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Westbrook elbowed, escapes head injury

1026 views November 28, 2022
by TJ

Westbrook elbowed, escapes head injury

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook was elbowed by San Antonio Spurs center Zach Collins last Saturday, November 26, resulting in his forehead being split open.

The incident happened during the matchup between the Lakers and the Spurs, with Laker star Anthony Davis first going out due to a calf intrusion. Westbrook then had a scary laceration during the final minutes of the third quarter, courtesy of Collins’ elbow.

OKBET Westbrook elbowed

The former OKC shooting guard attacked the basket and made a beautiful pump fake. The feint was so good that two Spurs players, including Collins, jumped to try and contest.

Unfortunately, the Spurs center was determined to stop Westbrook from getting an easy deuce and had to resort to a hard foul. Its result was captured on video and uploaded online: a bloodied player.

Collins thought that it was an ordinary foul that he had committed. However, the Laker guard wanted blood and tried to attack the player.

Luckily, Westbrook’s teammates, especially Lebron James, prevented the fight from ever happening. It was also James who helped stop Russell’s bleeding.

A flagrant foul two was given to Collins, and he was kicked out of the game. The player also faced suspension and a fine after he recorded 12 points and eight rebounds that match.

On the other hand, the Laker guard was slapped with a technical foul. Although he was elbowed and had to leave the game, Westbrook returned during the fourth quarter.

He was fortunate enough not to undergo any sutures on his lacerated forehead, according to the Lakers’ management.

Collins was not meant to elbow Westbrook

In a post-game interview, Collins clarified that what happened was an accident. His intention was only to contest and not elbow Westbrook.

“And then the worst thing you can do is give up an and-1 in that situation, so I was just trying to come down and hit his arm so the ball wouldn’t get up to the rim … Unfortunately, my elbow just caught his head, and he started bleeding, and it looked terrible, but I honestly wasn’t trying to do anything. I just didn’t want him to get a shot off,” he said to Tom Osborn.

With Collins and Jeremy Sochan out of commission, the Lakers overpowered the Spurs. Those who placed their bets at OKBET on the former emerged victorious as the final score was 143-138.

The Lakers improved to 7-11, while the Spurs 6-15.

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