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Beliefs that Gamblers Believe

1086 views January 10, 2023
by TJ

People from different walks of life, particularly gamblers, believe some practices could make their lives easier, whether it be an everyday routine or superstitions that individuals think could bring good fortune to them.

With gamblers, they try to seduce Lady Luck. They do not rely on skill and ability alone to play the game. Sometimes there are supernatural ideologies they consider before hopping into a betting game or even in life.

Although there is no science behind these beliefs, believers associate them with the good things that happen to them. It may sound weird or funny to those “unbelievers,” but a belief’s a belief, especially to superstitious gamblers.

Here are the beliefs that casino players put their heart and soul into believing:

OKBET Beliefs of gamblers

Counting Money at the Table

Have you seen people count their money at the table? No right? That is because counting money on the table would only bring misfortune, especially with the game still on.

There was no scientific explanation for why it is not good. Nevertheless, it is offensive and rude if a player flexes the money they have by counting them on the table.

Some Numbers are Lucky

Gamblers believe that a specific number or set of numbers is lucky, while others are not. This may sound subjective, but there is also a reason why.

Number games have a particular algorithm for how many times a number would come out. Once figured by the player, these reoccurring numbers are considered “lucky.”

The Color Red is for Good Luck

The Chinese think that red is the color of good luck. This is why gamblers prefer to wear red to attract good fortune. However, it is also believed that your opponents must not see the color, or it will bring the opposite—bad luck.

Players would wear red underwear or any concealed piece of red clothing to follow this condition.

Avoid Crossing Your Legs

Crossing the legs while in-game is an odd superstition. It is believed that a gambler who crosses their legs while playing would invite bad luck. Thus, it is advisable not to cross your legs to prevent losing money.

Bringing Charms

People tend to put their faith in a charm, believing that wearing such an item would make their lives bountiful. Gamblers are no strangers to charms. All things can be considered a charm. For instance, your favorite pants or shirt can be considered your “lucky” item. 

A four-leaf clover, among the rarest items on earth, is also said to bring good luck to anyone who finds it. Thus, players may bring this plant to a casino table and attract winnings.

You may also notice some that bring the Laughing Buddha with them. This item, called “Hotai,” is a statue renowned for bringing good luck, blessings, and prosperity into any place that houses it.

Now, these superstitions were adapted by casino players as well. Many will have a Laughing Buddha or a four-leaf clover whenever they play at any casino or in OKBET.

The rabbit’s foot, the most common of these charms, was very popular amongst gamblers in the Philippines and the rest of the world. Gamblers believe that a rabbit’s foot will turn the favor to them at any game they play.


Gamblers believe in superstitions, and they have the right. We, humans, need something to believe in, and in the gambling industry, relying on these beliefs to bring good luck is inevitable.

Playing in a casino is a game of chance; in this type of game, players will need all the luck they can get.

However, it is also important to remember that it is better to rely on your skill set and knowledge of the game to win.

Thus, a friendly reminder from OKBET: “Game responsibly.”

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