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Big Blind in Playing Poker Tournaments at Okbet App

2684 views August 6, 2022

Big Blind in Playing Poker Tournaments at Okbet App

One of the most challenging and essential skills to learn is how to defend your big blinds in the okbet app. Before Texas Hold’em became a massive internet hit, the general strategy for the game was much more cautious. The average player these days is very aggressive, so you need to change your plan.

Defending your big blinds is one of the most challenging and crucial developmental abilities. It is because you will always be under pressure. It would help to find the right balance to make the most of this tricky situation.

I’ll tell you how to figure out your big blind defense range in a poker tournament below. I don’t give static fields because tournament play can be chaotic, and you’ll face all kinds of challenges. Instead, I talk about the things you should think about in the most common situations.

Also, we want to help you when you face a single raise, which is often the most complicated situation. If there is a 3-bet or 4-bet, you know that you usually need to be pretty tight.

With that in mind, the above are some things you should consider when choosing your big blind attempting to defend range in a poker tournament.

Position of the Original Raiser

Let’s start with the original raiser’s position, which is essential for figuring out the range of the player in question. As a general rule, the stronger the opponent’s hand is, the earlier the raise comes from.

Here’s what you can expect at a standard 9-player table.

Early Positions

If the person raised is in one of the first three positions, they probably have a good hand. It doesn’t mean that they have AA or KK, but it does mean that their range is legit and doesn’t include many guesses.

Middle Positions

The raises from the three positions in the middle are much less tight. Hands like low-suited connectors or low-suited gappers, any ace, and other iffy starting cards will often be among them.

Late Positions

You can expect almost any two cards if the button or the cut-off player raises. It’s not unusual for aggressive players to raise 70–80% of their hands in these spots.

Small Blind

Players in the small blind tend to try to steal your blind with many hands, just like players in late positions. But that only works for hands that aren’t open. If there are limpers in the game, the small blind will usually call with average hands like small pairs and connectors.

It is what you would expect from players who raise to start their hands. If the person is limping before the raise, it makes a big difference. You can expect more tight plays, so you should change how you defend the big blind.

The Tournament’s Stage

The tournament stage is next to consider when making your big blind defending range. In the beginning, most opponents will take a loose and weak approach.

This attitude changes as the tournament goes on. At some point, you have to steal the blinds and the antes, and at this point, the opening ranges will be much more expansive.

Even more so when it comes to bubble play, some people get very aggressive, especially with a big stack, because they know many people are waiting for the money.

Poker Site Tournaments

I hope my tips on defending the big blind in a poker tournament will help you do better. Check out our OKBet online casino on the basics of poker tournaments if you want more help.

If you’re ready to play, we’ve compiled a list of the best tournament poker rooms on our websites.

There are a lot of guaranteed online casino real money poker tournaments with different buy-ins on the OKBet legal site. They also offer great bonuses and payout quickly.

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