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Advanced Tips to Win at Craps

1135 views March 22, 2023
by TJ

If you have been playing craps for a long time, you’ll realize that you will need advanced tips to get a bigger payout and win.

Forget about the basic strategies you have read from other sites. Here at OKBET casino, we will teach you better tactics. From a beginner craps player, you will be an expert in no time!

Before we begin, here is a quick refresher for Craps:

As a newbie, we all know that to win the game in the most risk-free way is to play low. By low, we mean that players protect their bankroll. It is done by not passing and placing bets on the 6 and 8.

Beginners tend to prioritize following up on the 6 and 8 bets. 

We also have to put into consideration the plan we have devised based on our experience, bankroll, and risk.

That being said, advanced players know these tips to heart. But they know that it is still not enough of a game plan.

This is why there is still a need to come up with a better strategy.

OKBET Advanced tips to win at craps

According to Ask Gamblers, there are eight advanced strategies for advanced craps players. These are:

The Pass and Come

‘Come’ is a bet you can make after establishing the point. When you place your stake, it will be sent to the box number rolled next.

This method aims to have the wagered number travel a second time before a 7.

To better make use of this strategy is by placing ‘true odds’ on the bet. True odds is the probability of winning a particular bet.

The Hedge Bets

Now, this approach lets you use your imagination. Using this strategy allows you to bet on any possible combinations.

For instance, you bet P150 in pass and P50 on any craps. If the shooter makes a 7 or 11, you will win P150 while losing only P50.

However, it is important to know that some wagers need more than one roll to settle.

While hedge bets do not reduce the house edge, there is a point in doing this plan. Since hedge bets could work in several ways, your possibility of winning is also increased. At the same time, there are plenty of ways to lose, so use this strategy at your own risk.

The 3 Point Molly

3 point molly is making multiple big bets on stakes with a low house edge. This strategy aims to ‘potentially’ increase the payout odds.

To implement the 3 point molly, one must include the bet on a pass line. Place a come bet with max odds on the point before adding a bet onto a third number. 

By doing this, the player will keep playing until he throws a 7 or 11.

This is an aggressive strategy that could lead to lots of big losses. But, by incurring small wins, you can offset those losses.

To use this strategy, you must fully understand the game and have a big bankroll.

The Iron Cross

Also known as the Field Strategy, this method is perfect for players who want frequent wins. To put the Iron Cross plan into motion, you have to have a come-out roll and when the point was established. 

However, this strategy will hit any number except 7—the most frequent to be rolled.

The Lay Bet

If you are a beginner wanting to try advanced tips to win at craps, this method is not best suited for you.

That said, six lay bets are available: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. These numbers are converted to points if the shooter rolls them out on the come-out.

For example, if a shooter rolls a 7 before the lay bets, you lose. But if 7 is rolled after your number, then you win.

The Yo Bet

The yo bet strategy comes with a high risk-high reward. You aim to have the shooter roll an 11—the second most infrequent number to appear.

But if it does appear, you are in for some big payout.

The house pays this odd of 15:1, while the house edge has 11.11%. Although it is more likely you will lose, once you win, your stake will be 15 times bigger.

The Put Bet

A put bet is a pass-line bet you place without going through the come-out roll. You can only do this once the point has been established.

An example is when you have yet to pass a pass-line. When the shooter rolls a six, you use the put bet to allow you to bet on the pass line. Of course, you have to use the right betting odds so it will go in your favor.

To use this strategy, check first if the casino allows pass-line bets. Usually, the gambling venues that allow pass-lines have 100x or unlimited odds.

The Craps 4 10

Advanced players know that the four and ten can be bought for a 5% commission or “vig,” that is, if you win. If you buy the four or ten and win with either, you’ll win at 2:1.

If you are feeling confident, ditch the 6 and 8. Bet on 4 and 10 to see if it is really your lucky day.

Choosing the Best Strategy

As a player, you know that some strategies will work on others but may not work on you. Start with low bets to avoid losing a substantial amount of your bankroll while trying new techniques. Feel if the playstyle suits you or not. Once you have gained enough knowledge and experience, these advanced tips will help you to win more often in craps an in other games.

Just remember, in betting, if it is already beyond your financial capabilities, stop.

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