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124 Arrested for Illegal Gambling

1122 views February 10, 2023
by TJ

The Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested 124 individuals in Central Luzon for illegal gambling during their operations from January 29 to February 4.

Apart from illegal gamblers, the authority also apprehended 171 individuals for illegal drugs and 169 with arrest warrants. Meanwhile, there were 16 caught for illegal possession of firearms, and 14 for robbery, for a total of 494 suspects.

According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA), of those 169 nabbed, at least 27 had been wanted for murder, rape, and frustrated murder.

“The continuous arrest of persons sought by law only goes to show that police are doing their best to account all wanted persons to rid the society of fugitive and lawless elements,” Police Regional Office-Central Luzon (PRO-3) chief Brig. Gen. Cesar Pasiwen said in a statement.

The police are also looking to put criminals and suspects in jail with the help of civilians.

Authorities also acquired PHP2.45 million worth of illegal drugs thanks to their week-long operations. Thirty-three loose firearms were recovered, surrendered, or confiscated, with 43 weapons kept for safekeeping.

“As we continue our campaign against all forms of lawlessness, we appeal to the public to continue supporting us in order for us to win this fight,” Pasiwen said.

Since last year, PNP has apprehended 10, 096 illegal gambling personalities. Of the 10K individuals, 6, 350 were players, 2, 901 were bettors, 375 were collectors, and 71 were operators. The authorities also caught 20 maintainers, four checkers, six financiers, and 367 ushers.

The total cash bet confiscated by the police reached P3.18 million, while 2,219 violations of Presidential Decree 1602 were charged to the arrested individuals.

So how not to get arrested for illegal gambling?

Just simple. ADHERE to the laws. Many local gambling sites, particularly on the Internet, are not licensed by PAGCOR. Though these betting platforms have “awesome” promotions, they are not authorized to operate. Thus, players have a chance of getting arrested for illegal gambling. 

By patronizing these unlicensed, scheming gambling operators, bettors and players violate P.D. No. 1602 or the Philippine Gambling Law.

As penalty, the Philippine government will punish violators by imprisoning them for 30 days up to 90 days. They will also be fined no more than P6,000.

With this in mind, trust only operators accredited by PAGCOR. Unlike illegal gambling operators, local betting sites like OKBET will give you a worry-free gambling experience for sports betting and online casinos.

OKBET 124 arrested for illegal gambling

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