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4 NBA Players who Made the Worst Life Choices

819 views May 24, 2023
by TJ

4 NBA Players who Made the Worst Life Choices

Ja Morant’s gun-related issue is a new list to the already long one of NBA players making the worst life choices.

Twenty-three-year-old Morant is recently going through a rift—a dangerous one, in fact—that he himself has created. For the second time around, the Memphis Grizzlies superstar has been caught showing off a gun while streaming live on Instagram.

But while he was given a light sentence during the first offense, getting caught twice is different. In just three months, Morant managed to worry NBA fans and his fans even more

He is losing endorsements already, with the first to pull out being Nike scratching his Ja 1s off their website. Additionally, Powerade canceled any Morant-related ad campaigns and is not making any future advertisements with the player’s involvement in any sort.

Morant’s team also cut him off from any team activities, and it appears that his career as an NBA star is quickly crumbling. Even NBA 2K sidelined him as the league’s investigation continues.

And if he continues to do so, he will be following these NBA players who had some of the worst life choices ever made.

1. Latrell Sprewell

One of the biggest hotheads of the NBA, Latrell Sprewell, was also a hothead when it came to his finances.

In 1997, Sprewell made one of the worst life choices NBA players should make—attacking their coach twice. As a result, his $24 million contract was voided, and luckily for him, he got it back.

But instead of changing his ways even before leaving his team, the now-retired player managed to amp his already poor choices by opting out of a $30 million offer. His reason was it was “too small” because he had a “family to feed.”

And that was the only good offer he received. Sprewell then only played one more year, and once he was out of the league, his problems worsened.

The athlete racked up legal fees, including when he was sued for $200 million. He kept striking out, losing his yacht and all his mansions after failing to pay $3 million in taxes.

In the end, although he had a $100 million fortune, he went down to a net worth of $50,000. Sprewell is also living in a rental property.

2. Eddy Curry

Not related to Stephen Curry in any way, especially with how this Curry made the biggest, worst life choices NBA players would ever make—spending money as if it’s water.

He earned $70 million during his nine years in the NBA, but as per Bleacher Report, Eddy has been drowning in debt even while being an active NBA player.

Some of his problems came from being sued by his driver for $5 million and alleged sexual harassment. However, he was all to blame.

Eddy never paid what he owed. He had a $2 million debt and wanted to avoid paying them. He also defaulted on a $585,000 loan.

His life went into shambles because he did not know how to handle his finances. Apparently, his “household expenses” have reached $1.3 million per month, not to mention the hundreds of thousands he spent on jewelry.

3. Chris Washburn

While Ja Morant had issues with his behavior, Chris Washburn was no different. He made one of the worst possible life choices NBA Players could make—succumbing to drugs.

Washburn only spent three years in the league, being drafted in 1986. But after failing three drug tests at the age of 24, the NBA decided it was time to let him go.

Fortunately for him, he managed to turn his life around. He has been clean for ten years now and has a wings restaurant, which he uses to help less fortunate people.

4. Jason Caffey

Jason Caffey possibly made the worst life choice an NBA player could make—bankrupt himself because he could not “afford” to use protection.

Caffey could have been a poster boy for the 90s Chicago Bulls, but his $29 million went poof because he had ten kids to support, not to mention he had them with eight different women who expected child support.

When he stopped playing and had no other means to support the children, Caffey’s women sued him for back payments.

He then filed for bankruptcy in 2007 after incurring debts of $1.9 million while only having $1.15 million in assets.

Going back to Morant’s issue, his career with the NBA is in jeopardy. He must turn his life around. There is already a growing list of NBA players who made the worst life choices, and he could be next.

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