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Adverty Launches Streaming Video In-Play Online Casino

1936 views July 26, 2022

Adverty Launches Streaming Video In-Play Online Casino

Adverty AB and Swedish tech company SeenThis announced a global partnership on July 14, 2022. The association makes it possible to stream video ads into live-gaming environments for the first time.

However, the weighty organization will allow promoters to transfer video innovation automatically. Through their favored DSPs into Adverty’s gaming stock of IAB standard presentation pennants. And also, it will set a new standard for immersive, smooth, high-quality in-game video advertising.

There are no signs that people will stop wanting video ads. However, in the United States alone, spending on computerized video advertising grew by 49% in 2021.

And expected to reach nearly $50 billion (£42.2 billion) this year. Other markets are also growing at a similar rate.

By streaming instead of traditional technology. Adverty and SeenThis can create light. Crystal-clear video ads in games that make the most sense, like on billboards or in bus shelters. It increases engagement and performance.

Adverty Partnership with SeenThis

Jonas Soderqvist, CEO of Adverty, says “We thrilled to announce our global partnership with SeenThis. To bring video ads to in-game advertising at a time. When programmatic video advertising continues to grow at a rapid rate”. This streaming solution is the first of its kind in the industry. It uses very little data and makes sharing short, snappy content accessible. It makes our leading in-game environments much more immersive, as smooth, high-quality. And fast-rendering video ad units are now available in all formats.

Jesper Benon, CEO of SeenThis, says, “With our streaming technology. We’re speeding up and changing the digital media landscape to set a new standard for how content is delivered online. However, SeenThis’s innovative screen experience lets advertisers stream high-quality video creative. In display across the programmatic ecosystem quickly and in large numbers, creating highly engaging experiences. It is the first time SeenThis streaming video has been used in a game. And also, we are thrilled that Adverty’s advertising platform fully supports our cutting-edge video technology.

And also, with this new format, brands that invest in video can put short. Six- to fifteen-second videos, like those on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Into games, where they can reach captive, engaged, and often hard-to-reach audiences. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide, more brands are choosing to use in-game advertising.

And also, these okbet ads are getting better and better, and the results are impressive. These opportunities are starting to be essential to future innovations in the Metaverse.

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