When it comes to sports betting, certain sports are considered more beginner-friendly due to their simplicity, widespread popularity, and ease of understanding. As a newbie, it is best to collect knowledge first by starting with popular sports that offer straightforward betting options and are easy to understand.

Without any more delays, here are five sports that are beginner-friendly.

1. Football

Football betting, although it is very popular across the globe, and has a wide following, is actually a straightforward sport to bet on. All beginners need to do is do their homework before taking their money to the best online casino.

In doing research, those new to the betting game but familiar with the sport can quickly make deductive analyses on players and teams that might give them the highest possible payout.

It is also worth noting that football offers straightforward betting options. Some of the most popular types are the outcome of the match, the total number of goals scored, or specific events within the game, such as the first goal scorer or the number of corners.

You will also not have a hard time looking for games to place your stakes. Football has games all the time, not to mention domestic leagues and international tournaments taking place around the world.

All players are celebrities. Football matches receive heavy media coverage and tons of information on the internet. Hence, novices can make informed decisions when placing bets.

#2: Basketball

Although not at the top of the rankings, basketball is one of the beginner-friendly sports because it is famous worldwide. Moreover, it is a game where its fundamentals and rules can easily be understood. Hence, betting becomes easier.

Because of its high-scoring nature, paired with a plethora of betting markets, such as outright, over/under, handicap, and more, it is very easy to create a winning strategy. Hence, placing your bets strategically is like “a piece of cake.”

Let us not forget that basketball matches are available throughout the year. This means that the more games played, the more opportunities to place your bets.

3. Tennis

This sport is for novice bettors. However, it can be played by beginners if they read the best guides available online.

But the allure of tennis betting that attracts millions of bettors is its market dynamism that goes well with its simplicity. In other words, odds change whenever a player or a team makes a point. It also fluctuates whenever there is a break (winning someone’s serve).

Additionally, tennis is not an expensive sport to bet on. This gives beginners, and all bettors, in general, the ability to place stakes in multiple matches without burning a hole in their wallets.

OKBet Beginner-friendly sports to bet on

4. Baseball

Unlike basketball which has a fast pace and high-scoring matches, baseball is a prolonged sporting event. This is a good thing, especially for beginners, because they can easily follow the game and learn.

It is also a hotspot for handicappers due to its high-profit rate and trackable statistics. In addition, its simple betting options like match results, point spreads, and run totals are easy to learn.

5. Horse Racing

Horse racing is among the beginner-friendly sports to bet on for several reasons.

First, it offers a simplicity of betting options that are easy to understand. Basic bets like win, place, and show allow newcomers to get started without the complexity of more advanced betting strategies. 

Second, horse racing provides an exciting and thrilling experience. Watching the horses race at high speeds and witnessing close finishes creates a sense of anticipation and adds to the overall enjoyment of betting on the sport.

Additionally, horse racing offers a variety of betting opportunities beyond the basic wagers. Exotic bets such as exactas, trifectas, and superfectas allow beginners to explore different strategies and potentially earn higher payouts. 

Moreover, horse racing provides easy access to information and statistics. Bettors can access past performance data, jockey and trainer statistics, track conditions, and other relevant information to make more informed betting decisions.

In conclusion, when it comes to sports betting, it’s helpful for beginners to start with sports that are considered more beginner-friendly. 

That being said, a friendly reminder is that betting should not be considered a livelihood. Instead, it is a form of entertainment to generate relaxation and happiness.

As a newbie, do not chase your losses. It will only lead to depression and the development of problem gambling.

You should only bet what you are capable of losing. If you do not have enough resources to place any stakes, do not force yourself and risk your hard-earned cash.

READ: Frozen OKBet Account? Here’s Why!

Having an OKBet frozen account is a drag and frustrating, especially if you do not know the reasons why it got suspended in the first place.

But while it is a hassle, OKBet is a licensed online gambling platform, conforming to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s (PAGCOR) rules. It means that the suspensions of the accounts are related to the regulating body and not due to the gaming website being a scam.

So if you ever put yourself into a situation where you can not play and enjoy our services, there are three possible reasons: unverified account, consecutive withdrawal attempts, and turnover requirements. We will discuss it in depth with this article and teach you how to unfreeze your account.

Don’t have time? Watch this short video!

Reason #1: Unverified Account

OKBet requires each and every one of its players to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. It is a procedure that segregates potential players from those that are prohibited.

The KYC, established by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), is a requirement of PAGCOR. In this time and era, money launderers and cyber criminals have been prevalent. Thus, it is used to verify the players’ identities and prevent any fraud and terrorism attempts.

Furthermore, the process is used to create a “risk profile” for each player or client. KYC agents continuously monitor the customers’ transactions for signs of illegal activity.

Since OKBet is under PAGCOR, it is imperative that the platform thoroughly probes the backgrounds of any players before allowing them full access to the gaming site.

Apart from any attempts to conduct a crime, the KYC is also used to check if a player is a “restricted player” or not.

In the Philippines, several types of players are not allowed to access gambling sites. These are:

  • Government officials
  • Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • Those under 21 years old
  • Part of the self-exclusion program
  • Those directly or indirectly involved in gambling operations

If a player is still unverified, there is a 100 percent chance that their OKBet account will be temporarily frozen.

To prevent having your account disabled, you must prove your identity first. You must be someone other than the abovementioned personalities to pass the KYC.

In instances where KYC was rejected, there are other reasons besides being a restricted player.

If you are not a government official or a member of the State forces, then these are the reasons why you failed your verification:

  • Requirement is incomplete – Undergoing KYC without submitting required documents like a valid ID first.
  • Blurred ID – If the information written on your submitted ID needs to be clarified, the KYC agent will have to reject the application. Ensure that information like your photo, full name, address, and date of birth are readable.

OKBet Frozen Account Reasons

Reason #2: Multiple Consecutive Withdrawal Attempts

Reason number two is interrelated with the first reason. However, it can also be experienced by verified players.

Cybercriminals try to take advantage of digital platforms such as OKBet. Hence, trying to withdraw in succession would raise the suspicion of our risk agents.

But if you are unverified and attempt to withdraw multiple times, it even raises the alert bar. It can be considered fraudulent activity, or it could be an attempt to launder money.

With these things considered, the first course of action is to freeze the player’s account.

If you are a verified player, let your first withdrawal attempt be successful before attempting another transaction. But if you are unverified, any attempt to transfer your funds or winning would be rejected. To prevent further delays, verify your identity first with one of our KYC agents.

Reason #3: Failure to Meet Turnover Requirements

While the first two reasons are related to PAGCOR’s program to stop any illegal activity from accessing gaming platforms, the company’s turnover policy is the third and final reason for an OKBet account to be frozen.

“Turnover” is the term used for the wagered amount. In simpler terms, it is the money that a player deposited.

It does not include additional charges before the deposit, meaning only the amount deposited will be part of the turnover.

If players have a fully verified account, they must turn over their deposited funds before attempting to withdraw any amount. That being said, OKBet would only allow its players to cash out once they have gambled the amount equal to their deposit.

Failure to meet the requirement would result in a failed withdrawal attempt. It then could lead to multiple failed withdrawals, resulting in a frozen account.

To avoid getting your OKBet account frozen, meet the turnover requirement first, which is your deposited amount, before trying to withdraw.

If you pass the KYC and avoid making the mistakes mentioned in this article, there is no other reason for your account to be frozen. However, there may be instances where you may face technical difficulties. If you encounter any other issues not related to the ones we mentioned, you may contact our OKBet Customer Services to have them addressed.

READ: Casino Myths Worth Busting

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly card game, then Chinese Poker is for you. 

This game is a variation of poker that originated in China. Although its origins were, as per Deadline News, shrouded in mystery, it has been well-loved by gambling aficionados.

History of Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker, more popularly known as “Pusoy” or “Russian Poker,” is a 52-card game developed in China. Its precise origin up to this point remains unclear, and there are different theories about its creation.

Theory 1: 

Since ancient times, Chinese poker has been played, particularly when Western poker was added to Pai Gow, a form of dominoes that began prior to or during the Song Dynasty.

Theory 2

Another theory is that the poker variant was invented as a combination of the Western poker game and Pai Gow during the 19th century.

Its popularity rose when it debuted in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 1995, although in 1997, it was dropped by the organization for some reason.

But after its introduction in the United States, it even reached international fame. The Russians and Finnish gamblers were interested in Chinese poker, adapting and modifying the game.

Up to this day, the game is still one of the most well-loved types of poker across the globe, especially with it being different from your typical poker games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha.

Learning the Rules of Chinese Poker

OKBet Chinese Poker

The rules of playing Chinese Poker are similar to that of the standard poker. The only difference, however, is the scoring and how it is calculated.

Now, the game has many versions, and the rules vary. But the most popular is the Open-Face Chinese Poker.

Its rules are:

  1. Players: 2 to 4 players.
  2. Deck: Standard 52-card deck.
  3. Objective: Create three hands (front, middle, and back) stronger than your opponents’ corresponding hands.
  4. Deal: Players are dealt a specific number of cards face down.
  5. Hand Formation: Arrange the cards into front (3 cards), middle (5 cards), and back (5 cards) hands.
  6. Hand Strength: Backhand must be stronger than the middle hand, and the middle hand must be stronger than the front hand.
  7. Hand Evaluation: Reveal hands and compare them to opponents’ hands for scoring.
  8. Scoring: Points are awarded based on hand strength. Winning a hand against an opponent gives one point, and scooping all three hands gives a bonus point.
  9. Fouling: Failing to adhere to hand strength requirements results in an automatic loss of all three hands.
  10. Settling Up: Players settle scores at the end based on their points.

How Chinese Poker is Scored

In Chinese Poker, scoring is based on the strength of each player’s hands relative to their opponents’ corresponding hands. The most commonly used scoring system is based on a point system.

So after players have arranged their hands (front, middle, and back), they will start comparing each other’s hands, and the point allocation will begin.

For the points to be awarded, the winning hand will be scored like this:

  • Front hand wins: 1 pt
  • Middle hand wins: 1 pt
  • Back hand wins: 1 pt
  • Wins all three hands: additional 1 pt

If a player commits a foul (not sorting his hand properly or having an illegal amount of cards in a specific hand), his opponent will automatically be given a scoop.

Players will now tally their points at the end of the game or after the predetermined number of hands has been dealt. Whoever has the highest point wins.

In the case where money is involved, payment will be based on the point difference.

Chinese Poker Goes Online

Because of the popularity Chinese Poker has garnered over the years, it learned to adapt to the changes, particularly regarding gamblers’ preferences. The game also went digital with the advent of online gambling and betting platforms.

Meaning fans of Chinese poker can play it online. For added accessibility, mobile developers also developed apps for the game.

Various online casino platforms offer the game’s original and different variations, like the Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFC) and Pineapple Open-Face Chinese Poker (POFC). 

Some online casinos host tournaments for the game as well. By opening competitions, players can compete and test their skills for prizes.

In conclusion, Chinese Poker’s blend of skill, strategy, and the absence of betting makes it an intriguing choice for both casual and competitive players. 

With its rich history, evolving variants, and online accessibility, Chinese Poker continues to captivate card game enthusiasts globally. Whether playing for fun or in a more competitive setting, it provides a unique and engaging experience to those seeking a different card game challenge.

READ: Understanding EU Odds in Basketball Betting

Since time immemorial, some casino myths have been far from the truth. From a pair of dice found lying around in an Egyptian tomb to an ancient Chinese card game, there is no doubt that reality will be mixed with a bit of fiction.

Although gambling has come a long way, thanks to the advent of online casinos and modern technology, whimsical theories still exist even up to this day. Most of these casino myths revolve around the allegation that gambling establishments will always be rigged.

However, such accusations are only hitting the air and are made “true” by overly imaginative gamblers.

It is part of that “whimsical theory” because games now have a random number generator or RNG. This software is heavily regulated to keep the spirit of fairness and debunks the claim that gamblers will never prosper in casinos.

Such belief is part of the many superstitions that surround casinos. This article will debunk some of them.

Are Casino Games Rigged? Not Entirely True

We have mentioned earlier that most of the myths that involve casinos are the claim that operators rig the games. This is partly true.

However, people have let their imagination run amok. Gambling establishments are not charitable institutions, handing out money to those that visit them.

Casinos are businesses. Businesses needed to make a profit. So to keep running the casino, the operator needs to earn, which could be done through the gamblers’ losses and the “house edge.”

According to Know Your Odds, the house edge is the mathematical advantage commonly used in the gambling scene, particularly by the casino. It is usually in percentage form, determining how much of your bet will be lost.

In other words, the wins gamblers take and the continued operation of the casino, house edge, had something to do with it.

Also, there are thousands, if not millions, of gamblers. Therefore, you are one of many players, meaning the casino will profit with or without you.

Hence, the belief that casino games are rigged is not entirely true. You are not set up to lose every time.

However, gambling is a form of entertainment, not a source of livelihood. So quoting Tabcorp spokesman Michael Piggo:

“It’s important that people don’t think that they can win because you can’t win in gambling. You can win for a little while but can’t win in the long run.”

OKBet Casino Myths Worth Busting

Can Card Counting Get You Arrested? NO

Many believe that committing card counting in casinos is a criminal offense. However, this is just one of the many casino myths that have been exaggerated.

Card counting is a technique used in card games like Blackjack to give you an edge over your opponents. Like its name, the player who uses this “life hack” would track the number of high and low cards left in the dealer’s deck.

If done without the aid of any card-counting device or software, card counting is legal since no laws prohibit anyone from doing it. However, it is frowned upon by the casino itself.

If caught by casino staff, you will be asked to leave and, worse, get banned. But other than that, you will not spend a night in jail.

Are Casino Floors Filled with Oxygen? NO!

A common myth in casinos is that the establishment’s floors are filled with oxygen to keep players awake. However, this is not true.

There is no truth to this allegation, and it sounds absurd. One of the reasons players feel more energized when gambling is because of the adrenaline rush, not because of the oxygen “pumping” from the floors.

Also, it is worth noting that no science backs up the claim. The Guardian even stressed that breathing oxygen will never make its subjects “intoxicated, euphoric, or energetic.”

Can Slots in a Busy Casino Have More Winnings? No, No, No!

A mind-boggling casino myth is that the busier a casino is, the winning chances in slot machines are off the charts.

Remember that at the start of this article, we mentioned RNGs? Well, this is one reason why we briefly discussed the software.

But other than that, there is no connection about slots having a much higher winning percentage whenever the casino is busy.

The only sound explanation for this is if you are playing in slots with progressive jackpots. Based on its name, the longer the game is played, the higher the jackpot becomes.

Besides this, we cannot think of another explanation for how the state of the casino influences the slots.

Online Casinos Will Never Pay? *Facepalm*

The people that claim online casinos will never pay out may have been scammed by rogue gambling sites.

This last of the five casino myths is definitely worth debunking. Online casinos have tons of promotions, including welcome bonuses.

However, if a person does not understand the terms and conditions to claim the welcome bonus, they will call the site a “scam.”

The only time an online site will feel risky is when it does not receive any license from licensing authorities like the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

If an online gambling platform has a license, there is a guarantee that it is regulated and will give you your winnings. 

It is also important to know that legal online casinos require strict verification processes. Thus, if you fail the procedure, the welcome bonus will also be voided.


Casino myths will always be based on beliefs or personal experiences. They will not be called myths if they are backed by science or other proof to support claims. 

But since we have debunked these myths, they are no longer speculations. 

Just remember that in gambling, one factor that would help you win is luck and your skill. So develop your gambling skills and let Lady Luck play her part.

READ: Understanding EU Odds in Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports globally, and in the Philippines, the most popular type of odds is the European (EU).

It is the most commonly used betting type. Unfortunately, many bettors get confused with the system.

Fret not, for OkBet will be teaching you the knicks and knacks of EU odds to help you with your basketball betting journey. Read along to learn more.

Understanding EU Odds

EU odds, also known as decimal or continental odds, are commonly used in Europe. It is considered a more straightforward format compared to American or fractional odds. 

This type of odds represents the potential return on a winning bet, including the initial stake. It is presented as decimal numbers, typically ranging from 1.01 to several digits, depending on the probability of the outcome.

The Favorite and the Underdog

In sports, the opposing teams are labeled as either a favorite or an underdog. 

The team with the lower odds is the favorite. They are usually represented with below 2.00 odds.

On the other hand, the team that receives odds of higher than 2.00 is the underdog. The higher the odds, the lower the probability that the result would come out based on the sportsbook’s assessment.

OKBet Understanding EU Odds in Basketball Betting

Let’s Calculate!

To calculate potential winnings with EU odds, multiply your stake by the decimal odds. The result represents the total return, which includes both the initial stake and the profit.

For instance, by betting P1,000 on a basketball team with odds of 2.50, the potential winnings will be P2,500.

Such an amount was determined by following the formula: bet x odds. In this case, where you bet P1,000 at 2.50 odds, the result will be P2,500.

It is also worth noting that odds fluctuate because of factors such as:

  • Team news
  • Betting volume
  • Market sentiment

If you noticed that the odds change, it decreased, it is an indication that many players wagered on that particular result. It also means that there is an increase in the probability of the outcome.

Otherwise, a decreased probability is a result of an increased odds. It also indicates that bettors have lost interest in the match.

Implied Probability

Another good thing about EU odds is that it can be converted into implied probability.

Implied probability is the conversion of decimal odds, such as EU, into percentages. It is a helpful way to learn the viable win of a bet.

To convert EU odds to percentages, follow this formula:

1/odds = decimal

Decimal x 100 = percentage

Here is an example: 

Odds = 2.50

1/2.50 = 0.40

0.40 x 100 = 40%

Hence, the implied probability is 40%. Therefore, in  2.50 attempts, there is a 40% chance that the bet would win.

Advantages of EU Odds

Since EU odds follow the decimal format, sports bettors will have:

Easy understanding of the odds

This is perfect, especially if you are a beginner and trying out sports betting for the first time. It is easier on the eyes, unlike fractional odds which may even require calculations or conversions.

Comparison is Easier

The simplicity of EU odds adds to its allure because it is easy to compare with other bookmakers’ offered markets. 

Additionally, since EU odds represent the total return, the stake, and the profit, bettors can easily compare the potential winnings offered by various bookmakers.

Through easy comparison, bettors can easily pick the best bookmaker with the most competitive odds.


Since EU odds are convertible into percentages, bettors who know the formula can easily calculate how much is their winning odds. This in turn is very helpful in making personal analyses and predictions of a game.


EU odds are flexible when it comes to bet sizing. The potential returns are directly linked to the stake. Hence, bettors can easily adjust their bet amounts in accordance with their risk tolerance and strategy.

Manageable Risk and Return

EU odds provide a clear picture of the potential return on a bet. Lower odds offer a higher chance of winning but yield lower profits. 

On the other hand, higher odds imply a lower probability but offer a higher potential return. It’s crucial to find the right balance based on your risk tolerance and the perceived value of the bet.


Understanding EU odds is a fundamental aspect of basketball sports betting. These odds provide a transparent representation of potential winnings and allow for easy comparison across different sportsbooks. 

By mastering EU odds, you can make informed decisions, assess value, and increase your chances of long-term profitability in basketball betting. Remember to combine your understanding of odds with comprehensive research, analysis, and proper bankroll management to enhance your overall betting strategy. Make sure to bet on legal websites that follow government gambling regulations to avoid any legal infractions.

READ: The Origins of Keno: From Ancient China to Online Sensation

Keno, a popular lottery-style game, has a rich origins story that traces back to ancient China. Throughout centuries, it has evolved and adapted, ultimately becoming a sensation in the online gambling world.

Let us look at its timeline and how it evolved into one of the most well-loved games in the world.

War Gave Birth to Keno

Keno originated in ancient China during the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.  – 220 A.D.), believed to be created by ruler Cheung Leung as a means to fund the city’s defense. Initially called “baige piao” or “white pigeon ticket,” the game gained popularity for its entertainment value and potential prizes.

Players selected characters or numbers, which were drawn using various methods. Also, its enduring appeal and reach were the results of Keno’s origins in ancient China.

OKBet Origins of Keno

Beyond China’s Borders

As Chinese immigrants made their way to the United States during the 19th century, they introduced the game of keno to the Western world. Initially, Keno was played within Chinese communities. Eventually, its allure soon extended beyond cultural boundaries.

To appeal to a broader audience, keno underwent adaptations to suit Western preferences. The use of Chinese characters was gradually replaced with numbers. This, in turn, made it more accessible to non-Chinese players. This transition allowed easier comprehension of the game’s mechanics and facilitated integration into the Western gambling scene.

Conquering Land-Based Casinos

As keno gained popularity, it found its place alongside other traditional casino games in land-based establishments. For example, gambling houses in Reno, Nevada, featured the game in 1933.

Since then, players have been captivated by its simple gameplay. The thrill of anticipating the drawn numbers and potential payouts also brought that same effect. In addition, the development of electronic keno machines further revolutionized the game, making it even more convenient and enticing for players.

Adapting to the New Norm

As the digital age transformed the gambling landscape, with its rich origins and timeless appeal, keno made a seamless transition into the online world. The advent of online casinos opened up new opportunities for keno enthusiasts to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes whenever desired.

The online platform provided a perfect environment for Keno to thrive. Thanks to advancements in technology, online keno now boasts:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Stunning animations
  • Immersive sound effects

With these new features, its online version was able to replicate the excitement of playing in a land-based casino. In addition, the game’s visual presentation has been elevated. As a result, it created a more engaging and immersive experience for players.

The transition of keno to the online platform has also brought about the integration of advanced algorithms and random number generators (RNGs) to ensure fair gameplay. These technologies ensure that the outcome of each draw is arbitrary; the results are unbiased, providing players with a fair and transparent gaming environment.


Keno has come a long way, from its origins in ancient China to online popularity. Its simplicity, immense win potential, and convenience have made it a favorite for players worldwide. 

Whether at a land-based casino or online, keno’s fascinating journey and transition into the digital age make it an exciting game of chance. So, next time you play, appreciate its rich history and remarkable evolution.

READ: 41K Nabbed as PNP Intensifies Anti-Illegal Gambling Campaign

Since the start of 2023, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has arrested about 41,000 individuals operating illegal gambling operations across the Philippines, according to the Philippine News Agency last Tuesday.

Most of the arrested have been involved in online gaming, said PNP chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr in a radio interview.

“May mga nahuli pagdating sa actual (operations). Pero gaya nang nasabi ko, when it comes to actual, lalo yung mga pure na online, mahirap pagkonektahin. Kasi hinahanap ng korte yung bet. Yun ang problema natin kung minsan. Those are the hindrances na na-encounter ng kapulisan pagdating sa actual (There were some arrested during actual operations. But like I’ve said, when it comes to actual, particularly if done purely online, it was difficult to connect it since the court looks for the bet. That is sometimes the problem. Those are the hindrances the police have encountered when it comes to actual operations).”

Meanwhile, the Senate has recently opened on the possible tax increase of the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs). This prompted POGOs to resort to shady businesses. So far, cases of human trafficking, exploitation, coercion, and other crimes, are rampant. Hence, the government is now discussing whether to impose a total POGO ban.

OKBet 41K Nabbed by PNP for Illegal Gambling

E-Sabong operators are also under scrutiny as the industry was tainted with corruption. From being one of the huge sources of revenue in the Philippines, the gaming segment was ordered to cease all operations.

Illegal Gambling Arrests Result of PNP-PCSO Collaboration

The PNP and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) have joined forces in tracking and shutting down illegal gambling activities through their initiative “one strike and no take policy.”

In a previous statement by Acorda, the policy means that no negligence or inaction of police personnel will be allowed. They will also be scrutinized under the doctrine of command responsibility.

Said doctrine states, “Any government official or supervisor, or officer of the Philippine National Police or that of any other law enforcement agency shall be held accountable for “Neglect of Duty” under the doctrine of “command responsibility” if he has knowledge that a crime or offense shall be committed, is being committed, or has been committed by his subordinates, or by others within his area of responsibility and, despite such knowledge, he did not take preventive or corrective action either before, during, or immediately after its commission.”

Besides, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporations (PAGCOR) have been faring well in tracking and cracking on unlicensed casino operators. It’s a result of the Senate reprimanding the agency for incompetence.

Currently, it has become part of the Clark Security Advisory Council (CSAC). The CSAC is a new organizational body tasked with combatting human trafficking in the Philippines.

READ: Nikola Jokic, Denver, Close Out Series as Finals Champs!

Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets are about to pop that bottle of champagne in the locker room!

After a quick NBA Finals series, the Nuggets towered over Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, beating them in Game 5, 94-89. We all know who led them to victory: Jokic.

The Joker put up an extraordinary, mind-blowing performance throughout the postseason. He became an absolute triple-double machine, recording ten in their entire run!

The two-time KIA MVP ended their championship campaign with an average of 30.2 points, 14 rebounds, 7.2 assists, and 1.4 steals.

In Game 5, Jokic stole the show by putting up 28 points, 16 boards, four dimes, and one block. Butler and his squad did not stand a chance even if they fought valiantly and took Game 2 to prevent a sweep.

In the last game, fans saw a possible Game 6 as Denver had a sluggish start. Bam Adebayo had an excellent first half, posting 18 points and nine rebounds. They had to make a historic come-from-behind to mark the beginning of the dynasty they were about to make.

Leads kept changing by the fourth quarter as two minutes remained on the clock. But Jokic and Bruce Brown helped the Nuggets regain the lead.

When Butler, who had 21 points, committed a crucial bad pass that forced the Heat to commit a foul, it sealed the deal. Eighteen seconds remained in the clock, and Jimmy had to force a hail mary which he missed.

And with that—after 47 years in the NBA—the Nuggets finally took home their very first franchise title.

OKBet Denver is the NBA 2023 Champs

Nikola Jokic Grabs Finals MVP… and Makes History

Nikola Jokic may not have the KIA MVP award, but he has the Michael Jordan trophy, which makes it better than Joel Embiid’s.

Jokic was the clear NBA Finals Most Valuable Player as he went to destroy the teams that opposed his Nuggets, even sweeping the much-experienced LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Joker was an absolute beast this postseason. He shot at an incredibly efficient rate of 58.3 percent from the field, 42.1 percent from deep, and 83.8 percent from the charity. Thanks to his leadership, his team only lost four postseason games in this dominant run.

What’s even more impressive is that he shattered Wilt Chamberlain’s triple-double record in a single playoff run, posting ten triple-doubles!

Two of those were during the matchup against the Heat, opening Game 1 with a 27-14-10 points-assists-rebounds tally. He followed it up in Game 3 with an even bigger stat sheet: 32 points, 21 rebounds, and ten assists to become the first player to make such a feat.

Though he could not become the triple-double machine in Games 2, 4, and 5, he could contribute in scoring, posting 41, 53, and 28.

And at age 28, the Joker still has a lot of fuel in the tank. There is still a possibility that he can give the Nuggets two or three rings before he retires.

A Good Fight by the Heat

Although the Heat could not make a comeback, it is important to remember that they had nine undrafted players going up against the Nuggets, not to mention they were the eighth seed coming from the play-in tournament!

Thirteen other teams had a higher chance of advancing to the Finals. However, Miami surprised everyone by rising to the very top.

The heavily-favored Milwaukee Bucks, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, bowed down to this eight-seeded team. Boston Celtics, the number two in the East, had to force Game 7 just to be defeated.

And out of all the teams that faced the Nuggets, the Heat managed to stain Denver’s home game win streak.

If the Heat lands a star next season, they will be more formidable and scarier than ever. But for now, they just have to accept defeat.

READ: When in South: Best Casinos to Visit in Korea

Are you planning a trip to South Korea and looking for the best casinos to visit for a quick break from playing on online gambling platforms

Well, the country offers a vibrant and exciting gambling scene that attracts tourists from around the world. From modern resorts to traditional gambling halls, the country boasts a range of top-notch casinos where you can enjoy thrilling games and luxurious amenities. 

In this guide, we will explore some of the best casinos to visit when in South Korea, highlighting their unique features, popular games, and the overall casino experience they offer.

First Stop: Jeju Shinhwa World Casino

OKBet Best Casinos in South Korea Shinwa World

Are you looking for a casino with a Las Vegas vibe all over it? Then look no further than the Shinhwa World Casino, which is located on Jeju Island!

The casino is South Korea’s largest multi-purpose resort, complete with a hotel, casino, theme park, convention center, and more.

Construction of this world-class establishment began in 2015 and was completed in 2018. It has rooms that boast modern amenities such as a wine cellar, washing machines, a centralized home automation system, and more.

When it comes to gambling and entertainment, none can beat the Landing Casino, the largest casino on Jeju Island. The gambling house offers electronic table games, slot machines, blackjack, and other popular games.

If you want to play poker, the casino also has a dedicated poker area called “Poker Club.” It features eight poker tables that host Texas Hold’em and poker tournaments.

Second Stop: Paradise Casino Walkerhill

OKBet Best Casinos in South Korea Paradise Casino Walkerhill

Another great casino to visit when in South Korea is the Paradise Casino Walkerhill in Seoul. Visitors who had the privilege to check its environment all have rated the establishment five stars.

The casino has a very welcoming ambiance, with plenty of space to roam around. Of course, gamblers would get lost in its 257 games available, but no matter. Multiple LCD monitors can guide lost players to their chosen tables and games.

Furthermore, the Paradise Casino is open 24 hours, and its entrance is free!

Third Stop: MegaLuck Casino

OKBet Best Casinos in South Korea Megaluck Casino

We will go back to Jeju Island once again. This time, however, gamblers will have a great and “full” experience when gambling!

Ramada Plaza, a sea-facing restaurant, adjoins the MegaLuck Casino. So if you ever get hungry winning from games like baccarat, roulette, and poker, you can always head to the restaurant and eat some seafood.

Fourth Stop: Casino Paradise

OKBet Best Casinos in South Korea Casino Paradise

This casino is located in Busan, near the most popular tourist destination in the city – Haeundae Beach. 

The Casino Paradise has a range of games (148, to be exact). From table games to slot machines, gamblers would enjoy the place after a stroll on the beach.

Also, it has the best seafood in all of Korea!

Last Stop: Regency Casino

OKBet Best Casinos in South Korea Regency Casino

Jeju really has become a hotspot for gamblers, tourists or not, in South Korea. The Hyatt Regency Casino is yet another luxury staycation hotel that offers 49 games in its in-house casino.

Warning: it might be hard to focus, especially if you are distracted by the beauty of South Korea’s tallest mountain, Mt. Hallasan, which can be viewed inside the halls of Hyatt Regency Casino.

These are just some of the exceptional casinos found in South Korea. So, if you love gambling, visit these casinos and attest that what we wrote here in this article is true!

READ: How to Make Cribbage a Betting Game

The game of Cribbage is not your ideal card game to wager on. But, like any other game, it can be modified in different ways for you to earn money from it.

Before we discuss it, let us first learn:

What is Cribbage?

Cribbage is a card game believed to have been invented in England during the 17th century. It is usually played by two players, with a maximum of four per game.

According to Bicycle Cards, the game was an evolution of the English game called “Noddy.” An English poet and gambler invented it, Sir John Suckling, who developed cribbage scoring and the application of a unique scoring board.

Like most card games, it uses a 52-card deck, with the King being ranked the highest. The players’ objective is to score 121 points (others,61), with point accumulation depending on their card combinations.

Rules of the Game

To begin the game, each player will be dealt with six cards. After the initial deal, each player selects two cards to keep as their hand.

With four cards unselected, the players will now place their unpicked cards face-down in another pile called “crib,” which belongs to the dealer.

OKBet Cribbage a betting game

A non-dealer will then cut the deck in half, revealing the “starter card,” which is placed face-up on the table. This starter card will determine the game’s scoring system based on player card combinations.

After that, the non-dealer starts the game b playing a card face-up on the table. The dealer follows suit.

Players will then take turns showing one card at a time. However, the total value of the cards played must not exceed 31.

A player could say “Go” if his card exceeded the 31-point threshold. This gives his opponents to continue playing additional cards until they can no longer do so.

The combinations of the players will determine scoring. These include pairs, runs, and hitting 15 points or 31.

If all players can no longer continue, they will begin counting and tallying the points in their hands and the crib. Points are awarded for combinations that include the starter card. The non-dealer depends on their hand first, followed by the dealer.

Players can also score for pairs, runs, flushes, and a combination of cards that add up to 15. Once a player reaches the agreed-upon point total, he is declared the winner.

Turning Cribbage into a Betting Game

As we have said, games, whether it be betting or casual, can be turned into a gambler’s choice if someone agrees to play with stakes. To turn cribbage into a betting game, Card Game King shared two ways: penny per point, or dollar per game, double for skunk.

Penny Per Point

In the “penny per point” betting system, a specific monetary value is assigned to the point difference between the winner and loser in a game of cribbage. 

For instance, players may agree that each point is worth five cents. So, for example, if you reach a score of 121 while your opponent is at 91, resulting in a 30-point difference, your opponent would owe you $1.50.

This approach allows for easy gambling in cribbage. In addition, it offers the flexibility to adjust the value of points based on the players involved. 

For example, when playing with children, points can be worth a penny to introduce them to gambling. 

On the other hand, when playing with high-stakes players, points can be worth a dollar or more. Additionally, since winnings are calculated after each game, there’s no need to play multiple matches.

Dollar Per Game, Double for Skunk

You and your playing partner can agree on a fixed dollar value for each game. For example, you may wager ten pesos (or any other chosen amount) per game. That way, you can add a competitive nature to the gameplay.

To make things more exciting, you can introduce additional rules. For instance, if you manage to defeat your opponent by a wide margin, known as “skunking” them, you could double your winnings.

In the rare event of a “double skunk,” where you win by an even larger margin, you may triple your winnings. This adds an extra level of intensity and potential reward to the game.

Furthermore, you can incorporate a “penny per point” rule to consider the victory and the point difference. This means that the amount you win or lose is determined by the number of points you accumulated. 

It also brings an element of strategy to the game as players strive to win by as many points as possible.

In conclusion, although cribbage is not a game that involves money in any way, it can still be modified into a betting game. By implementing these variations, you can elevate the excitement and competitiveness of your cribbage games while offering opportunities for greater rewards based on performance.

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