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Argentina Triumphed Over France, Becomes the 2022 WC Champions

1057 views December 23, 2022
by TJ

Argentina was the better team as they triumphed over France in their bout for the World Cup trophy last Sunday, December 18, with a nail-biting, electrifying match that sent fans to the edge of their seats.

This is the third World Cup trophy by the Argentinian national football team since 1986. Their first championship came in 1978—36 years after their second win.

The game boiled down to the better player between 35-year-old Lionel Messi and 23-year-old Kylian Mbappé, who dueled each other, scoring point after point for their respective teams. But in the end, Messi overcame Mbappé, establishing himself as the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) in football history.

What a Match!

Messi scored the first point for Argentina within 23 minutes of the first half. It was followed by Ángel Di María to “secure” the trophy 2-0.

When the second half came, the momentum shifted to the French as the Argentinian defender Nicolás Otamendi committed a foul, putting Mbappé to the penalty. The French superstar converted his chance, putting France into the scoreboard 2-1.

France has to act quickly with 80 minutes already used on the clock. Argentina, meanwhile, felt the pressure, and their defense collapsed.

In just 97 seconds, the French tied the score. Mbappé managed to make a goal with an assist from Marcus Thuram.

Now that the score was two apiece, the match went to extra time. Messi put in the work and gave Argentina the lead 3-2.

Unfortunately, another foul was committed by the Argentinians, this time by Gonzalo Montiel within minute 116 of the game. Once again, Mbappé rose to the occasion, converting the penalty to a point, forcing a penalty shootout by the end of extra time.

Going to the shootout, Argentina triumphed over France, as French players Kingsley Coman and Aurélien Tchouaméni missed their kicks. On the other hand, the Argentinians scored in all their tries, 4-2, dramatically ending the bout.

OKBET Argentina World Cup Champion

Fans roared as Argentina triumphed over France

Argentina’s victory was one for the books. Their victory over the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champion ended their 36-year drought.

The Lusail Stadium was filled with cheers from the fans as the match concluded. They all understood that Messi wanted the WC trophy since entering the competition in 2006.

Even on the Internet, football fans could feel the excitement and joyous moment of the match’s outcome.

Here are some of the tweets:

Moreover, OKBET‘s prediction was correct, with Argentina winning a tight match against France.

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