Pacers upset Lakers in close battle

The Indiana Pacers upset the Los Angeles Lakers 116-115 in their bout last Tuesday, November 29, courtesy of newbie Andrew Nembhard’s buzzer-beater.

The Lakers were looking to add more wins to their stat sheet, especially after beating the San Antonio Spurs twice.

It shocked the Lakers fans, mainly because Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook performed exceptionally well. James had a 21-point performance, to go with Davis’ 25 and Westbrook’s 24.

Unfortunately, they were bested by Tyrese Haliburton’s 24-point game, with the help from Bennedict Mathurin having 23 points.

OKBET Pacers upset Lakers

Coming off scoring 37 points against the Spurs, James went on to have a 7-0 run at the start of their Pacers matchup. He also had seven rebounds and three assists.

Davis, who left their game last Friday due to a left calf contusion, managed to have an outstanding performance, grabbing 13 boards, his 13th double-double of the season.

It was a disappointing game, especially for those who placed their bets at OKBET. The Lakers had a 17-point lead against their opponent.

The loss showed that James and his roster need more sharpshooters than slashers. Nembhard (12 pts, four rebounds, one assist), a second-round pick, was the hero for the Pacers, swishing a three-pointer off an offensive rebound.

Furthermore, throughout the game, Haliburton and his team never led. But they had a 10-0 run in the final quarter, forcing the Lakers to call a timeout.

Before the match concluded, the Pacers upset the Lakers by erasing its lead, with the latter ahead only by one point.

A miss from the Pacers in the final seconds, paired with the inability to rebound by the home team, cost James and his roster the game. The LA Lakers are now 7-11, while their opponent is 11-8.

Are the Lakers in their worst season yet?


Via ESPN, the LA Lakers have been underperforming even before the 2022-23 season officially began. During the pre-season, they only managed to win once.

The James-led team also had a five-game losing streak at the start of the season. LA Lakers first lost to the Golden States Warriors by a large margin before getting beaten by the Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trailblazers, Denver Nuggets, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Lakers managed to win two games in a row before losing again in five consecutive matches. Hopefully, they bounce back as they face off against the Trailblazers this coming Thursday, December 1.

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Top 6 Highest-Paid Soccer Players

No matter how much you dislike them, the highest-paid soccer players are compensated with staggering sums of money. They may also increase their revenues by succeeding at important competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar this year.

Lionel Messi will allegedly earn an additional 20% on his already substantial pay if Argentina wins the championship as a result of new endorsements. But big-money earners are not limited to active players. Legends (and mediocre players) from the past can make significant sums of money after retiring. The top 6 richest soccer players are listed below, along with an estimated net worth.

highest paid soccer players

1. Faiq Jefri Bolkiah – $15 Billion

Even if you are a soccer fan, you might need to become more familiar with Faiq Bolkiah. It just so happens to be the nephew of the infamously rich Sultan of Brunei. The prince of Brunei’s son, Faiq Bolkiah, is thought to be worth $20 billion.

Faiq, a former junior player for Southampton, Chelsea, and Leicester City, currently competes for Chonburi in Thai League 1. He scored once when playing for his nation on six occasions as a full-fledged Bruneian international. There is no basis for us to assume that earnings are anything like other athletes on this list. Likely, he isn’t too bothered about how much money he makes.

2. Mathieu Pierre Flamini – $14.1 Billion

Compared to some of his coworkers on this list, former France international Mathieu Flamini had a reasonably solid, if not brilliant, career.

The no-nonsense midfielder played for some of Europe’s top clubs, including Arsenal and Milan, and probably earned millions of pounds throughout his playing career. But Flamini hit the big time monetarily when he put his boots away.

He is one of the co-founders of GF Biochemicals, the first business in the world to mass-produce levulinic acid.

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized this acid derived from scrap wood and may substitute oil in a variety of goods as “one of the 12 chemicals that can help unlock a “greener” future.”

Hats go to you, Mathieu; GF Biochemicals has already improved the globe and is thought to be worth roughly $25 billion.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – $460 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo, who competes with Lionel Messi for the title of the greatest player ever, is listed next.

The current player for Manchester United has won the Ballon d’Or an incredible five times and is back with the club. He is expanding his influence on the playing field, but he still maintains his status as one of the most accomplished performers in the industry.

Many supporters consider Ronaldo’s current weekly salary of £500,000 ($691,000) in England an excellent deal.

He has multiple endorsement deals, including ones with Nike and Tag Heuer. It is, along with Messi, the most marketable player in soccer.

Ronaldo ranks third on our list and is said to have a net worth of close to $500 million due to his promotional pulling power.

4. Lionel Andres Messi – $410 Million

Lionel Messi comes in at number four on the list of the wealthiest soccer players. At Camp Nou, where he spent most of his career, he rose to fame among Barcelona supporters.

But in 2021, he made a squad swap and joined Kylian Mbappé and Neymar at PSG (the player with the highest yearly salary).

Although the person after Messi on this list would contest that, many people believe he is the best player to play the game.

Unsurprisingly, he is among the highest-paid soccer players in the world, allegedly earning over $859,000 weekly. Additionally, he received a $29.5 million signing bonus when he joined PSG.

As you might anticipate, companies are begging to partner with Messi, and he has agreements with companies like Adidas and Pepsi.

5. David Robert Joseph Beckham – $408 Million

Nobody will be shocked to learn that David Beckham is one of the wealthiest soccer players in the world. You’ve probably heard about the countless sponsorship agreements the former captain of England has signed.

Adidas, Pepsi, Konami, Haig Club, Samsung, Maserati, and Jaguar are just a few of the companies that “Golden Balls” has as sponsors.

In addition, he received a high income as a player, including $50 million over five years at LA Galaxy.

But David Beckham isn’t only in it for the money. In addition, he founded the UK-based nonprofit Malaria No More and served as an ambassador for UNICEF. Congratulations, Becks.

6. Neymar da Silva Santos – $210 Million

Neymar, another Brazilian, highest paid soccer players comes next. When PSG lavished the dough to lure him to Paris in a deal of €222 million ($261.5 million), he was the most expensive player. He was a vital cog in Barcelona’s assault alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez before moving to France.

Neymar makes a hefty wage at PSG, earning roughly $42.5 million annually, or around $817,000 per week, as could be expected. The Brazilian has agreements with Puma, Red Bull, and other sponsors, so sponsorships are also abundant. Each year, these sponsorships cost roughly $25 million.

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Westbrook elbowed, escapes head injury

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook was elbowed by San Antonio Spurs center Zach Collins last Saturday, November 26, resulting in his forehead being split open.

The incident happened during the matchup between the Lakers and the Spurs, with Laker star Anthony Davis first going out due to a calf intrusion. Westbrook then had a scary laceration during the final minutes of the third quarter, courtesy of Collins’ elbow.

OKBET Westbrook elbowed

The former OKC shooting guard attacked the basket and made a beautiful pump fake. The feint was so good that two Spurs players, including Collins, jumped to try and contest.

Unfortunately, the Spurs center was determined to stop Westbrook from getting an easy deuce and had to resort to a hard foul. Its result was captured on video and uploaded online: a bloodied player.

Collins thought that it was an ordinary foul that he had committed. However, the Laker guard wanted blood and tried to attack the player.

Luckily, Westbrook’s teammates, especially Lebron James, prevented the fight from ever happening. It was also James who helped stop Russell’s bleeding.

A flagrant foul two was given to Collins, and he was kicked out of the game. The player also faced suspension and a fine after he recorded 12 points and eight rebounds that match.

On the other hand, the Laker guard was slapped with a technical foul. Although he was elbowed and had to leave the game, Westbrook returned during the fourth quarter.

He was fortunate enough not to undergo any sutures on his lacerated forehead, according to the Lakers’ management.

Collins was not meant to elbow Westbrook

In a post-game interview, Collins clarified that what happened was an accident. His intention was only to contest and not elbow Westbrook.

“And then the worst thing you can do is give up an and-1 in that situation, so I was just trying to come down and hit his arm so the ball wouldn’t get up to the rim … Unfortunately, my elbow just caught his head, and he started bleeding, and it looked terrible, but I honestly wasn’t trying to do anything. I just didn’t want him to get a shot off,” he said to Tom Osborn.

With Collins and Jeremy Sochan out of commission, the Lakers overpowered the Spurs. Those who placed their bets at OKBET on the former emerged victorious as the final score was 143-138.

The Lakers improved to 7-11, while the Spurs 6-15.

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All about Reverse Martingale System

The Martingale system, or Martingale strategy, as you may want to call it, is one of the most well-known roulette games regarding short-term betting. This strategy was created to enable the player to generate modest winnings while concentrating mainly on fully recouping losses from prior spins.

Another Martingale-based technique, known as the Reverse Martingale System, operates in the opposite direction and is, thus, based on the Martingale system. As a result, we advise familiarizing yourself with his method in case it becomes useful if you intend to play roulette at a casino or start doing so online.

What is the Reverse Martingale System?

One of the oldest betting systems in use today is the Reverse Martingale betting system, sometimes referred to as Paroli. Documentation of its use in Italy from the 16th century exists. It was unknown if it was utilized before that, but in 16th-century Italy, this was a highly well-liked technique that was frequently used in a game called Basset.

The approach is most frequently applied to roulette and baccarat in contemporary gaming. It is essential to remember that it may be used in just about any game with stakes and a 60% probability of winning. In other words, roulette and baccarat will also work well for craps and sic bo, and if you make a few little adjustments, you can easily apply it to blackjack.

The reverse Martingale System is closest to a universal betting method for even bets. It’s also important to remember that this system is progressive, meaning you can raise your wager after specific requirements are reached. We’ll go through which circumstances are covered in the following portions.

How Does Reverse Martingale System work?

As was previously noted, the approach is known as the Reverse Martingale Method. Since it operates precisely opposite from the Martingale system. Martingale suggests doubling their wager when a gambler loses a spin and returns to their initial bet.

Reverse Martingale hence asks you to act oppositely. In other words, every time you win, you will double your wager; when you lose, your stake will return to its original amount. With both methods, you will begin the game by placing the smallest bet the roulette table will allow. Assume that it will cost $1. If you succeed, you will double your initial wager to $2. Your stake should increase and follow the pattern of $1, $2, $8, $16, $$64, $512, $1024, and so on if you win again. If you lose again, you double it to $4, and so on.

Of course, it will only appear this way if you have success and good fortune. You should instantly return to the lowest amount, which in our case is $1 if you ever lose a spin. You keep $1 if you lose again. If you succeed, you start over and double your wager to $2.

The concept behind the strategy is that your victories and losses would occur in spurts rather than consecutively. With that presumption in mind, betting more while you’re winning. And less when losing will lead to a sizable amount of long-term gains. The Reverse Martingale is an excellent system for long-term betting, in contrast to the Martingale system, which is best suited for short-term betting exclusively. It is the most reliable and secure technique for roulette and other games.

Reverse Martingale System Benefits

martingale system

Let’s start by discussing the advantages of this method. It has several benefits, one of which is that you will only lose some of your money once. If you chance to go on a losing streak. You will only be out the minimum stake at the roulette table, or $1, at that point. In the meantime, as you double up, your money will rapidly revert to the initial amount and remain unchanged until the significant victory.

If you notice a winning run that includes many straight victories, the wins will start to pile up rapidly. And as the streak continues, your earnings will soar.

We also see this strategy’s simplicity as a significant benefit because it makes it accessible to even inexperienced gamblers. Last but not least, it is also relatively safe, so you don’t need to be an expert in using it and understanding how to benefit from it.

Reverse Martingale System to Increase Profits

At its foundation, the plan is very straightforward. To maximize your gains and take advantage of everything it offers, you must learn how to play it properly. We suggest the following techniques to do this:

High Reward & High Risk

Enormous rewards are always available to those who take the most significant risks. While beginners are often advised against doing this, some players favor an all-or-nothing strategy. In other words, while they are winning, they keep increasing their stake in the hopes that it will continue. Until they are happy enough with their profits to leave. Players are constantly cautioned that while it’s possible for them to go on a long losing run and lose all of their money. It’s also possible for them to go on a lengthy winning streak and make a fortune.

The player may transform $1 into a small fortune, cash in, and leave the table with substantially more money than they did. When they initially sat down if they manage to win 8 or 9 hands in a row. Of course, there is no assurance, and the likelihood is quite slim. Only 0.38% of the time will you experience eight straight victories, and 0.19% of the time will you witness 9. The likelihood of seeing other achievements border after that is relatively low, but it is still possible. As a result, once you reach this stage, most players lose everything since they are presuming another win and risking everything. Again, it is advantageous to know when to halt and depart.

Reverse Martingale Modified

There is a third strategy for players who think doubling their stakes is a little bit too aggressive. It is especially true when they place bigger bets following a run of victories. These gamblers can change to the safer Fibonacci sequence, but it won’t be as lucrative as a pure Reverse Martingale.

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Neymar injured in Brazil’s first FIFA World Cup 2022 win

An injured Neymar da Silva Santos Jr was one of the highlights of the 2022 FIFA World Cup match between Brazil and Serbia on Friday, November 25, leaving Richarlison de Andrade to handle the offensive.

The roughness of the Serbians caused Neymar, 30, to receive nine fouls before going down in the 80th minute. After being hit severely by his opponent Nikola Milenkovic, Brazil substituted Antony Matheus dos Santos.

The injury that the Brazillian forward sustained upset the odds at OKBET. However, Brazil was triumphant over their opponent, winning 2-0.

The team trainers then applied cold packs to his damaged ankle. After the victory, Neymar walked with a limp to the Brazil team’s locker room.

Team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said that the Brazillian forward’s injury is still under observation. They will determine its severity between 24 and 48 hours.

“Neymar has an injury on his right ankle, a direct trauma. Due to the impact from the knee of the Serbian player, we started immediate treatment on the bench,” he said during an interview with the media.

The doctor added, “He continues with the physio but now needs to wait 24 to 48 hours for a better assessment. There is no MRI scan scheduled, but tomorrow we will make a new assessment. We need to wait and cannot make any premature comments.”

In the previous season, Neymar could not play 12 games due to an ankle injury.

Neymar injured, but Coach Tite believes

OKBET Neymar injured against Serbia

Brazil’s head coach Tite believes Neymar will play for the series duration despite his injury. He was confident his player would persevere and help them get the sixth World Cup trophy.

“He stayed for the two goals we scored, even feeling his ankle injury because the team needed him. In the two chances and the chance he was in, which [was decisive], his ability to overcome pain. In both goals, he was already feeling it.

“You can be sure that Neymar will play [in] the World Cup. I am absolutely sure about that. He will play in the World Cup,” Tite said after the match.

Brazil will face Switzerland on Monday, November 28, before going up against Cameroon for their final group stage match next Friday, December 2.


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OKBET Bonuses and Promotions Special Offers

OKBET offers unique bonuses and promotions to ensure that their players are always satisfied with their experience. OKBET delivers the most exciting sports and casino games to your mobile phone or tablet to access all your favorite games wherever you are. Our website has sports betting and online casinos for different bonuses or promotions that you cannot find on other online betting sites. Join OKBET to make the most of your time playing sports betting and online casino games. Below, we have listed the total promotions and bonuses you can find on the OKBET site. Start betting now and win heaps of prizes!

okbet bonuses and promotions


OKBET gives their players that it is worth celebrating. That is why they offer a weekly basketball loss rebate to help members win big online. Players who have lost a minimum of 3,000 shall be entitled to the 5% basketball weekly loss rebate bonus.

How to Claim Basketball Rebate? Click here – Basketball Weekly Loss Rebate


OKBET offers players a prize they want to win in Soccer rebate promotions. With this bonus, there is a simple rule, the more you bet, the more you get with a rebate. There is an 8% rebate on the total amount of bets you make per week.

How to Claim Soccer Weekly Loss Rebate 8%? Click here – Basketball Weekly Loss Rebate


Is it an unlucky day for you? Do you face a series of bad bets? No problem. OKBET will give you a special bonus to reimburse it. It is one of the exciting bonuses OKBET will provide for their beloved players. If a player loses their bet on a FIFA World Cup game, they will receive a refund from OKBET.

How to Claim FIFA Refund? Click here – FIFA WorldCup Loss Refund


On your birthday you can get from OKBET a special gift. Players need to be verified members of OKBET in order to participate in this. Before making an application for the birthday bonus, the player has to have at least three (3) deposit entries in any amount made within the first thirty days of the player’s birth month. The player must request to take advantage of the birthday bonus in order to do so. Players that participate in Sportsbook are eligible for this promotion.

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To express our thanks to our players for the excellent service that OKBET provides, we offer a bonus on every deposit they make, which we refer to as the daily deposit bonus.

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OKBET offers an exclusive bonus that is exclusively available to players who are active and certified members of OKBET by giving unique value or experience to our members. Its purpose is to reward the gamer during their “Happy Hours.”

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To congratulate the player on their VERY FIRST BIG BONUS in the sport. This promotion is valid for deposits ranging from 50,000 to 200,000. To claim the Bonus, the player must utilize the entire deposit + Bonus x 2 turnovers. This sport’s first big Bonus cannot be combined with any other current offer (Except Birthday Bonus).

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Every player who deposits at least Php300 is eligible for the unlimited 5% bonus. All interested OKBET players must be active and verified members. Players must play a total of three times turnover before they may withdraw their rebates.

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To be eligible for this promotion, the player must make a second deposit. For the second deposit, the player needs to have at least Php 300.00. At the player’s request, the SECOND DEPOSIT 68% BONUS will be credited.

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Latest Racing Games Available on PlayStation Premium

In video games, only a few experiences can compare to the rush you get from driving fast racing games. Maybe it’s an automobile you’ve spent many hours tinkering with and fine-tuning to perfection. Or it’s the rush you get from racing against friends or computer-controlled opponents on a track or course. In any case, the players of these games have access to an experience that cannot be replicated in any other kind of game. Consequently, without further ado, our choices for the top five racing games available on PlayStation Plus Premium and on OKBET this November 2022.

1. Trials Rising

Trials Rising is a popular motorbike racing video game in which players are challenged to complete a series of challenges in the shortest amount of time possible. The amount of physics given to the motorcycle makes it challenging to control. Which is one of the ways that the game makes things more difficult for the player. The game is effectively transformed into a high-speed balancing act due to this. However, if players are sufficiently cautious, they can finish these challenges as quickly as possible.

Tandem mode is an addition to the mayhem that is motocross, allowing two players to operate the same bike simultaneously. It is tough to do and requires a lot of communication and cooperation among the parties. Consequently, effective time management is a significant component of the game in these types of courses. In the event that you come in second place to a friend, for instance, you will want to finish the race faster than they do.

The gameplay cycle of this game is created as a result of this, with players consistently attempting to one-up one another. In conclusion, Trials Rising is a game that fans of racing video games are likely to like due to the arcade-like but entertaining aspect of the game. Because of how much emphasis was placed on player enjoyment when developing this game. It is currently regarded as one of the top five racing games included in PlayStation Premium.

2. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a car lover’s fantasy. The developers of this game are completely dedicated to providing players with the most realistic and interactive driving experience that is humanly feasible. The game can achieve a high level of realism because of its extensive simulation elements. Because it is so realistic, many real-world racing collectives have gotten behind it. Because there is even an e-sports environment surrounding this game. Individuals who wish to appreciate the game for its competitive nature will find it pretty challenging.

On the other hand, Assetto Corsa Competizione gives you the freedom to race whatever you choose, so if you want to look at the cars and take pleasure in driving them, that is also OK. Further competitions are called Endurance races, which can run up to twenty-four hours based on local time. Fortunately, though, they may be saved in the middle of the race. Otherwise, many players would only be able to finish playing them somehow. The game Assetto Corsa Competizione is geared toward people passionate about automobiles and racing. Because of its dedication to providing players with the most realistic racing experience possible, it is among the top five finest racing games now available on PlayStation Plus Premium.

3. Ride 4

racing games

Players that are interested in the realm of motorcycle racing will find that Ride 4 delivers the type of gaming experience that they have been begging for. The players will be able to get the most authentic and enjoyable simulation of a motorbike racing game imaginable by playing this game. The game includes a day/night cycle and a wide variety of weather changes, all of which modify how the tracks respond to the user. Players can witness the day unfold before their eyes while they compete to their hearts’ content, which makes for a more engaging and immersive experience.

In addition, a specialized artificial intelligence system is included in the game. Which enables players to battle against more skillful rivals. The fact that your competitors will respond to you and make a determined effort to win adds to the game’s sense of realism. Players that want to compete against one another online will be pleased to learn that this game features dedicated servers, which make for a far more enjoyable competition overall. This game is ideal for anyone passionate about racing motorcycles, such as yourself or someone you know. In the video game Ride 4, the sensation of racing a motorbike is recreated with as much realism as the developers could muster. The fact that it manages to accomplish this while retaining a high level of realism places. It among the top five greatest racing games available on PlayStation Plus Premium.

4. MX vs ATV All Out

In this action-packed racing game, players compete against one another on various motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). In addition, players have access to many real-life tracks and cars, contributing to the game’s high level of realism. The player can do a variety of feats to impress their companions. Because of this, integrating different tricks is not as difficult as it would otherwise be. The fact that you can drive a wide array of automobiles is the game’s primary selling point. It’s great that this place has such a wide selection of motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles available for purchase.

In this game, players can compete on the motocross courses of their choice. A significant number of these tracks are officially sanctioned re-creations of existing tunes. The result is an experience that the participants may take pleasure in. In addition, many personalization options are available to players within the game itself. This game may not provide the most authentic arcade experience. But it will whet your stomach for exciting motocross racing in 2022.

5. Hotshot Racing

The racing video game Hotshot Racing is a throwback to classic arcade games like Daytona USA and others of its ilk. This game’s visual design is also evocative of the graphics of those earlier titles, which is a nice touch. Some people who play this game report that this brings back fond memories of them. This racing game may only have a limited number of missions available. But the gameplay is satisfying enough to keep players coming back for more action on the track. This game, which Lucky Mountain Games developed, has an indistinguishable atmosphere from that of a traditional arcade.

This game also has a few unique game modes, contributing to the overall diversity presented by this title. Players in Cops and Robbers compete against one another in a race. To the finish line while attempting to outrun and outwit the other players. There is another game option available that is called Drive or Explode. In this mode, players are tasked with maintaining a particular speed; if they fall below it, their vehicle will blow up.

The downloadable content for the game includes an additional game mode in which players will set a barrel on the track. And attempt to stop their opponents by using the barrel as a barrier. In conclusion, Hotshot Racing is a wonderful and exciting arcade racer. That gamers in the present period who have PlayStation Plus Premium should check out.

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The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup

The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup is the first tournament held in the Arab world and the second time it has been held in Asia. The first time was in 2002 in South Korea and Japan. The 2026 tournament in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will include 48 teams instead of 32. Because of Qatar’s intense summer season and humidity, this tournament will be staged in the winter for 29 days. Qatar will play at prestigious stadiums, and the final is on 18 December 2022. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Teams

the 2022 qatar fifa world cup

The teams for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which we’ll look at below, have been changed, and the competition that will be a highlight for fans who go to Qatar for the World Cup will be held there. The first game of Qatar 2022 will be played on Sunday, November 20, at 17:00 CET. The hosts will face Ecuador in that game (19:00 local time). By December 2, all 48 group games will be over, and the next day will be the start of Round 16. The championship game is set to take place at the Lusail Stadium on December 18, which you can watch at OKBET Live.

Group AQatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands.
Group BEngland, Iran, USA, Wales.
Group CArgentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.
Group DFrance, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia.
Group ESpain, Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan.
Group FBelgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia.
Group GBrazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon.
Group HPortugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Europe

Teams from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) participated in the European qualifying round for the Qatar-hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup. There were 13 spots open for UEFA teams to compete in the championship.

Which European Teams are Going to Qatar 2022?

In 2022, more than 40% of the 32 teams playing in the World Cup in Qatar will be from Europe. Twelve of these 13 teams have already qualified for Qatar 2022. A playoff will decide which team will fill the last spot in June. Based on how they did in the UEFA Nations League, Austria and the Czech Republic joined the ten runners-up in three four-team playoffs. From November 21 to December 18, 2018, the 2018 FIFA World Cup was held in Doha, Qatar. Qatar is where the tournament will be held.




Vietnam World Cup 2022

Vietnam was the first team to be kicked out of the third and final round of Asian qualifying for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. It was because they lost their seventh game in a row. When the pressure was finally off, the Vietnamese showed what many people thought they could do by beating China PR 3-1 at My Dinh National Stadium.

  • Vietnam qualifies for its maiden voyage. World Cup for Women
  • Playoff victories over Thailand and Chinese Taipei ensured playoff success.

It was the first time a Southeast Asian country beat China, which means that in their first World Cup qualification game at this level, they will at least have a win and three points to show for it.

Vietnam needs at least one more win to avoid coming in last, but they should try to get it against Oman in March and finish with a tough match against Japan

If they put on a few more games like this, it would help to boost morale before they start preparing for what will be a much more realistic goal than qualifying for the World Cup: making it to the quarterfinals of the AFC Asian Cup, which will be held in China again next year.

Japan 2022 World Cup

Group E will have 26 players on the Japan World Cup 2022 team. These players will play in their matches. The Japan World Cup 2022 team has been announced, and manager Hajime Moriyasu said he chose young players with “burning ambition” over veterans for this month’s championships.

Group E of the Qatar World Cup will feature Japan, Germany, Costa Rica, and Spain. Japan quickly ensured they would be there and play against Germany, Costa Rica, and Spain. Japan has been to seven World Cup finals, which means they are a very experienced team.

In Qatar, the goal is to reach the last 16 stages for the fourth time after doing so in 2002, 2010, and 2018. The Samurai Blue team has a lot of skill, and even though they are in a tough group with Germany, Spain, and Costa Rica, they are confident they will do well.

Their easy-to-watch style and players from most of Europe’s top leagues will make them everyone’s favorite second team, though many club fans will cheer for their team.

Japan Squad

GK: Eiji KawashimaStrasbourg
GK: Shuichi GondaShimizu S-Pulse
DF: Takehiro TomiyasuArsenal
DF: Shogo TaniguchiKawasaki Frontale
MF: Gaku ShibasakiLeganes
MF: Takumi MinaminoMonaco
FW: Ayase UedaCercle Brugge
FW: Takuma AsanoBochum

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2022

The excitement and worry about the official draw for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2022 have given way to preparations for the teams’ return trip to Australia in July.

After the Official Draw and Team Seminar in Auckland last weekend, representatives from each team went on a week-long inspection tour of Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand. They stopped at stadiums, training facilities for each venue, team base camps, and hotels. It’s important to note that this will be the first Women’s World Cup with Team Base Camps.

Opening Day

On the first day of the tournament, New Zealand will play Norway. Then, all eyes will be on Sydney, where Australia will play the Republic of Ireland.

Vera Pauw, the coach, who used to play for the Netherlands and now plays for the Republic of Ireland, was one of the famous people who went to the different facilities. Other famous people who went included Pia Sundhage from Brazil and Bev Priestman from Canada.

As Pauw looked at the newly built Sydney Football Stadium, she said, “We just got over the shock of finding out we had made it to the tournament, and getting to play the first game against the host country in a stadium like this is a dream come true.

Each team’s tour started in the city that hosted the first match. If teams wanted to go to more places, they could do so. They will also be able to choose where the Team Base Camps are.

Priestman says that when teams come, people are more excited. “But even small things, like how long it takes to get from the locker room to the tunnel to the field, can make a massive difference in the World Cup, so it’s essential to know where you’re going.

It’s exciting to welcome these teams, many of which are making their first appearances. It’s a true sign of the success of the Women’s Football Strategy that FIFA put in place. They spent more than $1 billion to help the women’s game grow. Many new teams and teams that had never played before could participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time.

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Qatar Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022

The grandest and most spectacular sporting event to ever take place in Asia is the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar Stadium. The FIFA Qatar Stadium, which will be constructed in Doha, Qatar, will be the largest in the world. There are stadiums in Qatar that have a capacity of more than 80,000 people each. This enormous structure’s construction began in 2010 and was completed in 2014. Club tournaments and international events involving national teams from all over the world will occur in Qatar. It will have a sports facility architectural design that can satisfy the needs of professional sports groups.

Al Thumama Stadium

The stadium’s design is based on the traditional woven headgear known as the gahfiya, which men and boys wear throughout the Middle East. The gahfiya is an essential component of the regionally-appropriate apparel and makes up an important layer. Additionally, it is a sign of respect and autonomy for the wearer.

The tournament capacity of the stadium, which is now 40,000, will be decreased to cater to local demands and supply emerging countries with high-quality athletic facilities. The remaining 20,000 seats in the arena will be used for other athletic events, including football. Along with opening a boutique hotel, which will take the place of the stadium’s upper stands, a branch of a sports clinic will also operate on the premises.

The area immediately around the stadium will be developed into a community center with facilities for various sports, such as swimming, handball, volleyball, and basketball. In addition, there will be paths for running and cycling that will wind their way around the area, allowing athletes of every stripe to get their competitive juices flowing.

Al Janoub Stadium

In homage to Al Wakrah’s long history in the maritime industry, the design takes its cues from the sails of ancient dhow boats. The stadium will be used throughout the year due to its cutting-edge cooling technology and retractable roof. AECOM and Zaha Hadid Architects were responsible for the design of the stadium. The precinct’s Al Janoub Park officially opened to the public in February 2020. It has pathways for cycling and running, places designated for children’s play, and various types of green space. There will be a marketplace and other community amenities, such as a school and a mosque, at some point in the future.

Some Qatari businesses, such as MIDMAC and PORR Qatar, Coastal, which is responsible for the production of the stadium’s seats, and SOLB26, which is responsible for the production of the steel that is necessary for the construction of the stadium, have all contributed to the delivery of Al Janoub Stadium. More than fifty percent of the funds invested in the stadium’s construction went toward supporting the economy of Qatar.

After the tournament is complete, the stadium’s capacity will be decreased from 40,000 to 20,000 according to the modular design of the venue. The extra seats, which will come from the upper deck, will be donated to football development initiatives in other countries.

Al Bayt Stadium

The FIFA qatar Al Bayt stadium’s name comes from the Arabic phrase “Bayt al sha’ar,” which refers to the tents traditionally utilized by nomadic people in Qatar and the surrounding Gulf area. The layout pays homage to Qatar’s history and contemporary culture while considering the community’s long-term prospects. Al Bayt Park encompasses a size greater than 30 football pitches, and it features expansive green spaces with play areas and fitness stations, as well as pathways for running, cycling, horse riding, and camel riding.

Additionally, the precinct is home to multi-sport grounds, all available for use by members of the general public. In conjunction with the SC and Aspire Zone, the Quodorat Centre, a community space dedicated to conserving the cultural heritage and promoting conversation between different generations, launched its new offices within the precinct in November 2021.

A section of the Noma’s Centre in Qatar will host various activities, such as horse riding, to educate young people about the country’s cultural legacy. This initiative will be led by Qatar’s Ministry of Culture and Sport.

After the event, the modular top deck will be dismantled, and the seats (with a capacity of 60,000 for the tournament) will be used to develop athletic facilities in Qatar and other countries worldwide. Following the completion of the Qatar 2022 tournament, the top concourse of the stadium will be transformed into a variety of other amenities. The Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) gave the stadium five stars for its design and construction. Additionally, the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) gave the stadium a rating of Class A* for its construction process, and it received a certificate for complying with the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Stadium 974

Stadium 974 is the only waterfront venue with a breathtaking perspective of the Doha skyline. It was created utilizing standard-approved shipping containers and modular steel pieces, giving the nod to the neighboring port and the industrial heritage of the plot of land. The end effect is an easily recognizable arena, vividly colorful and entirely contemporary. Fenwick Iribarren Architects is responsible for the design of the stadium’s overall concept.

Because of the stadium’s innovative modular design, conventional building materials were not required to the same extent as they would have been in the development of a traditional stadium, which contributed to the reduction in construction costs.

The Doha Metro provides access to the arena for crowds of spectators. A distance of 800 meters separates the stadium from the Ras Bu Abboud Station on the Gold Line. In addition, it is situated near the Doha Corniche, which the recently constructed pedestrian walkways can reach. The stadium, which had a capacity of 40,000 for the tournament, was presented to the public in November 2021 during a digital launch. 

Lusail Stadium

The play of light and shadow characteristic of the ‘fanar’ lantern inspired the design of the stadium’s exterior. The form and façade of Lusail are reminiscent of the elaborate ornamental themes that were popular during the golden period of art and craftsmanship in the Arab and Islamic cultures. These decorations were often seen on bowls and other containers.

The Doha Metro Red Line will provide service to the stadium when it opens. The Al Khor Expressway will provide motorists with a route to the stadium they may take to get there. Park-and-ride lots will be located in convenient proximity to the stadium in many different configurations. After 2022, individuals will be able to access the location by using the Lusail Light Rail Tram.

The present idea for Lusail Stadium is to investigate the possibility of modifying the inner area of the venue so that it may host a variety of municipal amenities. After the year 2022, the location may include a variety of amenities, including reasonably priced homes, retail and dining establishments, medical facilities, and perhaps a school. The upper level may be redeveloped into outdoor terraces for new dwellings, and there might also be room inside the premises for a communal football field to be constructed there. To create space for these brand-new conveniences, it will be necessary to eliminate a few of the previous installations. Any materials that are removed will be saved. 

Khalifa International Stadium

After the renovation, the two arches of the stadium were left unaltered. A big canopy was added below them to accommodate the new cooling system integrated into the stadium. In addition to the new exterior, the stadium’s capacity was increased by 10,450 seats, bringing the total number of available seats to 40,000 during tournaments. The new LED lighting system brings a new element to the overall experience for the spectators.

On the Doha Metro Gold Line lies the Sport City Station, which provides service to the stadium. The stadium is located in the very center of the Aspire Zone, which serves as Qatar’s center of sports excellence and the basis for the Asian Games in 2006. The precinct was developed to increase people’s involvement in sports.

The stadium is located in the very center of the Aspire Zone, which serves as Qatar’s center of sports excellence and the basis for the Asian Games in 2006. The precinct was developed to increase people’s involvement in sports. The Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the AFC Asian Cup have all occurred in the Khalifa International Stadium since its construction in 1976. The stadium went through a significant amount of renovation work so that it will be ready for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Education City Stadium

The stadium’s exterior is covered with triangles that combine to produce intricate, diamond-like geometrical patterns. These patterns give the impression that their colors shift as the sun travels across the sky. In the same way that diamonds are a symbol of quality, longevity, and resiliency, the stadium’s design will become something to be cherished, both for the memories it carries and for its potential worth to the nation in the future. The modular top tier of the stadium is scheduled to be demolished. And the seats will be given to a government that requires improvements to its athletic infrastructure.

 The design and construction of the stadium earned a perfect score of five stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System. Making it the first site for the Qatar 2022 event to do so (GSAS). In June 2020, a virtual event that honored those in the healthcare field who provided frontline care during the coronavirus epidemic served as the venue for the stadium’s grand opening.

The area already has Education City Golf Club, which served as the venue for the Qatar Masters, an event on the European Tour in 2020. The precinct will have a retail area, a conference center. A health and wellness facility, and two schools in heritage mode.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

The glowing facade of the fifa qatar stadium is the most eye-catching aspect of the structure. It is covered in patterns representing various aspects of the nation, such as the significance of family. The natural beauty of the desert, the native flora, and the importance of local and international trade. All of the other shapes are brought together by a fifth form, which is a shield. It is meant to represent the power and togetherness that are particularly significant to the city of Al Rayyan.

The precinct will include a variety of sports facilities, such as cricket fields, football pitches, a children’s playground, outdoor gym facilities, an aquatics center, tennis courts, and an athletics track. In addition, there will be an athletics track. There will be manicured gardens, cafes, and walkways to the Mall of Qatar, which opened in 2016 and is near the stadium. All of these amenities will be located close to the stadium.

The Doha Metro will be used to transport spectators to the location of the event. The Al Riffa station, which is located on the Green Line, is easily accessible on foot from the stadium. It is the location of the Al Rayyan Sports Club. After the tournament, the modular top deck will be dismantled, and the seats will then be repurposed into other athletic venues in Qatar and other countries.

The stadium’s carbon footprint has been reduced further via energy and water conservation measures. The stadium will also be connected to the Doha Metro, making traveling to and from the site much more superficial. The neighborhood will be able to use the precinct’s 125,000 square meters of green space, which will be filled with native plants that have a low need for water.

World Cup of Pool 2022

qatar stadium fifa world cup 2022

The 15th iteration of the World Cup of Pool will be a professional pool doubles competition in 2022. The competition will begin in 2022 at the Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England, amongst 32 partners representing various nationalities.

However, the most common complaint of FIFA’s World Cup group drawings is that they frequently result in groupings of different strengths. While some may find the group stage relatively straightforward, others may find themselves in a “group of death.”

To guarantee fairness and sustain TV audiences’ interest. Organizers must ensure that strong teams are not penalized for their prowess while preventing the creation of inferior groupings. The following is a list of the event’s total prize money:

Winners($60,000 per pair)
Runners-up$30,000 for each pair
Semi-finalists($15,000 for each pair)
Quarter-finalists($9,000 for each pair)
Last 16 losers$4,500 per pair
Last 32 losers$3,625 per pair

How Does it Work?

The host nation and the seven best teams are placed in each of the eight groups. According to FIFA’s seeding method. It establishes six qualifying regions to ensure a geographic distribution: Africa, Asia, Europe, North, and Central America, with the Caribbean, Oceania, and South America making up the final pot.

A group can only have a maximum of two European teams. And no more than two groups from the same zone except Europe. The draw for this year is very fair at first sight. The strength of each group in Qatar 2022 may be determined by ranking them according to their average FIFA world rankings.


The most complex group is due to a 15-place disparity and an average global rating. Additionally, it is the closest-knit and most hostile group.


With a range of 24 ranking positions, this group has an average global rating of 18.25. It will probably be the favorite to win Group E, although Japan (24th). Who advanced to the semifinals in 2002, shouldn’t be discounted. Expect a fierce contest from everyone in this group, especially from Costa Rica (ranked 31st).


Group F is now rated second globally, although its members may be different. From the first nations that come to mind when thinking of the top footballing countries in the world. And in a group with a 39-place gap and a 19.25 average world ranking.


With a range of 42 ranking spots, this group has an average global rating of 20. Therefore, with five World Cup victories, Brazil (ranked first) is the most decorated national team in tournament history.


The next most challenging pool has a spread of 34 ranks and an average global ranking of 20.5. Throughout the tournament’s early rounds, teams must maintain consistency.


The group has a 48-place spread and a 23.25 average global rating. The tournament favorites, Argentina (9th), will have to defeat Mexico (13th), Poland (26th), and Saudi Arabia to advance (51st).


Group H is the second weakest, with an average global rating of 28 and a range of 52 positions. South Korea (28th), Uruguay (14th), and Portugal (9th) will all make strong runs for the knockout rounds. Ghana (61) will be fortunate to advance.

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OKBET World Cup Qatar 2022

The OKBET World Cup Qatar is the world’s largest international football competition, held every four years and contested by senior national teams from FIFA member countries. Qatar will host the 22nd tournament from November 20 until December 18, 2022. When the managers began assembling their teams months ago, the initial rosters for the nations competing in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 comprised 55 players.

The 32 teams are now regarded as official after being made public. The opportunity to compete in the FIFA World Cup this year is a dream come true for 831 players. While some people often engage in this activity, it is entirely novel for others.

> All 32 participating nations’ last World Cup teams have been revealed.

> For the first time, teams may now call on 26 players.

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World Cup Qualifiers 2022

The places the first and second-place teams from each group will take to proceed to the World Cup knockout stage have already been decided. Before the tournament’s size is increased to 48 teams for the 2026 World Cup, 32 teams will compete in the Qatar 2022 Men’s World Cup. Thirty-two teams have participated in the men’s FIFA World Cup since the match in France in 1998.

Along with Qatar, the host nation, there will be 31 other nations competing that qualified through regional matches. The World Cup’s governing body, FIFA, allotted a set number of qualifying berths to each region:

Africa (CAF)5
Asia (AFC)4 + 1 playoff qualifier
Europe (UEFA)13
Oceania (OFC)1 playoff qualifier
South America (CONMEBOL)4 + 1 Qualifier
North/Central America & Caribbean (CONCACAF)3 + 1 playoff qualifier

The countries that qualified for the playoffs and participated in the two intercontinental playoff games played in June 2022 are listed above. One nation from each of the four separate areas participated in these matches. These two matches—Asia vs. South America and Oceania vs. North America—decided who would represent each region in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round.

Where is the World Cup 2022

Starting on November 20 and ending on December 18, 2022, Qatar will host the World Cup. It will be the second World Cup staged exclusively in Asia. The World Cup will be held in an Arab country for the first time.

The competition will include a field of 32 teams for the last time. The tournament, which will be held in North America in 2026 and be hosted by Mexico, US, and Canada, may have 48 teams.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

okbet world cup qatar 2022

The World Cup this year will take place from the end of November to the middle of December because of the extreme summer heat and humidity in Qatar. The northern fall will be the time of this occurrence. It will take place over fewer days—roughly 29 days.

The opening match will be between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. On December 18, 2022, the world will watch the 2022 championship game and celebrate Qatar’s National Day. Right now, the World Cup has been won by France. When Ukraine requested a postponement due to Russia’s invasion of the country, the last European qualifying place was pushed from its original March date.

EcuadorIR IranSaudi ArabiaAustralia
Costa RicaCanadaSerbiaGhana
JapanCroatiaCameroonKorean Republic

How to Buy Tickets for FIFA World Cup 2022?

The OKBET World Cup Qatar Ticketing Office, which will oversee the 2022 FIFA World Cup, established the guidelines for awarding tickets to supporters of participating nations. It also has complete authority over all ticketing activities.

Three alternative price points and ticket types will be available. Applicants can choose ticket categories through the ticket application, but no more information will be allowed. Customers or organizations cannot request seats close to them through FIFA.

Does the quantity for the ticket for the 2022 FIFA World Cup have a limit? Yes. FIFA ticket sales regulations place limitations on the number of tickets that may be acquired per household. Each game has a maximum of six tickets available per household. And a maximum of sixty tickets for the entire competition. You may only apply for one match’s worth of tickets on

Please remember that the online order page will wait while it checks the limitations before processing your request. Instead, the submitted proposal is considered with all other requests after the sales window has ended. Please be mindful of the combined household limitations when making requests.

Ticket Pricing

There are three distinct types of tickets available. Because every stadium is configured differently, the broad category descriptions (provided below) should be treated equally in some circumstances.

1) Pricier and located in prime stadium sites

2) Outside of Category 1

3) Location outside of Category 1 and Category 2 areas; the most affordable category

4) Only Qatari nationals are subject to purchase tickets

Ticket prices change depending on the game playing and the type of tickets purchased. You may get additional information about the various ticket categories and a list of all stadium maps. A currency converter may be found online.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Asia Live Stream

Did you realize it? In the Philippines, fans may watch the FIFA World Cup live. Additionally, you may view it on a computer or a mobile device. It moves quickly and simply. There are no economic effects. It is because when you watch the games on the official channels, it is free to do so on your mobile devices. Download the OKBET app from the Play Store or the App Store if you want to watch it in the Philippines.

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All the channels you require to watch every World Cup game are available on some of the most comprehensive live TV streaming platforms. Only a few services, however, are available on every local network, so check each to be sure it streams in your region.

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