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A Complete Guide Live Roulette Online Casino

1678 views July 5, 2022

A Complete Guide Live Roulette Online Casino

In okbet online casino, live roulette now has easy-to-understand rules and a simple way to play that even new players can understand. You don’t need to know advanced strategies or skills to win big at this table game. Two, this type of roulette is all about getting the best odds. If you only bet on “Blacks” or “Reds,” you have 50/50 chance of dominating the competition close to the completion of the round. Last, this game is all about different things. There’s no way to get bored because there are so many different kinds and ways to present it. You won’t get tired of playing roulette online and trying to win the best jackpots because it comes in countless structures like live roulette.

We think you should try live roulette if you are new to roulette or want more excitement and variety. You can still play the same game with the same set of rules and bets. The only difference is that this game is plays online in real-time in front of a pretty dealer. It’s like placing a bet face-to-face with a pretty dealer at a dedicated roulette table. Multiple cameras and live streaming help you connect and stay in touch in real-time.¬†

How to Play Live Roulette?

The rules for live roulette are the same as for regular roulette. You will only notice a difference in how it plays and how much you participate. In most online roulette games, you will give games run by a Random Number Generator and are automated (RNG). You will pick your bet (a casino chip) and put it on the table in the right spot. Once you’re sure about your bet, click “Spin” to make the ball go around the wheel. Once the wheel has stopped spinning, the system will tell you the winning number and let you know if you won your bet.

This type of roulette in okbet online casino will have a different setting and different rules. If you join a casino with live dealer roulette, you will play a game that a natural person runs. To play, you’ll have to sit at a roulette table and talk to the live roulette dealer.

Like in a real club, the vendor controls the live-action. They tell everyone the rules, set the bet, spin the wheel, and tell everyone who won. All these things happen while you are at home using your computer or phone, and the casino dealer is in a studio far away. You can see each other on your devices, and the real-time connection is possible by devices, multiple cameras, and the internet.

Below is the guide on playing live roulette using Okbet online casino. 

STEP 1: Bet on something

Once you’re in the game, you can make your first bet. You have to choose the chip size you want to bet with. Then you can click on the table layout to place your bet.

STEP 2: The dealer spins the wheel.

After placing your bets, click the “Spin” button. They are drop the ball into the wheel, which is spun.

STEP 3: The End Result

At the point when the wheel halts, the ball will fall into a pocket. You win if you were right about where it would land at the end.

STEP 4: Gather Your Prizes

Assuming you win, the seller will give you your money. Your payout will depend on your bet type and how much you bet.


Live roulette is popular with some players because it allows them to play with real dealers in real-time using the okbet online casino, no matter where they are. But before they play, they should ensure they know the guides on playing live roulette. It will help them avoid any confusion. So, they can choose to keep going to their local casino or move with the times and try the okbet online casino.

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