Comparing Labouchere and Reverse Labouchere Betting Systems

OkBet labouchere and reverse labouchere comparisonBetting systems like the Labouchere and Reverse Labouchere offer various options and techniques, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, especially when applied to online slots. While these systems share similarities, they also have notable differences worth exploring.

The Labouchere System

Also known as the cancellation system, the Labouchere System employs negative progression and is commonly utilized in games like roulette, baccarat, and craps. Named after Henry Labouchere, a British politician and avid gambler, this system aims to create a sequence of numbers representing the desired session profit.

To construct the sequence, you start by writing down numbers that sum up your target profit. For instance, if you aim to win P100, your sequence could be: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18. To place bets, you add the first and last numbers of the sequence, making your initial bet P20 (2+18). Winning bets remove those numbers while losing bets add the lost amount to the end of the sequence for the next wager.

The Labouchere system is designed as a relatively conservative strategy, allowing consistent small wins over time. However, it demands discipline and patience to adhere to the sequence and avoid impulsive larger bets when winning.

The Reverse Labouchere System

It is also known as the anti-Labouchere system. The method is a positive progression betting strategy that essentially opposes the original one. Instead of aiming for a fixed profit, this system focuses on recovering losses.

To employ the Reverse Labouchere system, you start by listing a sequence of numbers representing your total losses. For instance, if you lost P100 in the previous session, your sequence might be: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18. You place bets by adding the initial and final numbers, making your first bet P20 (2+18). Winning bets remove those numbers while losing bets add the lost amount to the end of the sequence for the subsequent wager.

The Reverse Labouchere system is a more aggressive strategy, allowing for quicker loss recovery. However, it carries a higher risk as it entails betting more money to recoup losses.

OkBet labouchere and reverse labouchere comparison

Key Differences

Goal: The Labouchere system aims to win a fixed amount, while its counterpart focuses on recovering losses.

Progression: Labouchere is a negative progression system, increasing bets after losses. On the other hand, the Reverse Labouchere is a positive progression system, increasing bets after wins.

Risk: The Reverse Labouchere system carries more risk, betting more money to recover losses, while the Labouchere system is a more conservative strategy.

Discipline: Both systems require discipline, but the Labouchere system’s fixed sequence of numbers may be more challenging to follow, while the Reverse Labouchere system allows more flexibility.

Betting Style: Labouchere is favored by conservative bettors seeking incremental wins, while Reverse Labouchere appeals to aggressive bettors willing to take bigger risks.

Adaptability: The Labouchere system can be adapted for various games, while the Reverse Labouchere system is commonly used in roulette.

Complexity: The Labouchere system is considered more complex due to the creation of a fixed sequence, while the Reverse Labouchere system is relatively straightforward.


In summary, the Labouchere and Reverse Labouchere systems are popular betting strategies applicable to various casino games. They differ in goals, progression, risk, discipline, betting style, adaptability, and complexity. The choice between them depends on personal playing style, preferences, and the specific game being played. There is no definitive “better” system, as it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and goals.

For conservative bettors who prefer gradual and consistent wins over time, the Labouchere system is a suitable choice. It allows for controlled losses and offers the potential to accumulate small profits steadily. However, it requires discipline to stick to the predetermined sequence of numbers and avoid impulsive betting.

On the other hand, the Reverse Labouchere system is more suitable for aggressive bettors seeking to recover losses quickly. With its positive progression approach, it allows for larger bets after each win, potentially leading to faster recovery. However, this system carries higher risk, as it involves wagering more money to recoup losses.

It is essential to remember that no system or technique can guarantee consistent winnings in gambling. Responsible gambling should always be a top priority. It’s crucial to set limits, manage bankrolls wisely, and approach gambling as a form of entertainment rather than a guaranteed source of income.

In conclusion, the Labouchere and Reverse Labouchere systems offer different approaches to betting in online casinos. Understanding their principles, advantages, and limitations can help you make an informed decision based on your playing style, risk tolerance, and goals.

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Online casino gambling can offer a mix of enjoyment, excitement, and stress if lacking mastery. However, if you have a good understanding of the games or know which ones have favorable odds, you can maximize your chances of winning money. 

Managing your bankroll wisely and making it last is crucial for ensuring long-term profitability as a casino player. If you’re seeking guidance, this comprehensive casino gambling cheat sheet is a must-read as we discuss the do’s and don’ts that can turn every gambler into a winner.

To begin with, it’s important to know which games provide decent to good odds. Four casino games offer competitive odds, meaning that if you bet P100, your average loss will only amount to P10. While these odds may not be exceptional, relying on them can help you stretch your bankroll and make your limited budget last longer.

It’s worth noting that no technique, method, or system can guarantee a 100% win rate in gambling. However, with proper planning, you can minimize your losses.

9/6 Version Jacks or Better

One game that stands out is Jacks or Better Video Poker (9/6 version). It is a casino game played on a machine similar to a slot machine, where the objective is to create the best possible five-card poker hand from the dealt cards. The game follows the rules of traditional five-card draw poker, and the hand rankings are the same.

In Jacks or Better, players are dealt five cards and have the option to hold or discard any of them. After discarding, replacement cards are provided, and the final hand’s value is determined based on poker hand rankings. Payouts vary depending on the specific game and the amount wagered.

While there are various video poker variations, online casino OkBet offers the best version, Jacks or Better, that would test the player’s mastery of the game. This popular variation adheres to the standard rules of five-card draw poker, with the minimum qualifying hand being a pair of Jacks or higher. If you’re dealt a hand with a pair of Tens or lower, you won’t win any money. However, if you have a pair of Jacks or higher, the game’s paytable will determine your payout.

Jacks or Better, like other video poker variations, allows players to make strategic decisions about which cards to hold or discard to improve their chances of forming a winning hand. The game also offers different payout rates for various hands, with the highest payouts typically reserved for rare hands such as a royal flush.


Why is it a good choice? Jacks or Better video poker pays in full when you hit a full house, with a payout of 9-to-1, while a flush pays 6-to-1. To maximize your odds, play the 9/6 version, which has a return-to-player (RTP) of around 99.54% when played optimally. The remaining 0.46% represents the house edge.

To further enhance your odds, it’s recommended to always play the maximum number of coins, even if that means finding nickel or quarter machines. Additionally, avoid keeping a kicker (a high card along with a pair) and discard a small pair (10s or lower) when you have four cards to a flush or three cards to a royal flush.

OkBet Online Casino Mastery


Another popular online casino game that requires mastery is Blackjack, a card game played between a player and a dealer. The objective is to have a hand value closer to 21 than the dealer’s without exceeding 21.


Without a proper strategy, the odds favor the dealer, with a 48% chance for the player to win and the remaining percentage representing the probability of a tie. However, implementing techniques such as basic strategy and intuition can quickly shift the odds in favor of the player. This involves making decisions on when to hit, stand, double down, or split based on the circumstances.

Card counting is a well-known technique in Blackjack, where a player keeps track of the cards that have been played to estimate the likelihood of certain cards appearing in future hands. Although not illegal and requires mastery, card counting is generally frowned upon in a casino, even online. It can result in a player being asked to leave the table or even banned from the casino.

The reason behind this is that card counting gives players an unfair advantage over the house, which is the casino’s primary source of revenue. By keeping track of the cards, players can gain valuable information about the remaining deck and adjust their betting and playing decisions accordingly. This can significantly increase their chances of winning in the long run.

However, it’s important to note that card counting requires a high level of skill and practice to be effective. It is not a guaranteed method for winning every hand but rather a strategy that improves the player’s overall odds. Casinos employ various measures to counter card counting, such as using multiple decks, shuffling the cards more frequently, or implementing automatic shufflers.


Craps is played with dice on a large table featuring various betting options. 


To increase your chances of winning in Craps, it’s crucial to avoid bets with a high house edge. Instead, focus on the following bets:

Pass Line (Full Odds)

  • Come Bet (Full Odds)
  • Don’t Pass Bet (Full Odds)
  • Don’t Come Bet (Full Odds)

By sticking to these bets, you reduce the advantage of the house and improve your potential returns. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the odds and house edge of each bet before placing any wagers.

Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat is a game with a relatively low house edge, making it an enjoyable choice for many players. 


The best bet in Baccarat is typically the banker bet, as it has a lower house edge. However, keep in mind that the casino usually charges a commission (around 5%) on winning banker bets, slightly increasing the effective house edge. Betting on either the banker or the player is a recommended strategy.

In conclusion, knowing which games offer favorable odds and employing the right strategies can significantly improve your chances of winning in online casino gambling. Whether it’s playing Jacks or Better Video Poker, utilizing basic strategy in Blackjack, making smart bets in Craps, or choosing the right bets in Baccarat, understanding the games and implementing the recommended tips and strategies will enhance your overall gambling experience and potentially increase your winnings.

Remember, while these strategies can improve your odds, there is no guaranteed method for winning every round or beating the house consistently. Gambling always involves an element of luck, and it’s essential to gamble responsibly within your means.

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Casinos have always been a part of history, offering a unique and thrilling entertainment experience that has captivated people for centuries. But where did it all begin before the popularization of online casino slots and other digital casino games? In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating history of casinos, from their ancient roots to their modern-day evolution.

First Gambling Event

Ancient China witnessed the earliest documented instances of gambling, with traces dating back to approximately 2300 BC. During this period, a game called “tiles” gained popularity, where individuals engaged in a game of chance by drawing tiles from a pile and placing bets on the results. 

The game swiftly proliferated across the nation. However, it wasn’t until the 10th century AD that China saw the emergence of its first officially sanctioned government-operated gambling establishments.

Gambling with Greeks and Romans

Gambling held notable importance within the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations as well. The Greeks engaged in a dice game known as “Kubos,” which entailed rolling dice to determine outcomes. Similarly, the Romans took pleasure in games of chance, including “Tabula,” a predecessor to the modern backgammon game.

As the history of casinos progressed, gambling underwent further transformations. In Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, games such as roulette and blackjack gained popularity, contributing to the evolving landscape of gambling.

Venice, The First to Open the Modern-Day Casino

During the early 17th century, the first modern casino emerged in Venice, Italy, under the name “Il Ridotto,” which translates to “The Private Room.” This establishment served as a luxurious and exclusive club where affluent individuals could indulge in gambling while enjoying privacy. The concept of such casinos swiftly spread throughout Europe.

In the United States, the appearance of casinos took place later, primarily during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with prominent locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City serving as hubs for gambling establishments.

Presently, casinos have evolved into a thriving industry, generating billions of dollars in revenue and attracting millions of visitors annually. These establishments offer a diverse array of games, including traditional table games, state-of-the-art slot machines, and electronic gaming options. In recent years, the popularity of online casinos has soared, providing players with the convenience of gambling from the comfort of their own homes.

OkBet History of Casinos

Final Thoughts

Despite the many controversies and criticisms surrounding the gambling industry, casinos remain a significant part of history and today’s culture. Throughout their journey from ancient origins to the present, casinos have undergone remarkable transformations that have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

As casinos proliferated and became more accessible, they faced escalating scrutiny and regulation from both governmental bodies and anti-gambling factions. Many regions still either prohibit or tightly control gambling, while others recognize it as a thriving and legitimate industry.

Notwithstanding these challenges, the historical significance of casinos demonstrates their influential role in shaping modern culture. They have played a pivotal part in fostering the growth of entertainment, tourism, and economic development in numerous countries. Today, casinos remain popular destinations for individuals seeking thrills, amusement, and an unforgettable experience.

Final, Final Afterthought

The casino industry has undergone a significant transformation, leading to a shift in the perception of gambling itself. Once regarded as a vice, gambling is now widely accepted as a form of entertainment, and casinos have adapted to this change by offering a diverse range of amenities beyond traditional gambling activities.

Modern-day casinos have transformed into luxurious resorts, providing guests with opulent accommodations, exceptional dining experiences, and a wide array of entertainment options such as concerts and shows. This evolution has been influenced by the growth of technology, particularly the rise of online gambling, which has emerged as a major player in recent years.

Platforms like OkBet offer convenient and accessible online casino experiences, enabling individuals to play from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, the advent of mobile gambling has allowed players to enjoy their favorite games on smartphones and tablets.

Looking toward the future, the casino industry is poised for further growth and innovation. The development of virtual reality technology opens up exciting possibilities, envisioning a future where players can immerse themselves in a fully interactive casino experience from the comfort of their own homes. The potential for advancement is boundless, demonstrating that the history of casinos is far from reaching its conclusion.

As new technologies and evolving cultural attitudes continue to shape the industry, the future of casinos remains uncertain. However, one thing remains evident: the rich history of casinos has left a lasting impact on our world and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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4 NBA Players who Made the Worst Life Choices

Ja Morant’s gun-related issue is a new list to the already long one of NBA players making the worst life choices.

Twenty-three-year-old Morant is recently going through a rift—a dangerous one, in fact—that he himself has created. For the second time around, the Memphis Grizzlies superstar has been caught showing off a gun while streaming live on Instagram.

But while he was given a light sentence during the first offense, getting caught twice is different. In just three months, Morant managed to worry NBA fans and his fans even more

He is losing endorsements already, with the first to pull out being Nike scratching his Ja 1s off their website. Additionally, Powerade canceled any Morant-related ad campaigns and is not making any future advertisements with the player’s involvement in any sort.

Morant’s team also cut him off from any team activities, and it appears that his career as an NBA star is quickly crumbling. Even NBA 2K sidelined him as the league’s investigation continues.

And if he continues to do so, he will be following these NBA players who had some of the worst life choices ever made.

1. Latrell Sprewell

One of the biggest hotheads of the NBA, Latrell Sprewell, was also a hothead when it came to his finances.

In 1997, Sprewell made one of the worst life choices NBA players should make—attacking their coach twice. As a result, his $24 million contract was voided, and luckily for him, he got it back.

But instead of changing his ways even before leaving his team, the now-retired player managed to amp his already poor choices by opting out of a $30 million offer. His reason was it was “too small” because he had a “family to feed.”

And that was the only good offer he received. Sprewell then only played one more year, and once he was out of the league, his problems worsened.

The athlete racked up legal fees, including when he was sued for $200 million. He kept striking out, losing his yacht and all his mansions after failing to pay $3 million in taxes.

In the end, although he had a $100 million fortune, he went down to a net worth of $50,000. Sprewell is also living in a rental property.

2. Eddy Curry

Not related to Stephen Curry in any way, especially with how this Curry made the biggest, worst life choices NBA players would ever make—spending money as if it’s water.

He earned $70 million during his nine years in the NBA, but as per Bleacher Report, Eddy has been drowning in debt even while being an active NBA player.

Some of his problems came from being sued by his driver for $5 million and alleged sexual harassment. However, he was all to blame.

Eddy never paid what he owed. He had a $2 million debt and wanted to avoid paying them. He also defaulted on a $585,000 loan.

His life went into shambles because he did not know how to handle his finances. Apparently, his “household expenses” have reached $1.3 million per month, not to mention the hundreds of thousands he spent on jewelry.

3. Chris Washburn

While Ja Morant had issues with his behavior, Chris Washburn was no different. He made one of the worst possible life choices NBA Players could make—succumbing to drugs.

Washburn only spent three years in the league, being drafted in 1986. But after failing three drug tests at the age of 24, the NBA decided it was time to let him go.

Fortunately for him, he managed to turn his life around. He has been clean for ten years now and has a wings restaurant, which he uses to help less fortunate people.

4. Jason Caffey

Jason Caffey possibly made the worst life choice an NBA player could make—bankrupt himself because he could not “afford” to use protection.

Caffey could have been a poster boy for the 90s Chicago Bulls, but his $29 million went poof because he had ten kids to support, not to mention he had them with eight different women who expected child support.

When he stopped playing and had no other means to support the children, Caffey’s women sued him for back payments.

He then filed for bankruptcy in 2007 after incurring debts of $1.9 million while only having $1.15 million in assets.

Going back to Morant’s issue, his career with the NBA is in jeopardy. He must turn his life around. There is already a growing list of NBA players who made the worst life choices, and he could be next.

OkBet 4 NBA Players with the worst life choices

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For the first time, the Denver Nuggets will go to the NBA Finals after sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in a tight Game 4, 111-113.

Established in 1967, the Nuggets only reached the playoffs 29 times. Five of those have them going to the Western Conference Finals. But it all changed today, May 23, when they finally defeated the Lakers to advance to the NBA Finals.

Nikola Jokic, who many argued to be this season’s MVP, posted 30 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists, three blocks, and one steal to fuel the Nuggets past the Lakers. Not only that, but he also broke Wilt Chamberlain’s triple-double record after he notched his eighth triple-double in the playoffs.

In a post-interview with ESPN, the Joker said that the secret to their win was that “they never give up.”

“We don’t give up,” Jokic said. “I’ve been saying this for five years — when we were bad or when we were good — we don’t give up. And that’s what happened today.

“They jumped on us the first half. They were better, more aggressive, scoring easily, and didn’t miss, basically. But in the second half, we turned the page, and everybody stepped up. It was a collective effort. It’s not just one guy.”

With the Lakers eliminated, the Nuggets await the result between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat matchup.  The Celtics are also possibly going to be swept by the Heat as they were also down 3-0.

Not Damaged Goods

Jamal Murray, who described himself as “damaged goods,” was also a massive part of the win after getting some encouraging words from Nuggets coach Mike Malone during Game 3.

Apparently, Murray received word that they were about to trade him because of his injuries. But Malone assured him they would never do that and told him, “You’re ours.”

After posting 30 points in Game 3, Murray went on to add 25 more in Game 4 to help Jokic beat the Lakers by a thread. Aaron Gordon, Michael Porter Jr., and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were also in double figures.

LeBron Commends Nuggets

Lakers superstar LeBron James showed incredible respect to the team that swept them, especially after defeating the Memphis Grizzlies and the ‘21-’22 NBA champions the Golden State Warriors. The 38-year-old 19x NBA All-Star admitted the Nuggets were the best team he has ever faced as a Laker.

“They have scoring. They have shooting. They have play-making. They have smarts. They have length. They have depth,” James said in the press conference.

“And one thing about their team, when you have a guy like Jokic, who as big as he is but also as cerebral as he is, you can’t really make many mistakes versus a guy like that.”

In Game 1, Denver Nuggets bested the Lakers, 132-126, with Jokic going for a triple-double performance with 34 points, 21 rebounds, and 14 assists. Fans saw a similar result in Game 2, as the Joker yet again went for 23-17-12—another triple-double.

The only game Jokic failed to record double digits in scoring, rebounding, and assists was in Game 3 where he only had 24 points, six rebounds, and eight assists.

OkBet Denver is the WCF Champions

Is This James’ Final Year?

Following the sweep by the Denver Nuggets, LeBron told the press that he had a lot to think about with his career, and many reporters figure out that he may not play for his 21st season.

As per Bleach Report, the Lakers star considers hanging up his jersey this season.

“I got a lot to think about… Just personally, with me moving forward with the game of basketball, I got a lot to think about,” he said.

If this will be LeBron’s final year, he will be going out as a four-time NBA champion, four-time Finals MVP, 1st all-time in scoring, and 1st all-time playoff scoring leader.

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Online sports betting will be very fun, especially with promotions like the basketball weekly lose rebate from OkBet. With the 2022-23 NBA Playoffs, it is time to take advantage of this offer!

But first…

What is a Rebate Exactly?

A rebate is a form of discount or refund given to a customer after they have purchased a product or service. It is typically provided by the manufacturer or seller as an incentive to encourage sales or promote loyalty.

In the context of an online casino, a rebate typically refers to a form of cashback or refund provided to players based on their gambling activity. It is a promotional offer that aims to reward and incentivize players to continue playing at the casino.

Online casinos may offer rebates as a percentage of the player’s net losses over a specified period. For example, if a player incurs losses during a week of playing, the casino may provide them with a rebate of a certain percentage of those losses. The rebate amount can vary depending on the specific promotion and the terms set by the online casino.

Rebates in online casinos are often credited as bonus funds or casino credits rather than being paid out directly as cash. These funds are subject to certain wagering requirements, which means that players must fulfill certain conditions, such as wagering the bonus amount a specified number of times before they can withdraw any winnings associated with the rebate.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you now have to understand what is OkBet’s Basketball Weekly Lose Rebate.

OkBet Basketball Weekly Lose Rebate

OkBet Basketball Weekly Lose Rebate

Losing will never be this much fun, especially if bettors can get some form of reward even if their chosen team lost.  

The  Basketball Weekly Lose Rebate promo is a form of cashback offered by online sportsbooks or betting platforms such as OkBet that targets basketball wagers. Since it is a type of refund, it mitigates any potential losses.

Although losing bets will never be recovered entirely, they can recover 5% of their total stake every week. A winning strategy as well as to maximize the deals and promotions offered by the online casino operator.

The rebate is a great way to get something in return even if the bets lost.

To enjoy the  Basketball Weekly Lose Rebate, players must first be verified users of the platform, either website or mobile.

A minimum loss of P3000 wager is the requirement to avail said promo. It means that losing bettors will have P150 cashback upon losing which will be sent immediately to their OkBet e-wallet.

To claim the cashback, a player must withdraw a minimum of P1000. For the full mechanics of the promotion, click here.

Why are Rebates Important?

Rebates can play an important role in betting for several reasons:

  1. Mitigating losses: Rebates provide a form of insurance against losses. Offering a percentage of the bettor’s losses back as a rebate softens the blow of an unsuccessful betting session. This can help bettors manage their bankroll more effectively and reduce the impact of losing streaks.
  2. Incentivizing loyalty: Rebates can be used as a tool to incentivize customer loyalty. By offering rebates, sportsbooks and betting platforms aim to encourage bettors to continue placing bets with them rather than switching to other operators. It creates a sense of value for the bettor and can contribute to a longer-term relationship between the bettor and the platform.
  3. Promoting betting activity: Rebates can serve as a promotional tool to stimulate increased betting activity. By offering rebates on specific sports, events, or bet types, sportsbooks can attract bettors and encourage them to wager more frequently. This can lead to increased engagement and potentially higher overall betting volumes.
  4. Enhancing the betting experience: Rebates can make the betting experience more enjoyable for bettors. Knowing that a portion of their losses will be returned as a rebate can provide a sense of reassurance and make the overall betting process more appealing. It adds an additional layer of value and can contribute to a positive perception of the betting platform.

It’s important to note that rebates should be viewed in the broader context of responsible gambling. While they can provide benefits, it’s crucial for bettors to exercise self-control, set limits, and gamble responsibly, regardless of any rebate offers.

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Life with OkBet gets easier, thanks to GCash’s GLife! 

Interested players of one of the leading online casino and sports betting platforms in the Philippines can now easily create their accounts and make transactions through the country’s leading e-wallet, GCash. With its GLife, it integrates different merchants and brands—more like a “mini app”—that users can easily access without going through a browser’s search bar or entering the desired platform’s link.

That being said, creating an account and accessing OkBet’s games has now a plethora of ways. GLife can now be used to create an OkBet account and use it to access the platform’s offered games.

Moreover, it can also be used to deposit and withdraw money, meaning your transactions with the platform becomes easier and much faster. It can also be a shortcut to enjoy the hundreds of games the platform offers.

Are you excited about this news? Do you want to know how? Then follow our step-by-step guide on how to sign up:

Creating an OkBet Account Using GLife

Step 1: Access Your GCash Account and Look for GLife

Interested players must first have verified accounts on GCash to unlock and access GLife. You can find the in-app feature in the middle part of the dashboard. 

To go to GLife, simply tap on its icon and you will be sent to where all of the e-wallet’s partnered brands and stores can be found.

Step 2: Hit that Play Button

To look for OkBet, simply scroll down to the “Browse by category” section and tap the “Play” icon.

You will then be sent to the inner Play page where an array of entertainment options await you. To head to OkBet’s Sign Up page, scroll down until the very last end until you find “OkBet”. Tap its icon.

Wait for it to load, and for the first time, users will be asked to permit GCash in sharing their information with OkBet. Hit “Agree” to proceed.

Step 3: Create an Account

Interested players will be asked to create a unique username and password. Make sure to read the Responsible Gaming policy of the platform before accepting the terms and conditions and hitting that “Sign Up” button.

A pop-up message will then appear confirming that the account creation was successful. To fully enjoy the games and services of OkBet, do not forget to have your identity verified by the online casino and sports betting’s Know Your Customer (KYC) team.

KYC is a mandate of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) that requires all licensed gambling platforms to personally identify the person trying to register. This is to avoid any attempts to launder money and prevent minors from accessing the site.

Once done and has been verified by the KYC team, the newly-registered player can start making deposits.

OkBet OkBet Goes GLife

Guide to Making Deposits and Withdrawals Using OkBet GLife

An initial amount of P1000 is required for all first-time OkBet players. After the first-ever deposit, all following deposits will be a minimum of P500.


While on the OkBet GLife page, there are two buttons. One is for deposit, and the other is for withdrawals.

To start playing, deposit an initial amount of P1000. The funds are sourced from your GCash account and will be deducted from your digital wallet.

After completing the process, the amount will immediately reflect on your OkBet account, which can be used to play the games available.

Friendly reminder: Make sure to have sufficient money before attempting to deposit any amount on OkBet.

If not yet verified by the KYC team, the newly-registered user will be redirected to the first KYC procedure which is to submit any valid identification card (I.D). 

To do this, simply choose the preferred ID type, enter its corresponding number, and upload its photo. Make sure that the picture is clear and personal information can be read easily.


To withdraw, simply tap on the Withdraw button, select GCash as the preferred withdrawal method, enter the desired amount to be withdrawn along with other necessary information, and hit “Confirm.”

Wait for the process to be completed, and once it is approved, the withdrawn amount will instantaneously reflect on the user’s GCash account.

And that is the complete guide to creating an OkBet account as well as depositing and making withdrawals on GLife!

Easy, right? Head now to GCash and start your OkBet journey safely and easy!

Batang Pier NorthPort sharpshooter Robert Bolick has officially jumped from local to international, signing with the Japanese basketball club Fukushima.

Bolick, 27, inked a two-year deal with the Firebonds, with the hopes of bringing more firepower to the team. The former San Beda star could be the solution to Fukushima qualifying for the playoffs.

His new team only had a 28-32 win-loss record last season, and with the addition of the explosive-playmaker guard, they may have a shot at getting past the regular season.

Bolick expressed his gratefulness to Fukushima via the team’s official Instagram account, writing, “I am very grateful and blessed to be a part of Fukushima Firebonds. I am very grateful and blessed to be a part of Fukushima Firebonds.”

He has been the face of NortPort for five years, but unfortunately, they could not keep up with the intensity of the playoffs. Bolick and his former team only reached the semifinals once. 

The 6’2 guard will be the newest offensive weapon of Fukushima, especially being an All-Star in the PBA. In his final season with NorthPort, Bolick put up 21.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 6.14 assists while shooting 43% from the field, and 31% from deep.

But he may not have had the license to do so, especially with his involvement in a viral ‘ligang-labas’.

OkBet Robert Bolick Japan Division 2

Robert Bolick Dodges Bullet

The former Batang Pier was also involved in a ligang labas that happened in Carmen, Cebu. Ten players have been slapped with fines and suspensions. They were also at risk of losing their professional licenses.

Bolick could have been among the players that would pay a total of P590K in fines. But luckily for him, his contract with NortPort expired last April 21.

The unsanctioned game went viral after his contract expired. He also opted out of a contract extension and thus was spared from any ramifications.

Meanwhile, his colleagues are not as fortunate as he was. 

Magnolia’s Jio Jalalon was given a P100K fine after committing the same infraction twice. He was also suspended without pay for 15 days.

The unluckiest player to have been involved in the unsanctioned games was JR Quiñahan. His penalty, apart from paying the fines, was the termination of his NLEX contract.

Bolick was drafted third overall in 2018 and had a splendid final season that included two 30-plus points and a career-high 44 points.

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Memphis young star Ja Morant repeated the mistake that got him suspended in the first place—flashing a gun.

On Sunday, May 14, 23-year-old Morant was seen with the friend who also got him suspended—Davonte Pack. The NBA star and Pack got sued by a teenager for assault, which stemmed from a pickup basketball game.

With issues like receiving an eight-day suspension and losing $669K, and possibly losing his endorsements, it was expected that Morant might have been enlightened.

Unfortunately, he did not.

His claim that he would “take” some time away from basketball and work on his attitude did age really well.  It was rumored that he took a counseling program in Florida to help him deal with his issues.

But after getting suspended on March 4 of 2023, he was back again on the court, helping the Grizzlies win games. It only took ten days for him to get “better.”

Because of this “hastiness,” he is now again in trouble. For the second time, Morant was caught with a gun while in a live Instagram video, all while listening to NBA YoungBoy’s latest album. 

His first gun-related issue may have been slightly dismissed and was given another chance for redemption. However, the ‘immaturity’ Ja Morant continues to have will not allow him to leave his situation unscathed.

Will Nike Hit Pause?

Giant athletic shoes and apparel company Nike previously stood by Ja Morant’s earlier infraction. But it seemed like their hopes that the young star would come to his senses are crushed.

His $35.5 million multi-year Nike shoe deal might be in jeopardy. As of this moment, Nike has yet to release a statement anew.

But according to Syracuse professor of sport management Rick Burton, it seemed the company is still figuring out its next move after this fresh gun incident.

“I’m sure the people at Nike are trying to figure [it] out,” he said. “‘Does this make him more relevant to a certain audience? And is this something we’re going to ride out?’”

OkBet Ja Morant suspended again

Also, it is known that Nike does not give up easily. But Morant’s other deal, Powerade, was quick to save themselves from embarrassment and may back out any time soon.

In his first offense, Powerade quickly pulled out their commercial with Morant. In his second offense, the company revealed that although they have a multi-year endorsement deal with the problematic NBA star, it has no “Ja-related content running.”

His team, the Grizzlies have already suspended Morant from all team activities “pending League review.”

What Awaits Ja Morant

Now that Ja Morant committed the same mistake twice, The Commercial Appeal recently had a sit down with beat writer Damichael Cole and sports columnist Mark Giannotto to talk about the consequences of Morant’s latest misstep.

According to Giannotto, since the gun-related issue of the NBA player is not a legal one, the league may reprimand him through his contract. The sports columnist stressed that Morant violated the ambiguous conduct included in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

If NBA commissioner Adam Silver listens to the clamor of the many, Morant may be slapped with a longer suspension. It could even be for an entire season—if Silver will be stern about the punishment of the stubborn Grizzlies star.

READ: Blockchain: The Future of Online Casino Industry

Blockchain has evolved from being just a mode to trade or be a keeper of values and has now become a payment method at online casinos.

Bitcoin, an application to mine and trade cryptocurrency, was even considered a bust during its early years due to how it will be part of an individual’s daily use. 

But in time, people have come to realize that cryptocurrency can work like actual money. So although the “coins” are virtual—meaning it has no physical form—they became valuable.

Useful in the sense that it is now used to buy food, pay for rent, and make day-to-day purchases. 

Which is why online casino operators concluded that if cryptocurrency can be used to make daily transactions, why not add it as a mode of cash in and withdrawal in online casinos?

But first…

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that applies cryptography, or the science of hiding or coding information that only the sender and the recipient can decode. It uses ciphertext, an encoded output that can only be understood by the receiver.

In simpler terms, cryptocurrency boasts secure communications that safeguard the anonymity of the user.

However, many mistakenly identify cryptocurrency as blockchain. But there is a difference.

Blockchain is a ledger that can store data and can record transactions.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are “virtual money,” which can be used for payments, investments, and storage of wealth. 

OkBet Blockchain is the future

Advantages of Blockchain

Since blockchain is a distributed database or ledger shared among computer networks and electronically stores information, it has an edge over traditional transactions in terms of fidelity and security of data.

A blockchain applies cryptographic hashes and links blocks of information together. The data-filled block cannot be altered or tampered with because it becomes an irreversible timeline of data.

If a hacker, per se, tries to hack a blockchain, the person will not only try to adjust one block but the entire chain of data.

Additionally, it uses a decentralized system, meaning there is no single point of failure. It also means a single user cannot change or manipulate the record of transactions.

Furthermore, it keeps activity anonymous, not to mention, fast. Hence, live online casinos and even the banking industry can benefit from using blockchain because it offers speed and privacy.

It also promotes fairness because only users who use cryptocurrencies in all their online gambling activity. It means that the actual players can personally check the result of the games they played for any randomness.

Although there are many benefits to using cryptocurrency in gambling, it also comes at a disadvantage.

Disadvantages of Blockchain

Immutability Challenges

While immutability is a desirable feature of blockchain, it can be a disadvantage in certain situations. If a transaction is recorded incorrectly or fraudulently, it becomes challenging to modify or delete that information, which can lead to issues in cases where errors need to be rectified.

Scalability Issues

Blockchain faces challenges when it comes to scalability, especially in public decentralized networks. As the number of transactions increases, the size of the blockchain grows, leading to slower transaction processing times and increased storage requirements.

Energy Consumption

Many blockchain networks, particularly those that use proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithms like Bitcoin, require significant computational power. The mining process demands a substantial amount of electricity, leading to environmental concerns and high energy consumption.

Limited Throughput

The design of blockchain imposes limitations on transaction throughput. The decentralized nature of the technology, where every node must validate and record each transaction, can result in slower transaction processing compared to traditional centralized systems.

Lack of Privacy of Public Blockchains

Blockchain is often considered a transparent and immutable ledger, which can be a disadvantage when it comes to privacy. While public blockchains do not reveal personally identifiable information, transaction details can still be visible, potentially compromising user privacy.

Governance Challenges

Blockchain networks often require consensus among participants to implement changes or upgrades. This can lead to governance challenges, as reaching a consensus among stakeholders can be a complex and time-consuming process, hindering the ability to adapt quickly.

Regulatory and Legal Uncertainty

The decentralized and borderless nature of blockchain technology can create regulatory and legal challenges. Different jurisdictions have varying stances on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain-based applications, leading to uncertainty and potential conflicts.

User Experience

Interacting with blockchain-based systems can be complex and challenging for non-technical users. Issues such as managing private keys, understanding transaction fees, and navigating decentralized applications (dApps) can present usability barriers.

In conclusion, although there is quite a risk in blockchains, there is a fact that cannot be ignored: online casinos need a feature that can give them an edge over their competitors. 

Through the use of cryptocurrency, online gambling operators can offer a more private and safe gambling experience. By pairing virtual money with their best-selling deals and promotions, online casinos like OkBet can even cater to a much wider audience safely and securely.

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