions, handing out money to those that visit them.

Casinos are businesses. Businesses needed to make a profit. So to keep running the casino, the operator needs to earn, which could be done through the gamblers’ losses and the “house edge.”

According to Know Your Odds, the house edge is the mathematical advantage commonly used in the gambling scene, particularly by the casino. It is usually in percentage form, determining how much of your bet will be lost.

In other words, the wins gamblers take and the continued operation of the casino, house edge, had something to do with it.

Also, there are thousands, if not millions, of gamblers. Therefore, you are one of many players, meaning the casino will profit with or without you.

Hence, the belief that casino games are rigged is not entirely true. You are not set up to lose every time.

However, gambling is a form of entertainment, not a source of livelihood. So quoting Tabcorp spokesman Michael Piggo:

“It’s important that people don’t think that they can win because you can’t win in gambling. You can win for a little while but can’t win in the long run.”

OKBet Casino Myths Worth Busting

Can Card Counting Get You Arrested? NO

Many believe that committing card counting in casinos is a criminal offense. However, this is just one of the many casino myths that have been exaggerated.

Card counting is a technique used in card games like Blackjack to give you an edge over your opponents. Like its name, the player who uses this “life hack” would track the number of high and low cards left in the dealer’s deck.

If done without the aid of any card-counting device or software, card counting is legal since no laws prohibit anyone from doing it. However, it is frowned upon by the casino itself.

If caught by casino staff, you will be asked to leave and, worse, get banned. But other than that, you will not spend a night in jail.

Are Casino Floors Filled with Oxygen? NO!

A common myth in casinos is that the establishment’s floors are filled with oxygen to keep players awake. However, this is not true.

There is no truth to this allegation, and it sounds absurd. One of the reasons players feel more energized when gambling is because of the adrenaline rush, not because of the oxygen “pumping” from the floors.

Also, it is worth noting that no science backs up the claim. The Guardian even stressed that breathing oxygen will never make its subjects “intoxicated, euphoric, or energetic.”

Can Slots in a Busy Casino Have More Winnings? No, No, No!

A mind-boggling casino myth is that the busier a casino is, the winning chances in slot machines are off the charts.

Remember that at the start of this article, we mentioned RNGs? Well, this is one reason why we briefly discussed the software.

But other than that, there is no connection about slots having a much higher winning percentage whenever the casino is busy.

The only sound explanation for this is if you are playing in slots with progressive jackpots. Based on its name, the longer the game is played, the higher the jackpot becomes.

Besides this, we cannot think of another explanation for how the state of the casino influences the slots.

Online Casinos Will Never Pay? *Facepalm*

The people that claim online casinos will never pay out may have been scammed by rogue gambling sites.

This last of the five casino myths is definitely worth debunking. Online casinos have tons of promotions, including welcome bonuses.

However, if a person does not understand the terms and conditions to claim the welcome bonus, they will call the site a “scam.”

The only time an online site will feel risky is when it does not receive any license from licensing authorities like the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

If an online gambling platform has a license, there is a guarantee that it is regulated and will give you your winnings. 

It is also important to know that legal online casinos require strict verification processes. Thus, if you fail the procedure, the welcome bonus will also be voided.


Casino myths will always be based on beliefs or personal experiences. They will not be called myths if they are backed by science or other proof to support claims. 

But since we have debunked these myths, they are no longer speculations. 

Just remember that in gambling, one factor that would help you win is luck and your skill. So develop your gambling skills and let Lady Luck play her part.

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