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Brazil Loses World Cup, Head Coach

1266 views December 16, 2022
by TJ

Brazil loses hope for a FIFA World Cup trophy along with its long-time head coach, Adenor Leonardo “Tite” Bacchi, following their exit in the quarterfinals against Croatia last Friday.

Tite and his team also suffered the same fate in the 2018 WC, with Belgium beating them.

Coach Tite has been the manager of Seleção for six years. His greatest accomplishment as the Brazillian head coach was in 2019 when he gave the country its ninth Copa America title. It was also the first in 12 years that Brazil was able to acquire the title.

Now that Brazil is out of the World Cup picture, thus ending Tite’s cycle, it is time to step down.

“The cycle has ended, and I keep to my word. Other great professionals can replace me.

“When their (Croatia’s) goalkeeper (Dominik Livaković) is the best player on the field, the game is talking to you. We had to be more effective in making goals.

“But did Brazil show their best? Overall, yes. I understand that I am the most responsible, but we are all responsible for the loss. It’s not about being a hero or a villain. There is no such thing in sports.

“Sometimes we have a great performance, we shoot at goal, and the ball deviates. That’s normal. But I can respect the result. The loss hurts, but I’m at peace with myself right now,” he stated.


OKBET Brazil loses World Cup and Tite


Tite will leave even if Brazil either loses the Qatar World Cup or not. Tite, back in February, already made his intention known during an interview with SporTV.

“I’m going until the end of the World Cup. I have no reason to lie here. I don’t want to win anyway. I’ve won everything in my career; the only thing missing is the World Cup.”

Tite was a player for Caxias from 1978 to 1984 before going to Esportivo de Bento Gonçalves for a season. He also played under Portuguesa for a short while.

Brazil Fans Blame Tite

Brazil blew a 1-0 lead against Croatia, sending them to a shootout. The Brazilians eventually lost, resulting in their fans expressing their disappointment, especially Tite assigning Neymar to take the fifth penalty kick, which he never took.

A Brazilian TV host even described the team’s head coach as a “donkey.”

But in Tite’s defense, he decided that Neymar should take the fifth shot because it was a “decisive one.” He believed that his star should be the one to make or break the game.

“There is more pressure, and players who are mentally prepared are best to take it,” justified Tite.

Unfortunately, Rodrygo and Marquinhos could not beat Dominik Livakovic in the penalty shootout, missing their tries.

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