GiG has extended its partnership with Novibet

GiG Comply is an automated affiliate marketing compliance and screening tool enhanced by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). 

Novibet will access the automated affiliate marketing compliance and screening technology as part of the collaboration arrangement. Novibet will enable the operator to check websites for information such as links. Included also igaming code red phrases, and regulatory requirements across multiple markets. Accomplished by analyzing real-time snapshots from affiliate campaigns using its rules engine. Then it provides operators with promotional content for use in the advertising of their firms. It is a comprehensive tool that enables operators to create criteria and checklist parameters. Additionally, it can be adapted to suit market-specific regulations, which assists in maintaining operators’ compliance in numerous countries.

GiG Comply will continue to assist Novibet in proactively managing its marketing compliance.

It will accomplish it by ensuring that affiliates are entirely aligned with the rules imposed by the brand and those about responsible gaming.

The Chief Marketing Officer at GiG, Jonas Warrer, stated that it is “always a pleasant substance when one of our partners chooses to continue investing their confidence in GiG Comply.”

“The extension of the cooperation represents ethical gaming in our marketing compliance tool and indicates Novibet’s devotion to sustainability,”

GiG Comply performs real-time analysis on graphics it receives from affiliate programs using a rules engine. Then provides promotional material to the appropriate operators based on the analysis results. In addition, operators may set up criteria and checklist parameters that are changeable to market-specific needs as a “flexible tool,”. Which assists operators in remaining compliant with the regulations. It helps operators stay on the right side of the law.

According to George Gerakanakis, the Novibet International Affiliate Manager. One of the pillars of the company’s operations is “providing a gaming experience that is not only interesting. Additionally, it is also safe and entirely compliant” We have created incredibly stringent criteria for compliance, and as we go forward. We are confident that we have formed an excellent working relationship with GiG. 

Additionally, as a direct consequence of the recent renewal of our agreement. The already established GiG Comply tool will continue to assist the affiliate compliance team. In every one of the regulated areas where we do business.

This extension follows a hectic beginning to August for GiG, during which the company secured a freshly expanded contract. With Betsson, which opened the door for this expansion.

About Gaming Innovation Group (GiG):

Gaming Innovation Group provides iGaming Operators with solutions, products, and services. Gaming Innovation Group aims to be the top platform and media supplier for iGaming partners and their clients. GiG’s goal is to encourage partner development and profitability via product innovation, scalable technology, and excellent service.

About Novibet:

Novibet is a UKGC, MGA, and ADM-licensed operator focused on providing the most outstanding sports betting and gaming experience. Novibet offers online sports betting and casino games in Greece and the UK.

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Play’n GO on How to Create Chart-Topping Licensed Games

Play’n GO licensed gaming content isn’t always easy to get right, but you can make titles that stand out when you do on the okbet site. In this exclusive column for Yogonet Licensing and Partnerships, Manager Anny Gomes talks about how the studio handles licensed content, how they choose music, and their latest music collaboration game, *NSYNC Pop. She also talks about how important data is when making products and figuring out who the audience is.

It’s never easy to get licensed game content just right, but you can make titles that stand out when you do.

At Play’n GO, they very interested in the entertainment world, especially music. They love many of the bands and artists in their licensed games, so they work hard to make sure that the games capture their magic.

No matter what the slot is about, they’re always focus on ensuring their players have a great time. But when it comes to licensed games, also have to think about the owner of the IP. The game needs to live up to its brand and meet its needs. The people who play an *NSYNC game are very different, and every part of the game had to show that.

They love how the game brings back memories of the 1990s while having modern elements, like the unusual 2,3,4,3,2 grid layout. It’s a title that was made with fans in mind. The excitement of an *NSYNC show is meant to be captured by the physical popping animations. 


They’re making more IP games to ensure that every type of player can enjoy these great games in different casinos like the okbet online casino. There are opportunities to work with all kinds of artists and brands. Making games for Alice Cooper and *NSYNC shows how versatile they are and how can connect with different audiences.

Working with global IP is exciting because it immerses us in a new brand experience. They’re going deep into the world of music and entertainment because it lets people all over the world who have different interests.

Data insights are also a big part of getting to know these groups. The business is based on developing new ideas for products, and data is the backbone of this process, even when creating new IP opportunities.

They have always thought about the long term, which is why Play’n GO is a trusted partner in regulated markets worldwide. Okbet has clients all over the world. It’s an actual game that anyone can play, no matter where they are or who they are. It is only possible if you understand the data.

It is even more critical when making games based on third-party intellectual property (IP). They combine their skills with the IP owner’s vision to produce a product that appeals to fans of the featured artist or brand and slot players.

Look, people who go to casinos are smart. They can tell when someone has put a new name on an old game to make it look like something new and different. And they’ve said to the industry very clearly that they’re not interested in that. Fans need these games to add value to what it means to be a fan. When they make a new licensed title, that’s the biggest problem they face.

Global Content

Play’n GO’s plan is to grow globally into regulated markets. In recent years, the North and South Americas have become exciting places to live and work.

Most of the IP licensed comes from artists who have fans all over the world. They intended to do this because they want gamers from all over the world to be able to enjoy these games, from the UK to New Jersey to Colombia.

Latin America is becoming an exciting place for us. They already have licenses in markets like Colombia and the City and Province of Buenos Aires. And they’re keeping a close eye on others, like Brazil, as they move toward new rules.

The licensed IP is doing well in the area, which shouldn’t be a surprise since people there love music so much. And the following couple of long stretches of time. They’re very excited to make more content for their players in Latin America.

As they move forward, the goal is to make IP titles that appeal to a wide range of people. While also making niche and regional games fun for people in those areas like in okbet apk. They have chances to do this in North America, Europe, Latin America, and other places.

It is about having a global reach and a local understanding. So fans of artists like *NSYNC and KISS all over the world can play games that match how they feel about these icons.

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Play Online Slots for Free in Okbet Download

Play Online Slots for free in OKBet, and you’ll find that this online casino is one of the best places to play free online slots. Many operators let you try out their slot games for free in a mode called “demo mode.” You can also use these OKBet casino sites on your phone. 

The website you see below runs some of the best online slot games. This operator is available to mobile players because their platforms are for friendly mobile devices, and some even have apps. So, if you’re looking for the best free slots app, you don’t need to look any further. This online casino is best at one thing: its focus. Here’s more information about what the operator can do and offer:

  • The best free slots app that lets you play for free at an online casino.
  • A free slots casino is the site with the most ways to pay.
  • Slots with a Cashback Bonus and Hundreds of Games
  • Slots can play free at a safe, secure, well-known online casino.
  • The best site for egames and baccarat at an online casino


You can choose any of the complete information we’ve shown, depending on how you play and what you like. While playing the free slots app in an online casino, you can also do other things.

Platforms for Free Slot Apps

You don’t have to visit a club to play free slots. You can get a mobile app for your phone or tablet just for slot games that you can play without spending any real money. Let’s talk about how to find the best free slots app for your device.

We suggest going with the ones that have the most positive comments and the highest ratings. So that our free slots app store guide is clear and valuable, we will tell you in the following two sections which are the best free slots apps for Android and iOS.

Slots for Mobile and Ipad

Most of you need to consider it when choosing the best free slots app for iPad/Mobile. You should also ensure that the app has a lot of free slots, different ways to get free coins, and, of course, games for you to play. Here are the top things to consider when playing slots on your phone.

  • There are free slots and a loyalty program.
  • Different ways to get free coins like the game of Thrones series
  • Free slot and table games from well-known developers such as
  • Free cash to use on free slot games and tournaments that happen regularly.


Claiming an Online Casino Bonus

We want to inform you more about your bonuses if you decide to play at real money online casinos. Take advantage of the welcome offer if you’re going to get more out of your gaming sessions.

You must meet the requirements to finish the bonus and get your money. Most of the time, you have to play through your deposit and bonus money several times.

On a free slot app, you will also receive a lot of free spins when you play for real money. They are one of the best online slots because they can make your prizes bigger. Many sites like OKBet online casino offer fantastic free spins bonuses online.


As we end our free slots app guide, we’d like to give you a quick summary of everything we’ve discussed. Online slots are well-liked because they’re simple to use. Of course, many people want to play them without paying anything for fun.

You can choose the best free slots app for your iPad or iPhone or play on a free slots app for Android. Some markets will allow you to play for real money. In this case, you should join one of the best casino sites and play there. You can choose to play for genuine cash and ensure that the platform is legal, regulated, and safe, like in the okbet online casino app.

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How Online Casino and Gaming Industry Connected

The online casino and gambling industries have always been connected, with sites like okbet, both casino and sports betting gaming markets. The gaming industry and iGaming are much more connected than we thought. Also, many new video games have some kind of gambling built-in, and vice versa. So, let’s look at how the online casinos and gaming industry are connected in

Different Games

If you’ve played many video games, you’ve probably noticed many different types and genres and that some games even let you gamble. Also, gambling games have gone digital, so you can now play many casino games online without leaving your house. It was made possible by technology, which also helped create many different kinds of games.

For example, if you’ve played any Witcher games, you know that some minigames are about gambling. In the first Witcher game, you could play Dice Poker, similar to regular poker. In Witcher 3, you can play Gwent, a fantastic card game that is very popular among gamblers. And this is a two-way street since online casino providers and developers are making more and more games with themes based on popular video games. It makes a massive difference in the number of games available, and now there are games for everyone.


People often have to make an account to play in both industries, so these industries are doing their best to promote safe and responsible gaming. When it comes to video games, there are a lot of platforms and games that can play online. To protect data, numerous security procedures have implemented. Also, the companies that make these games always tell people not to share personal information in chats or anywhere else on the platform. They also advise people to use caution when communicating with others.

Online casino games are the same way. Since these games are played through platforms or apps from the providers, these apps and platforms have tools for responsible gaming built in, and casinos remind people how to gamble responsibly. All reputable casinos tell their customers to be smart with their money when to stop, take breaks often, etc. The same rules apply to video games, which shows that both industries care about their customers and wish for their safety and happiness.

Embrace of Crypto

The world as we know it has started to change because of cryptocurrencies. The gaming and gambling industries have jumped on the crypto trend. You can now pay for things with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies elsewhere.

On some platforms, you can use Bitcoin to buy the video game you want. In online casinos, you must make a crypto deposit and gamble with Bitcoin instead of regular money. It is a massive improvement for both businesses, especially casinos. This trend also lets you be anonymous and keeps your bank accounts separate from everything else.


Virtual Reality is a technology first used in games. Everyone was excited that they could play their favorite games more accurately and intensely. The trend started with horror games because it’s the best way to get the complete thrill and excitement of those games if you like them.

Traditional card games and slot machines are both using virtual Reality. Net Entertainment has released a demo of Jack and the Beanstalk, one of their most popular and fan-favorite slot games. This release proves that new technology can improve online casino games.

Changes in Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming has reached a new level. Here, the gambling and gaming industries meet, and you can play any game on your phone today. There is no doubt that faster and better internet connections in all parts of the world and significant changes in mobile technology have helped bring about this revolution.

People love to play video and casino games whenever and wherever they can get online. It has caused an enormous boom in the gambling business, especially now that more people can bet immediately or download their favorite casino games on the okbet apk.

Social Gaming

Playing games on social media sites like Facebook is a form of “social gaming.” Usually, you play games with your friends or other people on the network or against them. Even though this kind of gaming isn’t gambling in the strictest sense, it has some things in common with that business. In some games, it’s easy to play games like those you’d find in a casino to win prizes. Even though it’s not real money, a big part of casino games involves luck.

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OhMyV33nus Confident Blacklist Can Make IESF Final

Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, the captain of the Blacklist International team, is sure that the world championship team could make it onto the entire roster that Sibol will send to the International Esports Federation (IESF) in Bali, Indonesia in okbet esports gaming.

“I believe in our chemistry as five. I also believe in each other’s skills, and I’m confident that whatever happens, the five of us will be able to build — as much as possible — “OhMyV33nus, who led Blacklist to win two local championships in a row and the world championship, said.

The national esports team Sibol, which made up of players from Blacklist International, won gold at the 31st Southeast Asian Games by beating Indonesia, 3-2.

Kiel “Oheb” Soriano and Edward “Edward” Jay Dapadap were too young to participate in the competition in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Team Championship

The entire team that won the M3 world championships in December and back-to-back Mobile Legends: Bang Bang titles will join them in the combine. Bang Bang Professional League after helping out in the SEA Games with Dominic “Dominic” Soto, Aaron “Eyon” Usi, and Lee Howard “Owl” Gonzales.

An amateur team called MHRLK Esports will also be competing for spots in Sibol’s IESF final pool, which is expect to have “at least 6 people.”

On the other hand, Kristoffer “Bon Chan” Ricaplaza will be in charge of IESF.

OhMyV33nus thinks the team can win the IESF, even if their top five players don’t make it through.

“If the roster is ever mixed or the Blacklist with Maharlika gets chopped, I think we can do it. We have much faith that we can take home the IESF. Because we proved at the last SEA Games how much we dominated and won the SEA Games even though we had three rookies,” he said.

Blacklist will also need to prepare for MPL Season 10 and reach the championship round. To advance to the ML: BB World Championships in January and defend their title.

Will the V33wise duo already be back for MPL Season 10? They didn’t play in Season 9 when the team did the worst.

OhMyV33nus said, “Secret” in response.

The draft arrangement for IESF’s final roster will start today until Sunday, July 17. During this event, people who are interested in this game can bet on different websites. That offer betting like okbet gambling game for real money.

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New Caesars WSOP Poker Room Harrah’s Transformation

Caesars Entertainment said on Monday that the “ultra-modern” new Caesars Sportsbook. And also, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Room at Harrah’s New Orleans would open this Fall. The openings are part of Harrah’s New Orleans being turned into Caesars New Orleans, costing $325 million.

The company talked about the sportsbook and said that the 5,700-square-foot amenity has four betting windows. And also, twelve self-service betting kiosks, and a “spectacular” video and audio system. It will be next to the enormous poker room in Louisiana. Which is a 5,000-square-foot space with 20 poker tables and free drinks at each table.

Dan Real, Regional President, Caesars Entertainment, said: “Caesars Sportsbook at Harrah’s New Orleans best place in the southern United States. To bet on sports and watch games. And also, this first-class sportsbook will give Louisiana’s sports fans and the many people. Who visit the area a game-day experience that beaten. Caesars knows how important sports, entertainment, and hospitality are to Louisiana. And this sportsbook will show how committed we are to the state and its people.”

In a press release, the company said that sports fans can watch and bet on games. And also, at Caesars Sportsbook Harrah’s New Orleans in a “luxurious setting worthy of a Caesar.”

Newly Designed Poker Room

A 147-foot video screen and a high-powered, state-of-the-art audio system. Will ensure that customers “don’t miss a single play” and always have access to the latest odds. The sportsbook will have seating for 140 people. A multi-display Fan Cave with a private viewing for up to 10 people. And also, a huge bar that can fit 28 more sports fans.

The new poker room will have different types of live poker that will appeal to both amateurs and professionals. The competition will heat up when poker tournaments held every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. And also, the room will be open Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. And also, Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.–wsop-poker-room-to-open-this-fall-amid-harrahs-transformation-into-caesars-new-orleans

Caesars is also rebuilding its Lake Charles resort, which will soon reopen as Horseshoe Lake Charles. And building a new sportsbook at Horseshoe Bossier City. And also, it is on top of the $1 million that Harrah’s New Orleans has already spent with OKBet online casino.

Caesars has local partnerships with the New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Pelicans, and LSU Athletics. They also have a historic 20-year exclusive naming rights. Deal with the Saints for the Caesars Superdome, where Super Bowl LIX will be held in 2025.

Through Caesars Rewards, the group’s customer loyalty program. And also, all bets at the sportsbook and live games in the poker room at Harrah’s New Orleans. Earn players Tier Credits and Reward Credits. Members of Caesars Rewards can get OKBet VIP experiences. At Caesars locations all over the country, including in Louisiana, where the Saints, Pelicans, and LSU are partners.

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Best Video Games to Play in Online Gaming App

These okbet video games have been around for a long time, and if you play them, you probably have a few favorites. The conspicuous inquiry is, “Which one is awesome of all time?” We can’t answer this question because everyone has their choice, and there are different ways to measure it. There appear to be many measuring approaches, like sales and downloads, reviews, and surveys.

We had to pick one, so here is a list of what Metacritic says are the best video games of all time.

Legends of Zelda

Metacritic says that the fantasy action-adventure franchise is the best game. It was first released on the Nintendo, and there have been 29 versions of the game or its sequels. For a game that started in 1986, that’s not bad. Metacritic gave it a score of 99 out of 100, and users gave it a score of 9.2 out of 10. shows how good it is.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 

Even if you don’t believe it, this game is a simulator for skateboarding, and critics liked how many tricks you could do. The skate park designer in the game is a building element that the developers added. 

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Grand Theft series is famous among gamers, and Metacritic gave the game a score of 9.8/10. The story is about two Europeans who get into debt and end up in the criminal underworld. It came out in 2008 and is the sixth in the main series and the eleventh in the series. It got 7.5/10 from users.


The first was in 1995, and the seventh was in 2018. The game is a weapon-based fighting video game, and even though it doesn’t have the same name or reputation as some of the others on this list, it still got 98/100 from critics and 8.6/10 from users, which is pretty awesome and puts it up there with the Legends of Zelda.

Super Mario Galaxy

When it came out on the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy was the most popular game at the point when Call of Duty was the most popular game. The fact that it has a 9/10 user score proves this. The critics gave the game a score of 97/100. Guess they didn’t like how when you moved the Wii remote, the Nunchuk moved with it. The game is excellent, and when it came out in 2007, it won a BAFTA.

A Different Way to Play

Of course, you can do more than play video games online. You can find traditional slots, card games, and casino games online. Some UK casino sites also offer live play, which is becoming increasingly popular. 

Live play is when a real croupier deals cards, spins roulette wheels, and rolls dice in real-time, and the action is streamed in HD. It gets rid of the random number generator, is a lot of fun, and is the nearest thing to playing in a genuine gambling club that you can do without leaving your house.

The gaming business is constantly changing and growing, so now is a good time to check it out.

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Stakelogic Wild Moon Saloon in Online Slot

Through its Greenlogic Partner Program, Stakelogic has put Hurricane Games’ high-speed online video slot Wild Moon Saloon on the okbet casino app market. Through its Greenlogic Partner Program, Stakelogic has put Hurricane Games’ high-speed online video slot Wild Moon Saloon on the market. The program lets Stakelogic team up with smaller studios to share resources and skills and possibly help with some parts of game development, certification, and distribution.

Game Feature

The game is very unpredictable, and almost any player could get their biggest win ever from it. However, it has many features that make it fun to play, even for those who might not be as brave but still want to shoot for the moon.

Hurricane Games and Stakelogic have worked together for a while, so this is a great match for the okbet online casino.

About the Wild Moon Saloon Online Slot

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As the name suggests, wild symbols are essential to the game. There are also free spins and something called a “Mystery Bonus.” In the base game, the Mystery Bonus happens by chance and out of the blue. When that happens, one of the random wilds, exploding wilds, wild reels, or rising wilds will be added.

You’ll begin a picking bonus that will take you to the free spins bonus round if you receive at least three scatter symbols.

The more scatters that start the picking game, the more options you’ll have. Pick to find rewards like more free spins, wilds, and multipliers for your wins.

Before the free games start, apply all the prizes to other free games, which could burst with the wild modifier, the win multiplier, and any extra spins won in the picking game. If you start to run out of bullets, don’t worry. If you land two or more scatter symbols during the free spins bonus round. You’ll get another chance to pick, so you can reload and go after the jackpots again.

Double Bet Online

Many players like scatter because they are always good. With this game, they will throw the saloon doors wide open to try to win the pot. Wild Moon Saloon has Stakelogic’s Super StakeTM feature because of this.

You can double your stake on any or all spins in the main game. And the free spins bonus to raise the scatter symbol count on the reel strips. Additionally, it increases your chances of receiving the Mystery Bonus and winning a spin modifier.

You can buy at okbet legal online casino for the free spins bonus of up to 80 times your bet if you want to go all out.

Olga Bajela, the Chief Operating Officer at Stakelogic, said, “This is one of our most exciting slot releases to date. It has a popular Wild West theme. And more bonus action than players have ever seen.” Wild Moon Saloon is not for the faint of heart. But those willing to ride towards the Free Spins bonus could win one of the biggest payouts in the history of online slots.

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EGT’s New Slot Machine VIP in The Philippines

Euro Games Technology (EGT) said on Monday that its newest slot machine model, the G 50-50 C VIP. Has made its presentation in Northern Cyprus. The Concorde Tower Nicosia and Concorde Bafra gambling clubs are the first in the area to install the cabinets. Which are “the most highly-potential slot models of the latest General Series of EGT.”

The okbet games that come with the cabinets are from the Green General HD multigame mix. Which has 50 games from the portfolio of a Bulgarian manufacturer.

G 50-50 VIP New Slot Machine

Efe Onur Sidal, who is the Casino Coordinator at the Concorde Casino, said, “These cabinets are really impressive. They caught our guests’ attention right away because of how nice they looked. They had two curved 50-inch monitors and a multimedia chair with built-in controls that let players enjoy hours of exciting gameplay.

“We know how good EGT’s products are because almost half of the floors of both the Concorde Nicosia and the Concorde Bafra casinos filled with equipment from the Bulgarian company. So weren’t surprised that the new machines and games were so well received,” Sidal said.

Biserka Draganova, who is in charge of sales for EGT in the Balkans, also talked about the establishment and the organization with the gambling clubs. She said, “I’m very happy with this successful partnership with Concorde Casino and Bafra Casino. The performance of Green General HD games and G 50-50 C VIP cabinets is more than excellent.”

Draganova says that these products will put in place again “very soon” in both gaming facilities.

Last week, the organization said that it had installed G 50-50 C VIP at 12 gaming locations in Bulgaria under the names Color Bet and Circle Gaming Club in the cities of Shumen, Sliven, and Varna.

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Play’n GO Latest Cash of Command in Okbet Gaming

Battleship-style, players must lead their fleet into battle with admirals by their sides to try to outsmart their opponents and win, making sure not to sail into enemy waters.

Okbet Cash of Command is the first game from Play’n GO to have a humorous take on naval warfare. It has a deep story, interesting characters, and new features.

A lot of okbet games known for putting a lot of thought into their characters and stories, and this one is no different. With each spin, you can watch the story unfold. Commanders sit on the sides of the reels and show up when a certain number of symbols have collected in a winning cluster. They fight the “Baron Fusco” at the end of the game.

Play’n Go Combining Features in the Latest Cash of Command

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Each character helps players reach their full potential differently by adding Wilds to the grid or changing symbols.

Instead of falling, the battleships at the bottom of the grid are animated and shoot symbols on the grid to eliminate them, which fits the theme very well.

A classic grid slot with symbols that fall. However, it is not a typical slot because Play’n GO has taken things to the next level by combining features with a story in this exciting game.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games and Play’n GO, said:

Okbet Cash of Command is a great example of why Play’n GO games stand out in the industry. From how the features work on the grid to how the game looks. Cash of Command is a shining example of this.”

“Our commitment to entertainment shows in every bit of what we make, and this creative grid slot shows it more than ever.”

Cash of Command Slots

The Okbet Cash of Command slot is played on a 99 grid and has a feature called Cluster Pays. It’s a grid slot, and you win if you get five or more matching symbols. Next to each other (in a cluster). The payout is more significant when there are more symbols in a set.

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