Poker has been popular in the Philippines, and international organizers know it, hosting some of the biggest tournaments the country has ever seen. We’ll be taking a closer look at how competitive it is for this blog post.

But first, let’s take a quick tour of how poker became a stapled casino game in the Philippines.

OKBET Philippines' Biggest Poker Tournaments

History of Poker in the Philippines

The beginning of poker’s popularity in the country was in 2006. The Metro Card Club, the first poker room in Manila, began operations near the city’s airport. It still stands to this day.

Because of how good the business was, other poker clubs began opening in the Philippines. For two consecutive years, Pinoys saw the good poker could bring.

PokerStars launched the very first Filipino Poker Tour, followed by an Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). The Asian Poker Tour extended its satellite events to the Philippines, marking the country as a global poker destination.

For years to come, the game’s popularity continued to rise, and in 2014, a media group dedicated to poker was established. Named Somuchpoker, its goal was to give professional poker players a voice.

Although there have been numerous petitions to ban poker and other gambling activities, Filipinos continue to support casino games, contributing billions in revenue to the government.

Today, daily tournaments have happened in the country, thanks to PokerStars.

Philippines’ Biggest Poker Tournaments

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let us take a look at the Philippines’ biggest poker tournaments.

Red Dragon Manila

OKBET Philippines' Biggest Poker Tournaments

We all know poker tournaments can get pretty intense regarding their prize pool. That is what Red Dragon Manila proved in 2020 when it organized a poker tournament with a major cash prize of P13.8 million!

The prize pool for that event was P64.2 million, and 669 players joined the contest. Florencio “Flo” Campomanes’ stars aligned that day as he won the 2020 Red Dragon Manila Poker tournament.

Not only did he win a huge chunk of the prize pool, but he also took the stunning Red Dragon trophy.

APPT Manila

OKBET Philippines' Biggest Poker Tournaments

APPT holds an annual poker tournament in the Philippines, and its prizes are pretty gigantic.

For the 2023 tournament schedule, APPT Manila’s prize pool reached P20 million!

Last year, James Mendoza cashed in a massive P6.2 million, followed by Malaysian Victor Chong (P5.69 million).

Manila Megastack

OKBET Philippines' Biggest Poker Tournaments


Manila Megastack is another poker tournament organized by PokerStars. In 2022, it had a P10 million prize pool. 

Bell Perez of the Philippines had the most wins and was awarded P10 million in the No Limit Hold’em category.

Okada Manila Millions

OKBET Philippines' Biggest Poker Tournaments

Yet another PokerStars event, the Okada Manila Millions, is a seven-day tournament that features 11 events. It has a P3.7 million prize pool and an affordable buy-in of only P3,500. 

Weekly Tournaments

Apart from the biggest poker tournaments in the Philippines, APPT Manila holds weekly events for both amateur and professional players. Winning these mini-series will qualify them for the bigger tournaments.

Grand winners of the weekly tournaments can take home a considerable portion of the P800,000-prize pool.

Poker has such a huge impact on Filipinos’ lives, which is why it is one of the most popular casino games in the country. Poker organizers see that, which is mainly why the Philippines have the biggest poker tournaments ever.

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OkBet’s Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride raffle is already underway, and so far, winners have already been announced!

There are still two draws remaining, and the prizes are becoming lucrative! So what are you waiting for? Join the craze and get a chance to own a brand-new Toyota Fortuner, a Honda CBR150R, or even an iPhone 14 Pro with 1 Terabyte of storage!

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March 25

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OkBet Super Jackpot Winners

February 25

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OkBet Super Jackpot Winners

Now that all winners from February until July have been determined, the OKBet Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride draw officially concludes. Thank you for all your support, and congratulations to all the winners!

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While looking for strategies to win at casinos and sports betting, you stumbled upon an “effective” method: the Fibonacci System. However, is it really effective?

But first, what is Fibonacci? According to Gambling Sites, it is a system that uses a negative progression in the betting system. Simply put, this method converts your losing wager to a “winnable” one by increasing the stakes.

The belief is that losing helps you win money by putting higher stakes on winning bets than the losing wagers.

Invented by Italian Leonardo Pisano, it is a sequence that starts with zero and then a one. The succeeding numbers are the sum of the previous two numbers.

Pros of Using Fibonacci

The system invented by Pisano is very popular among gamblers because of its simplicity. Moreso, those chasing losses apply this method to recover money while on a losing streak.

Other than that, it is believed to protect profits “effectively” once the bettor’s bankroll is ahead.

Cons of Fibonacci

Because it implies that to regain what is lost, one must wager a higher amount, the strategy is perceived as risky. Gambling Sites even argued that the system “does nothing to improve” a player’s winning percentage.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that no system is perfect. It has pros and cons that are needed to be considered.

To see if this method works, familiarize yourself with the system and its sequence, commonly known as the Fibonacci sequence, a popular group of numbers with many uses.

Using it as a Strategy

For this method to work, one must adhere to the following rules:

Starting with a Small Amount

It is critical for a player that will use the Fibonacci System to start at the smallest base amount before working their way up. It is because the wager can be larger than your principal money, and sometimes, it might exceed your bankroll.

Carefully Adjust

Although the rules are simple, you must follow the Fibonacci sequence that goes with your base amount. You may calculate it yourself or even use a software for better accuracy.

That being said, those who spend their time computing the chart can get much better success at the system than those who rush at it.

Adjustments are also critical in this method because they can affect your bankroll, which is not how responsible gamblers behave. While following the sequence depending on the bet results is crucial, note that there is nothing wrong with returning to your initial wager amount. Why? Because it is the best and most logical way to maintain profits.

The Sequence

Again, the Fibonacci Sequence is a set of numbers that are added to themselves. To get to the following number, add the last two numbers.

We have mentioned earlier that the sequence depends on the amount of your base bet. So, for example, your starting bet is P10, so the sequence will be:


Notice how your bet increases exponentially? Because in each loss, you have to bet more. That is why in using this method, you must be careful due to the consequence of five or more losses.

Is it Effective?

Some say it is an effective method, while others say it is not. But to test the method’s effectiveness, try it on sportsbooks like OKBET. Only you can attest if the Fibonacci works for you…or not.

Undefeated boxer Shakur Stevenson is looking to add a world title under his name as he goes up against Shuichiro Yoshino this coming April 8.

After acquiring the WBC and WBO world super featherweight belts, Stevenson, 25, will venture into the lightweight division. Unfortunately last year, he was stripped of his titles due to being one and a half pounds over the limit of 130.

Returning to the ring, he will face Japan’s pride, Shuichiro Yoshino, for the vacant WBC world lightweight crown.

OKBET Shakur Stevenson

Yoshino, 31, recently acquired the WBO Asia Pacific Lightweight belt from Masayoshi Nakatani via knockout.

Both fighters have yet to taste defeat, and their coming match is expected to be epic. Prediction from OKBET is slated in favor of Stevenson, having a 1.06 odds. Yoshino, on the other hand, is the underdog, having 7.50.

High Expectations at Shakur Stevenson

Many sports analysts believe Shakur Stevenson will win the fight against Shuichiro Yoshino. Despite being his first test at the 135lbs division, the talented boxer is expected to pass it with flying colors.

Although he only has a 47.37% knockout percentage, Stevenson is a master at controlling the range and rhythm of the fight. He uses his lead hand to bait opponents to lower their guard, resulting in good solid punches.

The southpaw boxer is also adept at using his reach (173 cm). An expert at long-range, Stevenson can keep his target thinking twice about taking the fight close range.

His footwork is also excellent. His steps are calculated, creating a seamless in and out of his opponent’s reach.

When it comes to counterpunching, Stevenson is also good at it. It was displayed in total during his fight against Oscar Valdez.

To add to his arsenal, the two-time world champion is good at playing mind games, causing frustration to his opponents. In boxing, a distracted boxer is always prone to making mistakes. In Stevenson’s case, he thrives on those mistakes.

Shuichiro Yoshino Bound to Lose… But

Shuichiro Yoshino is the clear underdog going into this April 8 match. According to Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba, one of the reasons is his preferred defense—the high guard.

Despite having a tight high defense, Shakur Stevenson can easily break down the high guard using his ruthless combinations.

Whether Yoshino’s defense is a liability, he is not one to be underestimated. The 31-year-old Japanese boxer stands at 5’9”—much taller than Stevenson.

They are also equal in reach, with Yoshino also having 173 cm. However, the only difference is that the Japanese is a much stronger puncher.

As a WBO Asia Pacific Light champion, Yoshino has 12 knockouts in his 16 bouts. His latest fight against Masayoshi Nakatani in Super Arena, Saitama, ended in a knockout.

Unlike Stevenson’s knockout efficacy of 47.37%, Yoshino’s has 75%. This puts the American fighter at a disadvantage.

His preference to fight at long range will be impossible since the Japanese boxer has the same reach as him. Yoshino is also good at infighting, meaning Stevenson must deal with him at close range.

An example is his fight with Nakatani, who kept his distance from Yoshino. He found success in the first two rounds. However, the current WBO light champion took the following rounds into close range.

Shuichiro Yoshino: Shakur Stevenson’s Greatest Test

Stevenson is moving up to the weight category. While his last two fights in the 130-lb division were nothing short but disappointing, Yoshino will surely put the American’s boxing skills to the test.

April 8 will most likely be an entertaining fight at the Prudential Center in Newark, United Kingdom. Expect that the odds will change at OKBET as match day inches closer.

Read: Darkest Times in Olympic History

If you think the Covid-19 pandemic was the worst that could happen in the world and Olympic history, you are wrong.

Ever since the Olympic Games opened in 1896, it witnessed some of the darkest moments in world history. Some of the events caused the cancellation of the games, but there were also times when the Olympics persevered.

For instance, the 1916 Olympics. The Germans should have hosted the games, even building a 30,000-seater stadium.

But in 1914, war broke out. Dubbed the ‘Great War,’ it put the whole world at a standstill—including the Olympics.

Germany, Belgium were Booted Off the Olympics

After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, all hell broke loose. World War I lasted for four years, and after peace reigned once again, Germany was not included in the participating nations for the 1920 Olympics.

Reason the Germans were excluded is that they were the ones that started World War I. Belgium was also not included in the Olympics.

Germany was also not part of the countries that participated in the 1924 Olympics after the French Olympic officials banned their athletes from playing the games.

OKBET Darkest times in Olympic History

Americans Petitioned to Cancel the 1936 Olympic Games

Germany hosting the 1936 Olympic Games received criticism since the country was under the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

A powerful leader, Hitler orchestrated the massacre of millions of European Jews, Romani, the intellectually impaired, political dissidents, and homosexuals.

Because of his multitude human rights violations, Americans opposed the Olympics being held in Germany. Groups of Jews and Catholics tried to plead that America boycotts the venue. However, then-U.S. Olympic Committee president Avery Brundage ignored the cry of the coalition and proceeded with the games.

Hitler intended to highlight the “strength” of his nation in the Olympics. However, African-American track and field athlete Jesse Owens proved that the superior race is the Americans as he took home four gold medals.

India’s field hockey also surprised everyone by crushing Germany 8-1 in the men’s final.

Two Olympic Games Cancelled Due to World War II

21 years after the first cancellation of the Olympic Games, World War II happened. Hence, a series of games experienced setbacks.

From 1939 until 1945, the world was in conflict. Led by Germany’s invasion of Poland, the 1940 Olympic games were halted.

The 1944 summer Olympics and the winter games were also canceled because of the ongoing world war.

The Olympics finally pushed through in 1948, but prohibited German and Japanese athletes from participating.

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) was established in 1894 and claimed to be an “apolitical” and “neutral” organization. However, claims from critics like History professor David Goldblatt stained the integrity of the organizational body.

Apparently, according to Goldblatt, the IOC had cases of continuing games despite outright human rights violations, just like the following:

Massacre in Mexico

Before the 1968 summer games in Mexico City started, its government staged a massacre.

State forces shot a mob of unarmed students and professors while protesting against police brutality and abuse of power. The Mexican government caused deaths of between 200 and 300 in the incident known as “Tlatelolco Massacre.”

Ironically, despite the games having a theme of “peace with icons of the dove of peace all over the city,” the opposite happened. IOC continued the Olympics shortly after hundreds died.

Even if there is chaos, as long as it is not at World War level, the games will ensue, just like this:

Acts of Terrorism Did Not Faze the IOC

Amid the death of 11 Israeli athletes in 1972 because of a Palestinian terrorist attack, the Munich Games, which was supposed to be participated by the departed participants, ensued after a two-day pause.

Another instance happened during the 1996 summer games in Atlanta, Georgia. An improvised explosive device (IED) was set off during a free concert in Centennial Olympic Park. Over a hundred were injured, and two perished.

The Olympic committee in Atlanta was quick to move on, as the president said, “The spirit of the Olympic movement mandates that we continue.”


Despite some of the darkest moments in world history, the Olympic Games have persevered. As the world faces the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that even during times of chaos and adversity, the Olympic spirit endures. 

The games have always been a symbol of unity and hope, bringing people from different nations and backgrounds together to celebrate the best of human achievement.

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If you have been playing craps for a long time, you’ll realize that you will need advanced tips to get a bigger payout and win.

Forget about the basic strategies you have read from other sites. Here at OKBET casino, we will teach you better tactics. From a beginner craps player, you will be an expert in no time!

Before we begin, here is a quick refresher for Craps:

As a newbie, we all know that to win the game in the most risk-free way is to play low. By low, we mean that players protect their bankroll. It is done by not passing and placing bets on the 6 and 8.

Beginners tend to prioritize following up on the 6 and 8 bets. 

We also have to put into consideration the plan we have devised based on our experience, bankroll, and risk.

That being said, advanced players know these tips to heart. But they know that it is still not enough of a game plan.

This is why there is still a need to come up with a better strategy.

OKBET Advanced tips to win at craps

According to Ask Gamblers, there are eight advanced strategies for advanced craps players. These are:

The Pass and Come

‘Come’ is a bet you can make after establishing the point. When you place your stake, it will be sent to the box number rolled next.

This method aims to have the wagered number travel a second time before a 7.

To better make use of this strategy is by placing ‘true odds’ on the bet. True odds is the probability of winning a particular bet.

The Hedge Bets

Now, this approach lets you use your imagination. Using this strategy allows you to bet on any possible combinations.

For instance, you bet P150 in pass and P50 on any craps. If the shooter makes a 7 or 11, you will win P150 while losing only P50.

However, it is important to know that some wagers need more than one roll to settle.

While hedge bets do not reduce the house edge, there is a point in doing this plan. Since hedge bets could work in several ways, your possibility of winning is also increased. At the same time, there are plenty of ways to lose, so use this strategy at your own risk.

The 3 Point Molly

3 point molly is making multiple big bets on stakes with a low house edge. This strategy aims to ‘potentially’ increase the payout odds.

To implement the 3 point molly, one must include the bet on a pass line. Place a come bet with max odds on the point before adding a bet onto a third number. 

By doing this, the player will keep playing until he throws a 7 or 11.

This is an aggressive strategy that could lead to lots of big losses. But, by incurring small wins, you can offset those losses.

To use this strategy, you must fully understand the game and have a big bankroll.

The Iron Cross

Also known as the Field Strategy, this method is perfect for players who want frequent wins. To put the Iron Cross plan into motion, you have to have a come-out roll and when the point was established. 

However, this strategy will hit any number except 7—the most frequent to be rolled.

The Lay Bet

If you are a beginner wanting to try advanced tips to win at craps, this method is not best suited for you.

That said, six lay bets are available: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. These numbers are converted to points if the shooter rolls them out on the come-out.

For example, if a shooter rolls a 7 before the lay bets, you lose. But if 7 is rolled after your number, then you win.

The Yo Bet

The yo bet strategy comes with a high risk-high reward. You aim to have the shooter roll an 11—the second most infrequent number to appear.

But if it does appear, you are in for some big payout.

The house pays this odd of 15:1, while the house edge has 11.11%. Although it is more likely you will lose, once you win, your stake will be 15 times bigger.

The Put Bet

A put bet is a pass-line bet you place without going through the come-out roll. You can only do this once the point has been established.

An example is when you have yet to pass a pass-line. When the shooter rolls a six, you use the put bet to allow you to bet on the pass line. Of course, you have to use the right betting odds so it will go in your favor.

To use this strategy, check first if the casino allows pass-line bets. Usually, the gambling venues that allow pass-lines have 100x or unlimited odds.

The Craps 4 10

Advanced players know that the four and ten can be bought for a 5% commission or “vig,” that is, if you win. If you buy the four or ten and win with either, you’ll win at 2:1.

If you are feeling confident, ditch the 6 and 8. Bet on 4 and 10 to see if it is really your lucky day.

Choosing the Best Strategy

As a player, you know that some strategies will work on others but may not work on you. Start with low bets to avoid losing a substantial amount of your bankroll while trying new techniques. Feel if the playstyle suits you or not. Once you have gained enough knowledge and experience, these advanced tips will help you to win more often in craps an in other games.

Just remember, in betting, if it is already beyond your financial capabilities, stop.

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Bingo is among the games that require luck but also need a strategy to win. After all, at least everyone has played recreational bingo at least once in their lives.

Usually, bingo is played along with other players in a bingo hall. But due to the pandemic, online bingo took over, and it is slowly becoming the top choice for bettors to play.

If you wonder if there is a winnable strategy in online bingo games, well, there is! This OKBET article will teach you tips that you can apply to every game.

Online Bingo Site that is Safe and Fair

The number one tip you should take into heart is to pick the right bingo site. There have been many platforms that claim they are the “best” bingo website. However, do not be fooled. Why? Because the best strategy is to choose the perfect venue to play bingo.

For you to pick the right bingo site, this checklist will help:

  • Licensed
  • Received awards
  • Have good chat moderators
  • Most advanced security technology
  • Protects clients’ funds
  • A reliable customer support team is always there to answer your every concern

Once you complete our checklist, ensure the bingo site is safe and secure.

It is imperative to make sure that the platform is licensed due to the internet being full of illegal offshore bingo websites. Any governing body does not regulate these websites. Thus, there is a massive chance that the game is rigged in favor of the house.

OKBET Win Bingo

Practice Makes Perfect

For you to win bingo games, practice is your best partner. Winners are not made without losing some matches first.

Try various bingo sites and compare how much their tickets cost. Look for platforms that offer tickets as low as P66.

There are times when bingo sites give out free tickets. These are handed out in ‘Newbie’ or ‘Welcome’ rooms, specifically designed for new players.

Eventually, you can hone your skills after joining various bingo sites. The more games you play, the better you will become at playing bingo. You will also discover which rooms and games will suit your playstyle.

Choose Peace and Quiet

The best strategy to win bingo games is to choose when to play. Pick quieter times because you will be against fewer opponents. Fewer players mean more chances of you hitting bingo.

The downside of few players is that quieter times usually have lower prizes. So in exchange for a better chance of winning, you will win less money.

Grab Cheap Tickets

One of the best strategies is to pick when you should be buying. Sometimes, bingo sites offer lower-priced tickets. When you stumble upon this offer, grab it immediately. That way, you will have more tickets.

Do Not Forget to Claim Welcome Bonuses

A proven strategy to win bingo games is to take advantage of bingo sites’ bonuses.

The platform, similar to online bookies or casinos, gives out bonuses to players: when they make their first deposit, recharge bonus, and more.

The only catch is that these promotions have specific requirements that must be met. Depending on the difficulty of the mechanics, the rewards will also differ.

But because of these offers, your playing time will be extended, giving you more chances of winning.

Apply Strategies

In playing bingo, there are two commonly-used strategies: Tippet and Granville. Both use statistical analysis and probability theories.


This technique uses the median number of 38 in a 75-ball bingo game. The more numbers are picked, the closer you get to 38.

To apply this method, start the games by having bingo tickets with numbers closer to 1 and 75. This will give you a chance to win 1 line or 2 lines, etc.

By the end of the games, your tickets should have numbers closer to the middle of 38.


This method is believed that specific numbers have a huge possibility to be called over time.

To apply this strategy, choose the bingo tickets with the corresponding numbers:

  • High and low numbers that is equal
  • Equal Even and odd numbers
  • Select numbers that end with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Stick to the Budget

The most important tip we can impart is to stick to your budget. The most effective way to be a responsible gambler is by being aware of your bankroll.

Chasing your losses would only lead you to financial ruin. It is best to stick to your budget and avoid overspending.

In the long term, winning players know how to control themselves. They would only play online bingo once a week or twice a month while sticking to their budget.

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NBA players are known to commit the dumbest injuries ever. The latest was Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant who was just warming up but ended up getting injured. He sustained it after he drove to the basket and attempted a layup. Durant slipped and twisted his ankle, rendering him out for at least two to three weeks.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Back when Aaron Gordon was still with the Orlando Magic, he underwent jaw surgery. The reason? He and his brother Drew was roughhousing.

Nobody knew how it happened, but it was definitely a dumb way to miss games.

However, the injuries sustained by Durant and Gordon were not, per se, the dumbest injuries suffered by NBA players. Here’s a look at the most face-palming instances that left these professionals bruised, cut, or wounded.

OKBET Dumbest NBA injuries

Too Much Video Games

Nba players love games. An example is Los Angeles Clippers star, Paul George. He was such an avid gamer that he and Nike produced a PlayStation-inspired signature sneaker.

However, too much gaming can lead to injury and, worse, end someone’s career.

Just like what happened to Lionel Simmons, a former Sacramento Kings guard. Back in the day, Simmons was an excellent player. He won player of the honors during the 1990-1991 season.

But after that season, he received numerous Did Not Play (DNPs), eventually lasting only seven seasons in the league. Why? Because he contracted wrist tendonitis for playing too much Game Boy.

The condition affects the wrists’ tendons connecting the muscles to the bones. One of its causes is the hand’s overuse.

With what happened to Simmons, we guess that gaming can be harmful, ain’t it?

Bear Hug

The next on this list is not caused by the player but by his teammate.

According to Bleacher Report, former Phoenix Suns Kevin Johnson got injured after hitting a game-winning three against Portland. It happened after an elated Charles Barkley bear-hugged him, making him miss several games.

Apple Knife

This is probably one of the most ridiculous ways to get injured.

Derrick Rose fell asleep while eating an apple in bed. There was nothing wrong with falling asleep with food on your bed. But in the case of Rose, he was using a sharp knife while cutting it.

So when he grabbed a bottle of water, he accidentally sliced his arm open. It was a nasty cut and required several stitches.

It Burns!

Charles Barkley has done stupid things in his life, but nothing beats the injury that sidelined him in the first game of the Phoenix Suns.

Barkley attended an Eric Clapton concert and accidentally rubbed body lotion into his eyes. The chemicals in the lotion irritated his eyes. Upon checking, it was revealed that he had burned a layer off his corneas.

A ‘Cold’ Way to Leave NBA

Who thought leaving ice on the knees could not affect one’s physical capabilities? That would be B.J. Tyler, who, after getting drafted by the Toronto Raptors in 1995, made the mistake of falling asleep with ice on his knees. It was alleged that it was the reason for his decline and an early exit from the NBA.

According to Knee Force, icing the knees for a long period could lead to frostbite, redness, or even skin and nerve damage.

There is a possibility that Tyler’s knees suffered skin and nerve damage, forcing him to retire without reaching his full potential.

Players Should Not Wash Dishes

One of the dumbest injuries an NBA player could ever have is getting cut just by washing dishes. That is exactly what happened to Brad Miller.

Miller, who was named Western Conference Player of the Week, was extra motivated that day, and decided to do the dishes. Instead of cleaning the plates and utensils, he covered them with blood by cutting his right index finger.

It was bad enough to require nine stitches. The injury also slowed Miller’s momentum that season.

Players sometimes are careless, which is why they are insured. But so does playing in online casinos like OKBET, ensuring you enjoy a safe and secure gambling experience!

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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will continue its Champions League season without one of its stars, Neymar Jr, after suffering another injury.

Neymar, 31, has been dealing with ankle problems since the season began. The Brazillian even sustained a sprained ankle during the FIFA World Cup in Iraq, forcing him to miss some games.

In this Ligue 1 season, Neymar netted at least 18 goals and 17 assists. However, that is the only output the Brazillian will ever make for PSG.

The PSG star suffered a severe injury while battling against Lille last February 19. 

According to PSG, he is set to undergo surgery to help heal his ankle ligaments. Neymar will be out for the remainder of the season due to a 3-4 months recovery time.

“Neymar has had several episodes of instability in his right ankle in recent years. After the last sprain contracted in February, the PSG medical staff recommended ligament repair surgery to avoid a major risk of relapse. All parties involved confirmed this requirement. This surgery will be performed in the coming days at ASPETAR Hospital in Doha,” the Club said.

The Brazillian appeared disheartened following his early exit in Ligue 1. However, he promised that he would “come back stronger.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by NJ 🇧🇷 (@neymarjr)

Meanwhile, PSG boss Christophe Galtier blamed the team’s hectic schedule for causing Neymar to be in such a state.

“This is not bad luck,” stated Galtier after winning against Lille. “There are always reasons for injuries – the schedule, the sequence of games. It is never random. He (Neymar) is being examined to know the severity of his sprain.”

He added, “Of course, it complicates things, and that’s the way it is. We have to keep our heads down. We’re going to do it again, but with a victory. That is more pleasant.”

Is this Neymar’s Last Season with PSG?

OKBET PSG Neymar-less

Because of a recent feud with phenom Kylian Mbappe, this will likely be Neymar’s last season with PSG, not to mention his early exit. Apparently, the two are not on good terms, which was evident during their penalty kicks against Montpellier last February 1.

Neymar has been involved in numerous clashes with his clubmates. The Brazillian also showed his disdain for midfielder Vitinha and striker Hugo Ekitike. Vitinha was scolded because of his inaccurate passes to Neymar, while Ekitike with his “poor decision-making.”

Last February 13, Foot Mercato claimed that Neymar and his teammate Lionel Messi would like to leave PSG. Messi will be a free agent in a few months, while the Brazillian’s contract will expire by 2025.

The possible departure of Messi and Neymar would really put PSG at a disadvantage and also upset OKBET fans. In case it happens, the team will have fewer pieces to support Mbappe, and they will again be eluded a Champions League title.

Regarding his return, the Brazillian recently underwent ankle surgery. However, his doctors are still uncertain if Neymar can still play for PSG this Ligue 1 season.

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The 2023 World Snooker Championship is just a month away, with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump as the heavy favorites.

The tournament will take place in Sheffield City, Yorkshire, England, at the Crucible Theatre. Sixteen competitors will compete for the cup, beginning on April 15 and ending on May 1.

O’Sullivan is the number 1 World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA). His odds at OKBET is 5.00.

Trump, on the other hand, is currently ranked number 4 in WPBSA. Surprisingly, the top sports betting platform had him at 5.50.

The number 2 and number 3 world-ranked players, Mark Selby and Mark Allen, have odds of 8.00 and 12.00, respectively.

OKBET O'Sullivan vs Trump World Snooker Championship

Based on the prediction of OKBET, Neil Robertson (World Ranked No. 5) is a top-seeder. He has an odds of 6.50.

According to Snooker HQ, O’Sullivan, and Trump are among the players whose seedings will remain the same. Even if the tournament progresses, the two snooker masters will remain as the no. 1 and no. 4.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, the Heavy Favorite

O’Sullivan, 47, has been slated to win this year’s World Snooker Championship because of how good he is. Before the tournament began, he had already accumulated a total prize money of £973,000. 

His playstyle is fast, and he is always on the offensive. Due to his incredible technique, O’Sullivan won a best-of-nine frame match in a record-high 43 minutes during his debut season, thus earning him the nickname “The Rocket.”

He is a very solid tactical player who can switch hands when playing. In fact, the legendary player has been dubbed a “genius” by his opponents.

With 30 professional seasons under his name, O’Sullivan has won six World Championships, including 39 other titles. His recent title was against Trump in the 2022 World Championship, where he won with a score of 18-13.

He is expected to make a two-peat this coming 2023 World Snooker Championship.

Judd Trump, the Revenger

The English snooker ace and fashionista, 34-year-old Trump, plans to exact his revenge after suffering a loss against O’Sullivan last season.

Like his rival, Trump is an aggressive player, intending to clear the table as quickly as possible. The only difference is that he plays the game “naughty” way.

When we say naughty, it is because of Trump’s cue action. How he spins the ball is very unnatural. He also favors his right whenever he aligns his shots.

A master of the side spin, Trump’s playstyle is unique and entertaining to watch. However, his technique also costs him to make grave mistakes whenever his timing is not right.

For instance, he missed potting the easiest pink ball of the Welsh Open Final last year. It cost him the title and had Joe Perry bringing home the cup.

But if his timing is impeccable, his shots were the most accurate, even more accurate than O’Sullivan’s.

“When his timing is right, he can pot the most incredible balls – even more so than [Ronnie] O’Sullivan. But when he is not timing it right, he cues across the ball and can miss anything,” said Neal Foulds.


Although the odds between O’Sullivan and Trump are close, there is a big chance that the former would win because of his perfect technique. But in case Trump finds his timing, O’Sullivan will be in trouble.

Let us hope that these two will meet in the finals.

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