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Casimero versus Nghitumbwa Prediction

673 views May 3, 2023
by TJ

A fight between Filipino pride John Riel Casimero versus Namibian warrior Fillipus Nghitumbwa will happen on May 13 at the Okada Manila Hotel and Casino in Parañaque City, with the former emerging as the favorite boxer to win for many reasons.

The Filipino fighter, who is basically starting from scratch after getting stripped of his WBO bantamweight title in 2022, is looking to acquire the WBO Global Super Bantam from the Nabirian boxer.

Casimero, a three-division champion, relinquished his belt after refusing to fight Paul Butler—a fight that was anticipated by many boxing fans and sports betting sites.

But after defeating Ryo Akaho via knockout last December 3, Casimero has acquired the rights to a title fight versus Nghitumbwa after successfully defending his crown from Sabelo Ngebinyana earlier on October 29.

Many believe that the winner of the Casimero versus Nghitumbwa match will be the former because of his experience and grasp of the sport as compared to the latter, who is relatively new.

Moreover, this will be Quadro Alas’ first fight on Philippine soil after four years, meaning he has the support of an entire nation as he fights not only for the belt but also for the Philippines.

However, this fighter should not be underestimated.

OkBet Casimero versus Nghitumbwa

Nghitumbwa: A Breakdown

Hailing from Windhoek, Namibia, Nghitumbwa, 27, has only fought 13 times and suffered one defeat, which happened in his professional debut in 2017.

But moving forward, Nghitumbwa, who was dubbed “Energy,” went on a 12-win streak, with 11 of those victories by knockout.

He fights with an orthodox style, with a knockout percentage of 84.62%. But if carefully looking at his most recent fight against Sabelo Ngebinyana, the Namibian boxer tends to lower his guard.

Nghitumbwa is also flat-footed, needs to work on his footwork to avoid getting hit, and loves swinging his right hand before unleashing a devastating uppercut.

Although he is, in fact, lacking in the footwork division, his reflexes are extraordinary, making him a difficult target to hit. The champion is also lightning-quick with his punches paired with a power that can put any fighter to sleep. 

The Namibian fighter can also absorb hits, taking on the full force of the punches Ngebinyana unleashed. It is also one of the reasons why he loves to lower his guard as if inviting the opponent to punch him.

However, he needs a lot of preparation, especially since he is fighting an opponent that is known for his aggressiveness and power.

Casimero: A Breakdown

A native of Ormoc City in Leyte, Casimero, 34, has been in 36 fights, winning 32 and 22 via knockout for a 61.11 knockout percentage. He did lose some fights, including a technical knockout by Moruti Mthalane in 2011.

His most recent defeat was from compatriot Jonas Sultan in 2017 via unanimous decision. But after that loss, Quadro Alas went on a rampage, defeating seven of his opponents via knockout.

Like Nghitumbwa’s style of boxing, Casimero uses an orthodox style. He also tends to lower his guard to see his surroundings better. However, his advantage against the Super Global Super Bantam champion is his footwork, honed by years of experience.

Quadro Alas is light on his feet. He calculates the distance needed to close the gap between him and his opponent. Paired with his unbelievable muscle memory, he can absorb and dodge punches.

The Filipino boxer adds feints and weaves to bait his opponent in his every approach. He loves throwing overhand punches—a setup for a powerful left hook or uppercut that sends the opponent to the canvas. A victim of his technique was Japanese fighter Ryo Akaho, who Quadro Alas defeated via TKO.

Quadro Alas Wins 

Nghitumbwa is a quick finisher, with almost all his opponents getting knocked out by the second round. However, most of the fighters he faced had more losses than wins.

That being said, facing Quadro Alas, who only had four defeats in 36 fights, paired with the jitters of fighting for the first time in hostile territory, the Namibian boxer who has problems with his footwork might stiffen in the match, making it easier for Casimero to end the bout possibly in round three to eight.


Fighting in the Philippines for the first time, Casimero is the clear favorite to win this fight. Nghitumbwa, who is making his international debut, is slated to be the underdog.

In conclusion, the Casimero versus Nghitumbwa match is an exciting sporting event for Filipinos, especially seeing that the former is fighting in his home country. 

Still, anything can happen once the fight begins. But one thing is for sure: Quadro Alas will give the Filipinos an exciting and entertaining boxing match.

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