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2023 NBA Slam Dunk: Mac McClung, Others Did Not Disappoint

1332 views February 20, 2023
by TJ

The 2023 NBA Slam Dunk featuring Mac McClung and other young dunkers was not, per se, the first choice of fans and sports analysts. However, they delivered a fantastic performance last Sunday, February 19, stunning the whole world.

McClung, 24, was hailed as the Slam Dunk champion, scoring 50 points in all three rounds. He became the first slam dunk champ of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The former G-league player awed fans and players alike. His attempts were “out-of-this-world,” particularly his first dunk. McClung dunked on two people and tapped the backboard before ending it with an electrifying reverse slam.

For his second dunk, NBA described him as “crazy.” McClung went for a 360 before ending it with another reverse dunk.

McClung’s third dunk could be as well put into the dunk history books. From the baseline, the 76ers player whipped out an outrageous slam that sent the commentators, judges, OKBET players, and all in attendance screaming with delight.

While McClung stole the show, participants like Kenyon Martin Jr.(Houston Rockets), Trey Murphy III (New Orleans Pelicans), and Jericho Sims (New York Knicks) also showed why they deserve to be contestants of the said All-Star Weekend category.

Mac McClung, Others Delivered

OKBET Mac McClung NBA 2023 Slam Dunk Champion

Days before the Slam Dunk contest, many fans, including many sports analysts, disagreed with the organization’s choice of contestants.

In an article by USAToday, they even made a list of who deserved to make an appearance in the competition. Shaedon Sharpe (Portland Trailblazers), Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies), Anthony Edwards (Minnesota Timberwolves), and LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) were the picks.

Although the favorites were not in said competition, Mac McClung and others did not disappoint.

In his first dunk, Murphy III accumulated a 46.6 after a 360 dunk courtesy of a “steal” from teammate Jose Alvarado.

On the other hand, Sims showcased his jumping ability in the first round. The Knicks center dunked the ball and his hands (both of them!) to get a score of 47.6.

Martin Jr. saved his first dunk by doing a reverse dunk from the baseline. He took a score of 46.

In his second attempt, Martin Jr made a reverse, between-the-knees dunk to get 47.2. The Rockets small forward even got help from his legendary father, Kenyon Martin.

Murphy wowed the attendees in the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City by going for a cockback, reverse jam to give himself 49.4 points.

McClung, who recently signed a two-way contract with the 76ers, also became the first player to be a dunk champion and the second player besides Spud Webb to be at least 6’2” or shorter. He also achieved it while just playing two games, becoming the first titleholder with the least games.

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