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4THEPLAYER Released 4 Secret Pyramids in Download

1883 views July 24, 2022

4THEPLAYER Released 4 Secret Pyramids in Download

The game’s plan depends on ancient Egypt, and we visit four pyramids to try to discover their secrets and get the vast treasures they hold. In the background of the reels, you can see these pyramids and some green palm trees. It’s a game with many little details, and its clean look gives it more depth.

You can play this okbet slot on phones, tablets, and desktops. With Big Reel portrait mode, you can change how the reels look and how big they are to get the best visual gaming experience. You win if you get three or more of the same symbol type on adjacent reels, starting from the far left.

4 Secret About the Secret Pyramids Slot

  • How much can you win at the 4 Secret Pyramids slot machine?

You can win as much as 55000 times your bet.

  • What kinds of features does the slot machine 4 Secret Pyramids have?

The four secret pyramids are Wild Symbol, Bonus Up, Free Spins Bonus, Extra Bets, and Bonus Buy features.

Bonus Free Spins

If you get three scatter symbols, you can play the okbet Free Spins bonus game. These scatter marks can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Then, you’ll be able to gamble for a better price level. Your odds will be shown on a bolt. If you win, you climb one stage and assuming you lose, drop down one setting. However, the bonus game ends immediately if you lose on the first prize level.

The next step in this Bonus is to do the pyramid pick, in which you choose between hidden blocks. How far you get in Bonus Up determines how many free spins you can get and how big the multiplier is. Then, when you click, you can get free spins, win multipliers, super stacked symbols, and X symbols. If you don’t click on an X symbol, which lets you start your reels, you’ll move on to the next level. If the double bonus bet is turned on, you can choose whether to double your win multiplier or the number of free spins.

4 Secret Pyramids: Slot Verdict

Seeing 4ThePlayer’s Bonus Up idea was a remarkable comeback, but since you had already used it in the last 3 Secret Cities games, there was less “ooh, what’s this?” factor this time around. Using a more common slot theme may have made this reaction stronger. Not that Central American slots aren’t popular, but the Egyptian one is by far the most popular. But 4ThePlayer has done a lot with the theme, painting a lot of pretty places to play through. Having a lot of these places to explore keeps the game interesting.

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